Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Megan Michaels and the Many Misbehaviors of the Widow Wagon on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Wagon stories are HOT.  Today, on Wicked Wanton Wednesday, I have an author with more than one.  Megan Michaels joins me to share about her Widow Wagon series.  Welcome, Megan.

Megan:  Hi Maddie!  Thanks for having me on today.  You and I have been standing side-by-side for weeks on Amazon, it's great to be with such great company! 

Maddie:  It has been a race, a wagon train race to be specific, with three wagon train stories holding the top three spots in erotic westerns for a while.  It’s been quite exciting.  Yours I believe is the only series, so that sets you apart from the rest.  I know you brought an uber-HOT excerpt from More Than She Bargained For.  Don’t make us wait any longer and tell us about it, please!

Megan:  In today's excerpt, Daisy is meeting Noah for the first time and Angus is starting to give an account of Daisy's misbehaviors on the Widow Wagon journey to Nebraska. 

Maddie:  Uh-oh, misbehaviors.  We all know what that means in a Megan Michaels book.  Fun times.  LOL   Let’s move along to the reason we’re here, the excerpt:

More Than She Bargained For
By Megan Michaels

True to his word, Angus got them to Chimney Rock the next afternoon. And, again, Daisy looked over at the throng of men gathered around the wagon, wondering which one was Noah.

She didn’t have to wonder long.

A tall, blond man stepped out of the crowd, walking up to the wagon. He had to be the tallest man Daisy had ever met, more than likely a full head taller than her. He had long hair so fair it shone almost white in the bright sunshine, and his eyes matched the sky on this bright Nebraska day. He wore a black duster, which made the broad plane of his shoulder seem endless. Daisy stood next to Angus and when Noah approached them, he smiled at her, addressing Angus.

“Hallo, I am Noah. Noah Jensen.”

The s in Jensen sounded almost like a z as he spoke it.

“Is this the woman with raven hair? Miss Daisy?”

“Yes. This is Daisy.” Angus put a hand in the small of her back and pushed her forward a bit. “Say hello, Miss Daisy.”

“Hello, Noah.…” was all she could muster, her eyes still taking him in.

His unusual and attractive Danish accent made her stomach flip just listening to it. He spoke clearly and beautifully for someone who’d only been in America for five years. She seemed to have lost her tongue and stood there like a silly teenager, staring at this huge, gorgeous man who apparently had bewitchingly charmed away her ability to speak.

Angus smiled at her, his eyes twinkling. “You apparently have made an impression already, Mr. Jensen. She’s not usually this... reserved. If you don’t mind, Noah, I’d like to have a word with you — alone. There are… some things we need to talk about. Man-to-man.”

“Angus, we can talk in front of my future wife, yes? It has to do with her — or with me — so we will talk openly.” Noah turned, looking at her, his eyes narrowing, a visible twitch at the corner of his jaw. She suddenly felt chastised by him — and for a change she actually felt repentant, rather than rebellious.

Angus cleared his throat. “Okay. Choice is yours. Your little woman here, tends to be a bit impulsive — er, doesn’t think, before she does or says something. She does what she wants to do — even when she’s been warned. And sometimes even when she’s already been punished, she’ll still disobey.”

Noah’s blonde eyebrows rose. “She’s been punished? By who? For what?”

Angus adjusted his stance. “Well, the first day—”

“The first day!” Noah put his hands on his hips, directing his angry glare at her. “In trouble the first day?”

“Well, they made me mad!” Daisy’s voice becoming shrill. “And I needed my bag and—”

“Uh-uh. Do not raise your voice. You call me ‘Sir,’ yes? I believe you will stand quietly while I hear Angus tells me how naughty you have been on Widow Wagon. We discuss consequences later. I will know better what you need when Mr. Angus recites your misbehaviors.”

Daisy crossed her arms over her chest but this giant of a man appeared to be someone she might not want to tangle with. “Yes... Sir.”



Wild as an untamed stallion, Daisy was never much for going along to get along. Her fiery spirit, burning passion and curvy beauty, which had served her so well in her young life were nevertheless useless to her when a Confederate captain comes calling with grave news. The greatest conflagration to ever befall the country has left its mark on her life too — forever. Lost, despairing, and with little choice left to a young widow, Daisy will nevertheless have to draw one last time upon that fierce spirit to strike out on her own. A new life in the great American west. Far from the misery and danger of the post-War South. A Dane transplanted in Nebraska waits for her at the end of the long trail. A mild-mannered Scandinavian man might be just the thing for her. A gentle man would be easily malleable, no match for the force of her personality. Right?

Training — horses specifically — was what Noah Jensen knew, lived, and loved. A new life far from his homeland of Denmark in the wilds of Nebraska suited him though. He needed the open spaces, the endless possibilities he could never have in his home country. Now, he needed more though — he needed a wife. Marriageable women were as rare in Nebraska as a warm spring day, so a mail-order bride was the answer. He’d been warned that the women obtained in such a way often needed… training. And one Daisy Anderson was a woman who particularly needed training. One look at her lush body, keen eyes, and volatile disposition though, and Noah knew she was the one for him. Now all he had to do was convince her of the same — even if it meant showing her just how strict and unbending a Danish horseman could be with his wife-to-be. He had no doubt she’d be making plenty of trips over his lap — or secured over a bale of hay in the shadows of his barn for a lashing of that round, white bottom of hers. The only question was how many times it would take to bend her will to his.

Spirited southern sass, and female pride were about to collide with a Scandinavian rock more than ready to train his woman as thoroughly — and sometimes as harshly — as his fillies. Would the strong Nebraska Dane be able to tame her body without also breaking her spirit? And what was a man to do when his wife’s Civil War past comes back to haunt her, threatening to unravel his carefully laid plans for a life well-lived — and a wife well-disciplined?

Publisher's Warning: Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

This is a MF BDSM Western erotic romance. Themes include: graphic sexuality, exhibitionism, spanking, bondage, pet play, anal play and other BDSM activities. If such content might offend you, please do not purchase this book.

Word count: 56,878 words


Thanks so much for being on today, Megan.  I love Danish, usually either raspberry or cream cheese, but I now have to add Noah Jensen to my list.  J

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