Friday, October 17, 2014

Ethan Administers Lesson #1 on #SatSpanks

More of Lanie's Lessons on #SatSpanks and I get to show off my cover, which is fab-u-lous, gorgeous, and sexy HOT.
Can you tell I love it?  I'm absolutely tickled pink.

In today's excerpt, I pick up from last week with a glimpse of Lanie's first spanking.  She's loving it, but Ethan is just getting started.  Lucky girl.

 She couldn't remain silent as pure, unadulterated lust swamped her senses and unbidden, a moan escaped her lips. 

“That’s my girl, you want me to take control, don’t you?”  

Mindless with arousal so intense that she couldn't speak, she only managed to produce a whimper in answer.  He lingered another minute, plunging into her dripping channel and fucking her slowly with two fingers. 

“You’re absolutely beautiful, Lanie, and I can think of nothing I want more than to drive into this drenched pussy.” He emphasized his words by gliding in deeper. “I plan to do just that, but we need to finish what we've started here.  I’m giving you a dozen spanks this first time, for the sass and the cursing.”  


Release date is still pending.  I'm expecting it to be out in the next week.  I'll have more from Ethan and Lanie Saturday, and links, I hope!

Unofficial Blurb:

Law Professor Ethan Fischer is tired of seeing his Type A personality wife bottling up everything inside.  She's not sleeping, has lost weight and their sex life is beginning to suffer.  Something's got to give. 

Lanie Fischer is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom.  Exerting a tight control over her emotions, she's earned the nickname; the Ice Queen.  Stress at the firm has been mounting and without an effective outlet she's an emotional wreck, but she internalizes everything refusing to let it show.  It's beginning to affect her private life, especially her marriage.

Ethan turns to a psychologist who recommends a rather radical approach--role play and lots of spankings.  It will be up to Ethan to set up scenarios where Lanie can set aside her professional persona and learn to let go. 

An erotic romance contains graphic sex, spankings, elements of BDSM, medical scenes, mild age play elements, and anal sex.

There are 29 other blogs to visit.  Lucky you.  Have a spanking good Saturday!

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