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New Author Lauren Shepherd Joins Me on Day Two of Sister Blog Week

It's Sister Act 2 on Wicked Wanton Wednesday as big sis, Lauren Shepherd shares about her premier novel, Amelia's New Beginning. 

A sexy erotic romance with a yummy Alpha male, a sassy sexy heroine, delicious sex and hot spanking action.  What more could you ask for?  Not much, unless you greedy. 

Stick around after Lauren's excerpt for a wonderful and insightful interview and find out a bit more about the exciting new author.

For now, enjoy a little glimpse of

Amelia's New Beginning

Amelia Jensen is a ball of tension just waiting to burst. As she prepares for a much-needed break from her normal duties as a regional manager for the Atlanta area at Il Capitano's, her life collides with that of the tantalizing carpenter William Sutherland.

The passion between them builds quickly, and they find themselves tangled up in each other. Amelia struggles to come to grips with her burning desire for his affection, and his firm hand on her backside.

Is the sturdy and patient William able to breach Amelia's wall of stubbornness and hard-liner assertiveness that she's come to depend on for so long? Will she trust him enough to help her put her life back together once it's turned upside down?

“I don’t think I can take anymore,” she managed to say as he slowly moved his cock in and out of her shaking cunt. He invaded her mouth with his tongue, suppressing her gasp as he made one hard, deep thrust back into her pussy.

“I don’t believe you,” he growled into her ear. Will stood her up on shaky legs, grinning at her whimper when he pulled out of her. He used one arm to bend her over the desk as the other swiped desktop clutter to the side.

Amelia rested against the desk, thankful for the support. She was awash in pleasure, but thought that she would die if he made her cum again. She arched her back like a cat as he raked his nails down her spine, and jumped and moaned as he alternated a total of ten firm but playful swats on her still-pink bottom.

“One more time baby,” he said gently behind her while he massaged her swollen and over-sensitized clit. “I want you to cum for me again. Can you be my good girl and cum on my cock?”

“Yes, sir,” she whimpered.

“Yes sir, what?” He commanded.

“Yes sir, I’ll be your good girl, I’ll cum for you.”

“That’s my girl,” he growled. He thrust himself into her sopping wet sex with an appreciative grunt as he grabbed a fistful of her hair in one hand, and her hip in the other. Driving himself into her with complete abandon and plowing into her pussy as hard as he could.

Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner

MT:  Lauren welcome to my corner.  I love having new authors on and learning all about them.  As a newbie, what made you finally bite the bullet and submit your first manuscript?

LS:   I received tons of encouragement from my sister Dinah, she’s been super supportive. It took me FOREVER to be happy enough with the story to submit it. It’s a wonderful feeling though, I’m really glad I did.

MT:  What has been your biggest challenge so far?

LS:  Other than not being a control freak? I think I’ve been my own biggest obstacle. This is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, but I kept finding reasons to put it off. I would look for things to be wrong with a scene because I was so paranoid about how the story would be received. I really like Amelia and William’s story, but I think that finally putting this book out there has finally given me enough courage to foray deeper into BDSM, which is what I really want to write. Chains, floggers, pillories, all of these are things that I’m incorporating into my medieval work in progress, that I hope to put out in a couple of months.

MT:  With Dinah as your sister, you have a built in mentor.  What advice has she given you?  Did you take it? 

LS:  Lots and mostly. J Some of her biggest advice was to be careful of who I give my manuscript to for reviews and beta reading. She also helped guide me during edits. Most of what I have written before this has been academic work, and totally different from fiction. Dinah gave me plenty of pointers that helped me to separate the two.

MT:  Are you writing full or part time?  What do you do when your phone won't stop ringing or people won't leave you alone so you can write?

LS:  Initially writing was going to be a full time thing for me, but then I got a surprise job as a high school science teacher, and so my writing has definitely taken a hit from it.
I usually close out facebook, put my phone on silent, and put on headphones. Music really helps me concentrate, and so zoning into my own little world of music and fiction really helps. My phone goes off a lot though, so I still check it. Otherwise when I finally do, it’s as though I missed Armageddon.

MT:  It's so hard to unplug.  Remember the days when people didn't have or expect instant access.  I think we have lost some of our civility thought.  I'll have an appointment with someone who invited me then keep putting me on hold, face to face hold, while they answer the phone or text.  How rude!  Has the whole world reverted to teenagers??? 
Okay, a sore spot.  I'm over it.  Onward...

Where is your creative spot?  What are you most often doing when you think up a smoking hot scene?  Please, please… tell all J 

LS:  I have a corner desk in my bedroom, and that’s where most of my writing happens. I think of my best ideas when I’m driving or exercising, and then I just hope that I remember them by the time I get to a computer or piece of paper. The Enigma album titled “LSD” really helps get my, erm, creative juices flowing.  For my steamy segments, I’ll just close my eyes and picture the surroundings and let the scene form in my head. When I’ve worked up a good scenario that gets me all hot and bothered, I indulge in it by typing it out in my story. The office scene between Amelia and William was definitely one of the most fun, and most distracting, to write.

MT:  I really enjoyed Amelia and William’s romance.  Was that pure fiction or does it have any of Lauren in there? 

LS:  There’s a whole lot of Lauren in Amelia, but that was mostly by accident. Not so much in looks, but I do have a pretty short fuse and my mouth has gotten me into trouble more than once. I’ve actually spent several years working in restaurants as well.  My personal knowledge of restaurant work was supposed to be the only link, but other things came through anyway. I think I wound up putting so much of myself into her because I used to have a really difficult time expressing myself sexually. Also, I’m a pretty strong girl, so there have been very few men who have ever even come close to legitimately  taking me “in hand,” so plenty of that bled through as well. My husband finally read the story, and yeah, his vanilla attitude towards the bedroom has definitely darkened up a bit. ;) 

MT:  If you had a chance to live out a fantasy from your favorite book, what would it be and why?

LS:   I would be happy with pretty much anything from Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series. No matter which book I'm reading, I have to take frequent breaks from overheating. For me, those books set the standard for BDSM erotica.

MT:  If you had a free pass to get spanked by any Hollywood heartthrob or celebrity, who would it be and why?  Don’t worry, we won’t tell hubbies, BF’s or S.O.s, besides, this is just pretend.

LS:  OH! That’s a toughie. If I had to pick only one…Gerard Butler. Long-haired Gerard Butler in a kilt to be precise. Mmmm, it’s such a delicious thought. I have a HUGE thing for Scottish men, especially that one. There will definitely be a Highland Romance somewhere in my future.

MT:  Thanks for joining me today Lauren.  Be sure to let me know when that medieval BDSM is ready to go.  You had me at pillory :)

Tune in next week when my guest will be Rollin Hand.  Have a spanking good week!

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