Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rollin Hand Always Makes an Excerpt Memorable and Hot! Pass the Ice Water, Please!!!

Welcoming Rollin Hand back to Wicked Wanton Wednesday!  

I LOVE that pen name.  It makes me wonder if he has a brother, maybe Heavy Hand, Firm Hand, or possible a friend named Burning Palm.  LOL  Such wonderful imagery. 

But seriously, I have to applaud Rollin on his guest spot today.  Since I've turned from reader into author, I don't have the time I'd like to read.  When I find the time, I am very selective.  So, as I read through the excerpts preparing this post, I found myself distracted.  First by the sound of Rand's voice in my ear warning, "in the future, you'll obey the rules I set" (wow!) and the image of Rand on one knee before the princess, "his face nearly level with her pelvis" (yum)  Well...  that did it for me and I had to navigate to Amazon and one-click.   You can be sure I'm carving out some personal time for me, Rand and the princess.  :) 

The Princess and the Outlaw
by Rollin Hand
Treachery is abroad in the land, and the kingdom’s royal princess is on the run, torn away from the pampered life she has always known. Her only salvation lies with a notorious outlaw in the depths of a dark forest. Though she is accustomed to giving commands rather than obeying them, the princess soon learns that in this outlaw’s realm disobedience brings swift chastisement. But to the amazement of the princess, this roughhewn rogue’s affront to her royal person fans flames of desire which threaten to burn out of control.
At the palace the princess once called home, an imposter sits on the throne, an orphan convinced by the evil Red Countess that what she does is for the good of the kingdom. Even as the peasant learns to play the role of a princess, doubts surface in her heart and she begins to question everything she has been told. When a visiting knight starts to ask the same questions, she wonders if he can be trusted, but she quickly discovers that whether she trusts him or not, he is more than ready to compel her cooperation with a firm hand applied to her bare bottom.

The courage and wits of all four—the princess, the orphan, the outlaw, and the knight—will be needed to overcome the dark shadow imperiling the kingdom, for danger lurks at every turn and the wrath of the Red Countess will surely fall upon those who oppose her plans.

Publisher’s Note: The Princess and the Outlaw is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, sexual scenes, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Juliet had watched in fearful anticipation. Her mouth was dry, her knees were shaking, and her heart thumped wildly. It was her turn. She looked to Rand. At least it would be he and not some strange man who would deliver her punishment.

Rand grasped her by the wrist. She looked at him quizzically. “I’m not sure you can stand there and take your punishment like the others, Princess. So we’ll do this another way.” She watched as he snapped off half of the switch’s length, then stumbled as he pulled her along toward the stump. He sat down, and before she could register what was happening, he pulled her face down across his knees.

“Ooof,” she gasped as she toppled across his lap, her nose inches from the dirt. It was a humiliating posture to be in. In front of Rand’s followers, she was going to be spanked like some common tavern wench who had insulted a customer. She turned red in the face as Rand hoisted her skirts. Her feet fluttered helplessly behind her. Underneath she had on drawers and she gasped in shame and embarrassment as Rand yanked them down. Her bare bottom now was totally exposed with nothing but a gentle breeze between her skin and that switch. Then Rand shifted his body. Craning her neck, Juliet saw him reaching for the switch. He grasped it in his right hand and tightened his left arm which encircled her waist. He tapped her bottom with the switch, testing its resilience.

“Now, Princess, in the future you’ll obey the rules I set. I mean to make this memorable.”

[I’ll jump now to a later scene]

She did not have to seek him out. An hour later, after Gertrud had finished and left, she heard someone climbing up the ladder. Juliet looked up. Rand stood in the doorway, a silhouette in the moonlight. Juliet got to her feet slowly, a shy maiden, waiting. Rand came to her, put his arms about her and drew her close.

“I am sorry I had to do that, Princess. I will help you return to your father.” Impulsively, she kissed him. For an instant she drew back, shocked at what she had done. Rand looked surprised, too. Then, as if of one mind, they came together, arms encircling each other and their bodies melding together. Their lips met and they kissed, a long passionate embrace that thrilled Juliet to her core.

He ran his hands all over her, up and down her back, then caressing her flanks. Her hands were busy, too. She felt his chest, then the broad shoulders, marveling at the hardness of muscle she felt there. Then her hands fell to his hips and the lean muscles of his legs. When he brushed his fingers across the tips of her breasts, the thrill of pleasure that shot through her made her knees buckle slightly.

