Friday, October 24, 2014

It's a Five Alarm Fire on SatSpanks. Ouchie!!!

Not a Spank or Treat SatSpanks, but with a long excerpt allowed today, I hope its a treat that you'll enjoy anyway.  

It's almost here.  Two more days until the release of Lanie's Lessons.  I decided I've teased you with the elevator scene enough, so here is the culmination.  Enjoy.  

Lanie's Lessons

A whoosh and a thwap sounded as a thin line of flames burst along both bottom cheeks.  Holy hell!  What was that?  It felt like a cane, but where on earth would he have gotten one in a freakin’ elevator.  She sucked in a deep breath of air at the sting, twisting her neck to see what it was.

“Eyes front and be still,” he ordered sternly, his free hand clamping firmly around her waist to keep her in position.  In the same low rumbling voice, he warned, “You’ve earned a dozen and then we’ll talk.  But if you keep moving, I’ll add more.”

Another whoosh and thwap followed, then another.  He laid swipes—with whatever evil weapon he possessed—all over her bare bottom, never striking the same spot twice.  By the tenth sizzling stroke, she was dancing up on her toes and her hands flew back instinctively as she tried to soothe the blazing fire he’d ignited along her skin. 

“Hands, Lanie.” 

She didn’t want any more.  All she could think about was rubbing the burn from her flaming butt. 

“Now, Lanie.  We can’t hold the elevator forever.  Do you want security or the fire department prying open the doors and finding you with a bright red bare bottom?  I’m okay with it if you are, but I don’t recommend it.”

An image flashed before her eyes of grinning young fire fighters staring down at the five alarm fire on her naked ass.  She shook her head.  She’d be mortified, but the men would surely delight in repeating the lurid tale of her humiliation from now until eternity.  

Resigned, she moved her hands back to the rail and held on.  Looking down on her white knuckled grip, she actually tried the deep breathing Ethan was always touting.  Two more… that was nothing.  Ethan’s warm hand appeared before her eyes, palm up. 

She felt his lips brush against her ear as he murmured gently, “Take my hand and hold on, baby.  Two more and we’re done.  Nothing to it.”

She latched onto his strong hand and clamped down hard.  Although she’d just told herself virtually the same thing, she scoffed at his words.  Nothing to it?  That was easy for him to say.  Still, it amazed her how he always knew what she was thinking, and exactly what she needed.  As the final two strokes fell low across her cheeks near her thighs, she hissed at the fiery burn. 

“That’s the last,” he whispered, shifting beside her.

She moved into him without hesitation, her arms winding around his waist, anchoring herself to his sturdy frame.  As she leaned into him, she felt his hands slide down to cup and hold her burning backside.  Biting her lip, she fought back the tears. 

“Please rub me, Ethan.  I’m on fire.”  He squeezed her gently, caressing her heated flesh with his broad palms.  It felt good, so good, that she whimpered as he eased her.

“Look at me, Lanie.”  She tilted her head back and melted into the warm depths of his eyes.  “Better?” 

He wasn’t referring to her rear end, and she knew it.  “Yes, sir.  I needed that so badly."

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