Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Celebrating the release of Lanie's Lessons with a long excerpt on WIP it Up Wednesday.

It was delayed a day due to technical issues on Amazon KDP, but it's finally here.  

Woo Hoo!

I know you're going to love getting know playful, passionate and creatively adventurous Ethan Fischer as he teaches his high stress attorney wife how to let go.   

Lanie's Lessons

Attorney Lanie Fischer is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, but the stress of her caseload has been mounting relentlessly. She puts on a brave face at work, but behind closed doors Lanie has become an emotional wreck, and her husband, law professor Ethan Fischer, is tired of watching her self-destruct. She’s not sleeping, she’s lost weight, and their sex life is starting to suffer. Something has to give, and as far as he is concerned it is time for a radical new approach. From now on, Ethan decides, his wife will be spending quite a bit of quality time over his knee with her bottom bare, learning some lessons she has needed for a long time.

Some of Lanie’s spankings turn out to be purely erotic, ending with the hottest sex she and Ethan have ever had, but others are meant to teach her what happens when naughty wives disobey their husbands and fail to take care of themselves. Unconventional though it may be, to her surprise Lanie soon begins to crave both her husband’s sexier spankings and his discipline as well. But can she live happily as a loving wife and obedient submissive at home even as she battles in court at work every day, or will the conflicting demands tear her apart.

Publisher’s Note: Lanie’s Lessons is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, elements of medical play and BDSM, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

In this excerpt, Professor Fischer is followed back to his office by a persistent student.  Little does he know he is in for quite a surprise.  Enjoy...

“Was there something else?” Ethan asked as he made his way around his desk and unloaded his burden.  Taking a sip of coffee, he pulled out his chair and promptly choked.  Sputtering and coughing, he tried not to suck the remainder of his Americano into his lungs as he gazed at his half naked wife hiding under his desk.  Correction, in white knee socks, a pair of girlish white KEDS, and a minuscule plaid skirt that left nothing to the imagination, she was practically naked especially since the big red bow that was draped like a sash across body left her breasts completely bare.
“Are you alright, sir?”

Startled, Ethan stared in alarm at the young man who stood between the twin wing back leather chairs opposite from him.  He stepped closer to the desk, his legs hiding Lanie as best he could.  He wouldn’t put it past the exuberant student to round the desk and try to give him the Heimlich.  Putting up a hand, he shook his head, still unable to talk through his wheezing.  He cleared his throat as he grabbed for some Kleenex to dab at the coffee droplets staining his shirt. 

Still coughing, he scowled at the yammering Jacobs when he noticed a full length trench coat on one of the chairs.  Beside it was a long slender box tied with a red bow, an exact match of the one Lanie had draped across her naked body.  The flash of her image had his cock stirring—damn.  He had to get rid of Jacobs before he noted the hard on bulging in his pants.  Looking up, he saw Jacobs staring at him expectantly. 

“Excuse me, what was that?”

“Can I get you some water?”

“No, I’m fine.  The coffee went—” He stopped as soft fingers slipped inside his pant leg, brushing his ankle.  Clearing his throat again, he tried again.  “The coffee went down the wrong pipe.”  

As Lanie’s hands teased up the inside of his leg, he felt her face nuzzle against him.  When her hand slipped between his thighs, he shifted, trapping her wandering hand.  Instantly hard, he sat abruptly, his hand going beneath the desk.  Finding one of her two braids, he tugged it in warning.

“If you want to discuss this further, although it’s pointless, you’ll have to make an appointment.  I have a conference call in a few moments.”  

That was a lie; his afternoon schedule was clear.  
Although he planned to block it off to see to the near naked nymph who was currently torturing him beneath his desk. 

“I have Wednesday afternoon open.” The young man suggested as he dug out his calendar and flipped through the pages. 

Ethan didn’t have a clue what he was rambling on about as Lanie’s free hand crept over his thigh and latched onto the bulge beneath his zipper.  He tugged harder on her braid and wrapped it around his hand, but she continued.  When she eased down his zipper, he barely suppressed a groan as soft fingers reached inside his boxers. 

He barked sharply at the kid as he dismissed him.  “Schedule with my secretary, Jacobs, not me, and close the door behind you as you leave.”  

As soon as the door slammed, Ethan rolled back his chair.  “What the hell, Lanie.”

“Happy Birthday?” was her tentative response.

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