Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's Sister Week on my blog. First Up; Dinah McLeod and Love Heals


Is it hot in here???  For a Tuesday it is and the reason is that Dinah Mcleod is back again!  She is steaming up the joint with her hot new release, Love Heals.  It is so incendiary, it is sure to singe your panties.  

So, get the ice water set, turn on the fan, and have BOB all charge up and ready to go.  Better yet, call your man home stat.  You're gonna need something for this one!  

Love Heals
by Dinah McLeod

Karen Donahue is learning that karma is a bitch. While she was licking her wounds and enjoying some quality time with her hunk of a boyfriend, Brandon, one of her employees staged a coup and replaced her as CEO. Now all she can think about is sweet, thrilling revenge.

The only problem is that her boyfriend can't find out. He'd never approve, but she can't just take this sitting down. She has to fight back.

As she plots and schemes, keeping secrets becomes harder than she can imagine. Soon, one lie turns into another and another and she just knows that she'll get the spanking of her life if he finds out. Or worse - she'll lose him.


“I missed you, too.”

“So I see,” I murmured, boldly grabbing his hard-on and cupping my hand around it. That was it—get him so focused on sex, he’d forget to ask about my day. Sure, that plan would only last for the next hour or so—longer, if we went again, which we usually did—but that was how I was going to have to play things for the time being: an hour at a time.

“And here I thought we’d take our time,” he whispered in my ear, his hot breath making shivers shoot down my arms.

“Maybe next go around.”

“Fine by me.”

With that, I tilted my head up, eager for the warmth of his mouth. He didn’t leave me to wait for long. When his tongue delved into my mouth, his hands trapped my wrists and he gently pushed me back against the door. I moaned, arching my back as he grabbed my left ass check and massaged it, intensifying the kiss.

“You’re beautiful,” he gasped when he came up for air.

“Kiss me,” I moaned, losing myself in the moment when he obliged. The feel of his lips on mine was nothing short of heaven—I could feel myself heading for the clouds already. Of course, I was hoping he’d do more than kiss me and not just because I wasn’t ready to talk.

He didn’t let me down; his hands were quick to find my stiffened nipples poking the sheer fabric. Somehow, the feel of his fingers caressing through the fabric was even more sensual and arousing. I could feel the heat pulsing between my thighs and the thought of his fingers landing there, spreading my legs and seeking the heat of my pussy was enough to make my thong soaking wet.

            “Brandon,” I gasped as he bit down on my neck.

            “Shh, baby. Let me take care of you.”

            How could anyone say no to an offer like that? When he nibbled on my bared collar bone next, I moaned and raked my fingers through his dark brown hair just to have something to hold onto. Brandon fell to his knees and gripped me tightly around the waist once more, pulling me to him. When his mouth sought out my hard, erect nipple, I made noises that didn’t sound human, but were complete pleasure. I didn’t know what it was about having him caress me through my clothing, but it was driving me wild.

            “Brandon. Please, now.”

            He shook his head without taking his mouth off my nipple. While he suckled it, I groaned in frustration and pleasure both.

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 Maddie’s Intimate Authors Corner Questions. 
MT:  What is your biggest challenge as an author - creating, promoting, editing, all of the above?

DM:  I hate to edit. I really do, because it’s just boring. Promoting isn’t that much fun either, but I am working on getting better at that!

MT:  Me too!  I’ll fall asleep at the computer when editing and my cat will have walked on my keyboard.  I don’t know where on earth I am.  Thank goodness for the undo button.  

MT:  Where is your creative spot?  What are you most often doing when you think up some of those smoking hot and often intensely kinky scenes of yours?  Please, please… tell all J 

DM:  I am NOT going to tell you how I come up with my sex scenes. Sorry! I told one person and I think she giggles every time she reads one of mine for that reason…. But I will say I do have a process. It has to appeal to me, it has to turn me on, because otherwise what hope do I have of enticing my readers?

MT:  What do you do for fun when you’re not fantasizing about hot male leads for your books? 

DM:  Oh, God. As a mother to two toddlers I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer that… fun for me is limited at the moment, though I do enjoy getting away from the computer to de-stress with the family.

MT:  Poor dear.  Easier times are ahead, but then you look back and miss the times when they were young and oh so sweet.  It’s a paradox.  

MT:  I love old movies; sitting down with a big tub of buttery popcorn and a huge icy coke is the best!  Do you have movie night?  If so what would you be watching?  

DM:  We do! And currently, it’d be either Frozen for the millionth time or The Incredibles for the millionth and one. Did I mention I have toddlers? ;) 

MT:  Again, adult movies are in your future.  Um, that isn’t right…  I didn’t mean ADULT movies  LOL.  I meant movies for grown ups, or at least with a PG-13 rating.  I promise. 

MT: If you had one chance to live out a fantasy from one of your books, what would it be and why?

DM:  Oh man oh man. Actually, I think I would be Karen. She’s so feisty and unpredictable and has no fear of saying exactly what’s on her mind. I think it’s a very beautiful thing, the way Brandon so lovingly takes her in hand. That would be my fantasy, but they have pretty hot sex, too!

MT:  If you had a free pass to get spanked by any Hollywood heartthrob or celebrity, who would it be and why?  Don’t worry, we won’t tell hubby, besides, this is just pretend.

DM:  Oh, geez. That’s tough. Hmm… it’s funny, I’ve thought of it a million times but now that you’ve asked my mind’s gone blank. I’d have to say Robert Downey Jr. He looks like he’d know how to spank a woman and make it up to her later, if you know what I mean. ;)

Thanks for having me, Maddie! It’s been a blast!

MT:  <tee hee>   Oh Dinah, this is too sweet!  Has it dawned on you that your heartthrob is Iron Man!  There are some many easy jokes there I don’t know where to begin!  But yes, he is sexy.  I like the on again off again romance with Pepper Potts.  There’s another name with a joke in there somewhere.  I have such a twisted mind sometimes.  I’m sure it was all quite innocent…  NOT!  Because in the comic books, they finally get together.  Sigh! Even in comic books love conquers all. 

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