Deftly he untied her bodice and he parted the fabric to reveal snowy breasts tipped with pink nipples. Another gentle tug on a string loosened her skirt and it fell about her ankles.

He knelt on one knee. What on earth was he doing? she wondered in a daze. His face was nearly level with her pelvis. Gently he put his finger in her drawers and tugged them down until they pooled at her feet.

She winced slightly as his hands cupped her buttocks, but  she forgot her discomfort and lost herself in the most exquisite of sensations when Rand pressed his face into the triangle of her womanhood and kissed her womanly slit. She uttered a little moan of pleasure as his tongue flicked out, seeking, pushing itself into her sex, which was now flushed with moisture. All the while his fingers kneaded her buttocks, drawing her in so that her mons was fully accessible to his tongue. Ohh … it was heavenly.

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Maddie’s Intimate
Authors Corner

Welcome back, Rollin. You enjoyed corner time so much that you came back for seconds.  I'm impressed :)  You challenged me to come up with some new and some provocative questions.  Let's jump right in. 

MT:  What is your biggest challenge as an author - creating, promoting, editing, all of the above?  Why?

RH:  Promotion for sure. I don’t do it well and I’m probably leaving out a number of tools I could use. For example I have not dug into Goodreads yet. My major promo vehicle is my blog. It gets 1500 hits a day, but it is time consuming to keep up.

MT:  I am with you there. But that is excellent traffic.  Congrats.  What about the critics?  By that I mean reviews, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  What's your take on them?  Do you take them personally, use them as an opportunity for growth or change, or do you just get royally pissed off??

RH:  I can’t take bad reviews personally. Sometimes readers don’t like your style or they were expecting something else. In spanking erotica what floats one guy’s boat can leave someone else cold. So many times it’s a matter of “that’s not my thing.”

MT:  Very true.  I heard an author say once, not everyone likes bacon.  Simplistic, but true.  Where is your creative spot?  What are you most often doing when you think up some of those smoking hot and often intensely kinky scenes of yours?  Please, please… tell all J 

RH:  Mostly by myself with no distractions is when I write best. But the ideas come from everywhere. Sometimes I get ideas from movies, TV shows, news accounts, books. I’ll look at a vanilla plot about a disappearance and an odd cult for example, and say, “ok, what if the strange cult believed in spanking?” In other words, I’ll twist something ordinary around and figure out how spanking erotica could play into it.

MT:  A spanking cult... hm, sounds interesting.  Where do I sign up?    I jest, or do I?  LOL   You mentioned movies.  I love old movies; especially sweeping, epic dramas with romance like Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, An Affair to Remember…  sitting down with a big tub of buttery popcorn and a huge icy coke is the best!  Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent book?

RH:  I have a confession to make here. My two heroines in The Princess and the Outlaw are ripped from a contemporary TV show, personalities and all. The princess is Juliet, spoiled, bratty and bossy. The orphan is Scarlett, sweet, unassuming and a bit naïve. Who does that sound like? Give up? They are two of the leads straight out of “Nashville.”

MT:  What do you do when you’re not writing? 

RH:  I’m an IP lawyer, still practicing. I’m also a jazz guitarist with several groups in and around Portland. I play golf in the summer and ski in the winter.

MT:  If you had one chance to live out a fantasy from one of your books, what would it be and why?

RH:  One of my books just happens to be a fantasy about me. Atonement is a 1st person POV novel about a private eye who gets into all manner of delicious situations. My second choice would be to be Flash Gordon in The Menace from Mongo, a kind of spanko space opera.

MT:  Sounds awesome.  I loved that cheesy old movie.  My husband still occasional blurts out  Flash!  Ah- ah!  For no apparent reason and Ming's daughter so needed a spanking.  There was something kinky brewing beneath the surface there, I can't put my finger on it.  And no I'm not confusing it with Flesh Gordon.  Ew! 

What are you working on now, or what’s next for you?

RH:  I have three projects banging around right now. I’m putting together another volume of F/M spanking stories, a novelette set in the West in 1918, and a novel that returns to the western town of Tumalo Bend and is a prequel to LaForge, my contemporary supernatural thriller.

MT:  Interesting.  Westerns are very popular.  Women love a rugged cowboy, myself included.  

Thanks for joining me today and you are welcome back anytime you have another hot spanking romance.  Now I'm off to find my kindle and read all about Rand and his princess.