Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sun, surf and spanks abound on SatSpanks and the beaches of Pleasure Bay.

It's that time again.  My very most favorite time of the week, Saturday Spankings.  Today, I brought along an other sexy excerpt from my new release co-authored with Melody Parks, Pleasure Bay.

Four intertwining tales of dominance and submission, fantasy and reality, and erotic romance. Oh, did I mention spanking? There is lots and lots of spanking, as well as BDSM, a dungeon, a sadist with a bullwhip (don't worry; he grows flowers and makes perfume as a day job LOL) and then there is sexy Master D that runs this kinky tropical paradise.  Come to Pleasure Bay for a taste, you may never want to leave.

Publisher’s Note: Pleasure Bay is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, sexual scenes, extensive BDSM content, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Sydney Greene, has come for a dream weekend at Pleasure Bay, an exclusive island in the Caribbean where the owner, Master D and his expert team will do everything necessary to make her fantasy come true. She has always dreamed of a dominant man who will take charge and sweep her off her feet.  If it means a few trips over his knee all the better, but can she be brave enough to go after what she wants?
In this scene, Sydney has gotten a little sassy and her punishment is the loss of her bikini.  After she surrenders it, along comes a member of the security team.  Jax offers a still very shy Sydney a deal.
Eight sexy lines just ain't enough....
“Tell you what--I’ll give you a choice. You can lie down and let me finish what I started while Joe tells me whatever he finds urgent enough to interrupt our time together…” Her frown told him she didn’t like option one. “Or,” he continued, “you can stand behind me and rub some of that SPF 30 on my back. Your penalty will be a second spanking, however.”

“I’ll take the spanking, sir.”
Lightning quick, she snatched up the tube from the towel and hid behind him. The gentle sway of tits and ass as she scrambled for cover was quite entertaining. Still grinning when Joe walked up, he wasn’t able to conjure up sufficient anger over the interruption.
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