Saturday, August 16, 2014

A #SatSpanks Giveaway. Drop In and See How To Win!

It Saturday Spanking time again!  My favorite day of the week :) 

So, just for kicks and giggles, I'm holding an impromptu little contest. 

During the month since it's release, Melody and I have been asked often about how we collaborated on Pleasure Bay.  It really was a team effort, but we each developed two couples for the book.

Can you guess who wrote who? 

Leave your guess in the comments below with your email address and I'll pick a winner for a free copy of Pleasure Bay.  So, pick which two couples Melody or I created....  

Dimitri and Mariah
Shane and Katie
Adam and Jennifer
Jaxon and Sydney
I'm anxious to see your answers! 
Now, on with this week's sexy snippet from 
Pleasure Bay


Meet Jennifer Reed, one of Pleasure Bay's more adventurous guests. She is an experienced submissive, who after her last long term relationship ended abruptly, has been reluctant to try again. When she learned of Pleasure Bay, she saw it as an opportunity to make her deepest, darkest fantasy come true. Once she has experienced it with sexy Adam Dorant, can she go back to her boring dental career satisfied? She thought so, until she arrived at Pleasure Bay. 

Caution:  This weeks snippet is sexy hot!  If you're not 18, you gotta go now!

My eight sexy lines..

Just when she thought she couldn’t take another slap, he stopped.

Adam was panting nearly as hard as she was. “You’re soaked, princess, your juices are running down my leg.” As if to prove it further, he slipped two fingers into her liquefied core, stroking deep until she clenched with a needy moan.

“Hell, yes!” he groaned, pulling his fingers out slowly. He righted himself, turning to meet her gaze in the mirror. Holding his glistening fingers aloft, he held her gaze as he slowly licked them clean. “As incredible as you taste, I’m going to explode if I don’t get my cock in that tight wet pussy of yours in the next five seconds.”

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