Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WIP it up Wednesday

Lanie's Lessons

No longer a WIP, but not quite ready for prime time, its still in production. Release date is right around the corner, scheduled for October 27th.  

Woo hoo!

Having been accused of being a tease the last time I shared this scene, (Qui? Moi?) this time I'm sharing an expanded version.  

What will you accuse me of after this one??? Well, <wink> we'll just have to wait and see.  


 “You need to settle yourself.  Try breathing in and counting to ten.”

“You know that holistic mumbo jumbo doesn’t work for me, Ethan.  Maybe we should stop the elevator and you could fuck me right here.  That’s the only thing that seems to settle my nerves.”

Silence encompassed the car.  Inwardly, Lanie cringed as she replayed her words.  What had gotten into her?  Ethan’s arm reached out, his long finger extended and he pressed the stop button.  An alarm sounded.  Immediately, she started backpedaling.

“I was joking, Ethan.  Really!  We can’t have sex in here.  ”

“Turn and face the wall. Grab the rail with both hands.”  Always a daunting figure standing nine inches taller and outweighing her by at least seventy pounds, but a stern or angry Ethan was menacing especially when he stepped closer, crowding her into the corner.  Glancing up at him, she expected to see a dark cloud of anger, or at the very least irritation, but his face appeared calm, almost stoic. Through the low rumble of his words, she could tell he was affected.  That sound alone made her heart pound in her chest.

“I’m sorry, honey.”

“Now you are. The thing you’ve yet to learn is to think before you open your mouth and spew vulgarities and sarcasm.  Face the wall and grab the rail with both hands.  We’ll have a quick lesson in deportment, I believe that’s what they call manners in school.  You must have missed that class.”

She winced as she turned.  He had never yelled or ever raised his voice, but his tongue could be lethal.  Razor sharp and deadly accurate when the situation called for it.  She deserved a punishment for her rude behavior, but in an elevator?

“What if there are security cameras?”

“Security will get an eyeful then, won’t they?”


“I checked, Lanie,” he sighed.  “There are no cameras.”

Facing the wall, her fingers blanched as she gripped the brass rail.  She tensed as she felt his hands slide around her waist and locate her button.  Soon the zipper was undone and he was easing her pants down.  

"Spread your legs so that your pants are held snug around your knees.   That will keep them off the floor and from getting dirty.”

Always considerate, her Ethan.  His fingers found the waistband of her panties next. 

“Please, honey.  Can’t we do this when we get home?”


Succinct, too.  

“I want you sitting on this tenderized butt all through dinner.  Maybe it will serve as a reminder to curb that acerbic tongue.”


Still think I'm a tease???  Leave a comment below and let me know what you really think.  LOL

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