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Kathyrn Blake Does Corner Time on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

I'm very pleased to welcome Kathryn Blake to Wicked Wanton Wednesday.  When we chatted about her participating, she was worried she didn't have anything sufficiently wicked or wanton.  I assured her it would be fine and then I read the excerpt.  Oh, baby, was she wrong.  She brought a sexy, steamy scene and even used the word 'wanton', which made me smile.  Nice work, Kathryn.
A Simple Misunderstanding:

When Domestic Discipline turns into abuse, the result is more than A Simple Misunderstanding


Short Blurb: 

Elly Benson struggled to be the properly submissive wife her husband desired.  She tried to do everything he asked of her, until he convinced her she could never be the perfect woman he expected and demanded by nearly killing her.

As a vet, Jerry Douglas recognized signs of abuse when he saw them.  Elly Benson, however, was a married and consenting adult who insisted all her bruises and welts were nothing more than a simple misunderstanding between her and her husband, until the day Arthur Benson took his authority and discipline one-step too far,



Jerry has decided to prove to Elly that punishments don't have to be painful to be effective, and that good behavior should always be rewarded.


“Shh, sweetie. Those first ten are over, done with and forgotten. Now, let’s see what I can do about changing your sobs into gasps of pleasure.” Turning her so she sat on his lap, he pressed his lips to hers while his fingers slipped between her legs.

Her hips jerked as his rough finger pad began teasing tender, sensitive flesh.

With a gasp, Elly leaned against the rock hard shoulder supporting her as she clutched the firmly muscled arm stretched across her hip. Their tongues entwined, she panted into his mouth as her fingers found and wrapped around warm, freckled skin sprinkled with soft curling hairs, and her knees parted and lifted in wanton invitation. His touch remained light, as though seeking to coax her into a passionate frenzy. Elly didn’t need coaxing, she wanted to be taken, not courted, yet pleasure sparked inside her as she jerked again, desperate for more than his fingers, but eagerly accepting what he offered.

Their lips fused and her torso stretched, striving toward the ever-elusive pinnacle of fulfillment she desired so badly her entire body trembled with need. Want, desire, lust, need and love all struggled for dominance as her lover increased the pressure he applied ever so slightly. Then two fingers slid between her slick folds as his thumb continued to tease the tiny aching nub that wept for release.

Pumping her hips in rhythm with his strokes, she dug her nails into his arm and moaned into his mouth. He slid his fingers into her warm wetness and continued to stroke. “I need you,” she murmured against his lips.

“I’m here, Elly. Right beside you.”

“But I want you inside me.”

“No. Not, yet. Be patient. This will be good, I promise.”

Aching and wanting more, Elly remained poised on the brink of her climax when Jerry’s fingernail scraped her clit. The culmination of that slight pleasure/pain to her throbbing pleasure point brought her scaling over the top. Abandoning all control, she gyrated against his fingers and whimpered into his kiss until stars burst before her eyes and she screamed into his mouth.

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About Kathryn Blake:

A Simple Misunderstanding is Kathryn R. Blake's fourth novel with Blushing Books, and third spanking romance where Domestic Discipline is primary to the plot.  Although Kathryn is relatively new to the spanking romance market, she is not new to stories where the hero spanks the heroine.  In fact, most of her novels have some sort of spanking in them.  However, even in Kathryn's novels where the hero firmly believes in using spanking as a deterrent, he has no desire to cause the heroine injury and takes no delight in hurting the woman of his heart.

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Kathryn's website

Maddie’s Intimate Authors Corner.

Yes, Saturday Spankings fans, I have head mistress Blake doing a bit of corner time.  J  But seriously, Kathryn, thanks so much for participating. Let’s jump right in…

MT: I have to admit I was surprised to read in your bio that you are still fairly new to spanking romance.  What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

KB: To keep honing their craft and not give up.  Write for the love of telling stories, not for the goal of making it rich.  Writing a book takes blood, sweat and tears, and you live with these characters for several months, if not years.  You need to enjoy what you're doing, or it will drag you down until it eventually shows in your writing.

MT:  Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

KB:  For A Simple Misunderstanding, the message I'm trying to impart is that DD and abuse are entirely different things, and if you're a woman being abused, 1. It's not your fault.  2. There are many people around who are more than willing to help.  Don't be afraid to reach out.

MT:  Reviews… getting them, whether good or bad, are part of the business.  What do you think about reviews? Do you take them personally, use them as an opportunity for growth or change, or do you just get royally ticked off?

KB:  I'd like to think I use them as an opportunity for growth or change.  I'm much more inclined to give another person his or her due than I am to take umbrage or offense, but I do take them personally.  By that I mean I take criticism to heart, but I don't consider it a personal attack (unless I'm hit by a troll, then I do consider it an attack that is beneficial to no one).  I kiddingly say that I'm under my bed after I receive a bad review, but in truth I'm doing my best to understand where the reviewer is coming from.

MT:  I agree, Kathryn, and often want to have further dialogue with the reviewer, but unfortunately the system doesn’t lend itself to that.  Additionally, it’s a love/hate relationship.  These two strong emotions are what usually motivate a reader to leave a review, so you get the extremes more than the middle ground. 

Do you read outside of the genre you write?  If so, what do else do you enjoy to read? 

KB:  I do read outside the genre, but primarily through audio books.  I love the complex worlds and science fiction that Michael Crichton brings to his novels, and the suspenseful puzzles Dan Brown gives us.  I enjoy all sorts from paranormal romance to medical thrillers.  I'm currently devouring the Nightside series by Simon R. Green.  Similar to the Dresden files books, but takes place in an alternate reality.


MT:  Do you write under a pen name?  If so, why? 

KB:  Yes, I do.  I started with one after a fellow vampire author got attacked by some readers who accused her of cavorting with the devil, even though vampires are fiction.  Or at least they were the last time I looked.  Since I didn't want someone locating me and sending me or my family nasty notes, I decided on a pen name, and she's become just another part of me by now.


MT:  How awful!  Case in point, extreme emotions often cause people to act.  Do your friends/family know you write erotic fiction?

KB:  Yes, though both my parents have passed.  I hadn't published anything before they left this world, but my aunt, cousins, friends and half-sister all know about my alternate identity, and they're very supportive.

MT:  What is your favorite kink? 

KB:  Spanking, of course.  I'm not into heavier play, personally, and my husband and I are now at the point where spanking is more of a laughing matter than anything serious.  I enjoy reading about edgier play, but usually with one eye shut.  I'm a wimp in regards to pain, and much prefer playing for pleasure.

MT:  I would hazard a guess that most readers fall into the wimp category.  It’s fun to be titillated in fantasy, but to make it real, maybe not so much.  Thank you for stopping by today Kathryn and being candid with your answers.  This is always my favorite part of my Wednesday blog, not that I don’t love the sexy snippets, but I like to know more about what makes an author tick.
Kathryn, please come back anytime you have another wonderful spanking romance to share.

Drop in next week when the very prolific Emily Tilton will be my guest.  Don’t forget Saturday Spankings and have a wonderful week!


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