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Get Hooked on Club Decadence on SatSpanks

Happy 4th of July everyone.  I hope it is safe and full of fun for you all.  

In honor of the day, I looked for a patriotic snippet, but sadly, don't have one.  I'lI have to correct that for next year. 

Instead, we'll celebrate with an excerpt from my upcoming release.  

Hooked:  Decadence Nights
Release:  July 20th

A little over two weeks until the big day.  Yippee!  

Cue the fireworks.  

My allotted eight lines:  

“Hands on your desk and assume the position.”

The order and his expectations were clear. She gasped in alarm. “Sir! What did I do?”

“I believe, if you give it due consideration, it will come to you.” Calm, cool and collected, her employer rarely got riled, but when he felt her performance was subpar, he didn’t hesitate to take immediate and decisive action. “This is the third such infraction this week.”

He crossed his arms and gazed down at her soberly from his lofty height, a glint of something she couldn’t quite name—maybe eagerness, or arousal, please, let it be arousal—gleamed in his beautiful eyes.

“Bend over your desk, now, Olivia. Procrastination will only earn you more.”

The blurb:

Legal secretary, Olivia Wright’s clock is ticking. Not her biological one, per se, but she feels she is running out of time to find Master Right. Two years from forty, she’s searched exhaustively. Several times she thought she’d found the Dom of her dreams, but Master Right had turned into Master Wrong, and her prince into a slimy toad. The last time, three years ago, she’d been sure had been the one, but he’d dumped her and nearly broken her. Now, after a long dry spell, she’s ready to try again. She’d given up on the man who’d caught her eye, the one she’d lusted over from 9-5, day in and out, who sat no more than thirty feet from her for the past few years. Yes, much to her dismay, her boss was not into her and despite her best efforts, and tightest skirt, he hasn’t spared her an extra glance beyond that required for their professional relationship. Resigning herself to an unrequited love, she attempts to move on, procuring an invitation to Club Decadence, hoping to find the Dom of her dreams.

Joseph Hooks is not your typical dominant. He’s NBA tall, with no police or military background to speak of, wears of all things tweed suits and on an occasion the dreaded bow tie. But behind his somewhat nerdy appearance and his round rimmed Harry Potter glasses is a handsome, green eyed, strict but sensual dominant who’s also hell on wheels in the a court of law. He’s wealthy, powerful, successful, and enjoys popularity among the subs at his club, at least those who don’t flee from the swishing sound of polished rattan. He’s also tired of searching for his perfect submissive and coming up short.

After a frustrating day of watching his gorgeous secretary’s delectable bottom in an incredibly tight skirt, he heads to San Antonio to blow off steam and maybe make a connection.

He thinks she’s terminally vanilla and straight- laced. She thinks he’s not into her or possibly gay, when he doesn’t react to her parade of tight skirts. Hopelessly oblivious to what has been staring them in the face for three long years, Joseph and Olivia embark on a search for love. Luckily, their separate and oftentimes rocky paths converge at Club Decadence. As a storm rages outside and things heat up inside, will Olivia’s frog finally turn into the Master Prince she’s longed for? Will her tight skirts and her presence at the club, be the sign that makes Joseph wake up, smell the coffee that she brewed, and at long last claim the woman he’s yearned for all along?

Decadence Nights, a new spin off series of novellas by Maddie Taylor, featuring brand new characters as well as a host of secondary characters that you met and fell in love with in the Club Decadence series. These are their stories and their happily ever afters. 

We begin with Joseph and Olivia to get you Hooked.

To tide you over, visit my Amazon page and browse some of my other best selling Club Decadence titles.  And, hop around the other blogs for excerpts from other Spanking Romance titles.  

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