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In Need of a Little Discipline? Check out Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Looking for a good disciplinarian???  Natasha Knight can give you advice that’s for darn sure.  If you don’t get that time warp thing between the States and Holland to chat her up, have no fear.  Her new co-authored book of short stories with Casey McKay is just a click away. 

Spanking, it’s got it.  Discipline, yep, got that covered.  Naughty ladies in need of some chastisement… need you ask.  Tsk tsk tsk.   

The Disciplinarian


The role of a disciplinarian can come in many different forms in a woman’s life. These stories are about six different women who find themselves taken in hand, and taken over the knee.

“The Disciplinarian”: Jennifer didn't know what a disciplinarian was. She didn’t know adults could be spanked as punishment, but when her boss catches her stealing, she is told if she doesn't want the police involved, she'll have to submit to a session with The Disciplinarian.

“Guilty As Charged”: Julie has the hots for her cop neighbor, Brad, who is also a professional disciplinarian. When he catches her driving recklessly, he decides she might need more in her life than one spanking a week.

“Consequences”: Every action has a consequence, and in twenty year-old Andrea's case, when she's caught breaking hotel rules, she is given a choice: pack up your things and leave immediately or submit to corporal punishment. But what Andrea never expected to learn out of this was that discipline, administered with love, can form a powerful bond.

“Paying Rent”: When Amber gets kicked out of college and ends up on Tony’s doorstep, she doesn’t anticipate Tony taking an interest in her life, or holding her accountable for her actions; including paying her rent on time. When he threatens to spank her, she decides to push back, but how far is too far?

“The Penitent”: Marcus Corran is not a man to tolerate liars or thieves, so when he catches young Marlene, an employee in his bookstore, doing both, he decides the best way to deal with her actions is a good old fashioned, bare bottomed, over the knee spanking.

“The Agreement”: Lindsay and Nick have been dating for two years and they have an agreement. So when Lindsay deliberately lies, Nick decides to use a more creative form of punishment.

All stories are M/f except for “Consequences” which is a F/f spanking story. The stories depict situations between consenting adults who believe in a good, old fashioned spanking to get to the bottom of a problem. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.


This is a scene from Consequences, my short about a girl who works at a hotel and is caught dating a guest, which is a no-no. She is just being offered some choices for her actions. This is the one F/f story in the collection:

"Do you know what corporal punishment is?" Tanya asked.

I swallowed, my heart racing, my breath catching, my sex suddenly throbbing. It was a similar feeling to when she'd had me stand in the corner but much more intense.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good. My proposition is this: if you'd like to keep your job here, you submit to being physically chastised for your transgression."

I only stared at the items for a long while.

"Andrea, I am doing this for your own good. It's better you learn your lesson this way than have the next Jason Drummond come in and take advantage of you again. You're young and you have your whole future ahead of you. I hate to see you screw it up the way so many others have before you. Now do you agree to submit for punishment?"

I looked up at her. "You'll do it?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yes. We'll have a total of three sessions as I understand you saw Mr. Drummond three times, is that correct?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"The first two will be administered by me in my office and the third will be administered by Mr. Raines. All spankings will be delivered on the bare."

"Bare?" I asked, processing. "Even in front of Mr. Raines?"

She nodded. "Those are the terms," she said, taking a piece of paper from the printer. "If you agree, sign this contract. If not, please pack your things and leave the property."

"I can't lose my job," I said, just touching the paddle on the table.

She reached out and put her hand over mine. "Andrea, I didn't have anyone do this for me when I was your age and I regret it now. The discipline will be painful, but you'll learn from it."

I looked at her, wondering if she herself had been hurt when she was younger? If that was why she was cool and distant.

I nodded. "I'll take what you're offering," I said. "I will submit to being physically punished."

Tanya handed me a pen and I signed my name to the contract giving her permission to discipline me in this manner. Once I had, she filed it away and turned to me, both her expression and her tone stern.

"Stand up, please," she said.

Maddie’s Intimate Authors Corner: 

MT:  So, your newest is a co-authored book of short stories.  Tell us a little bit about how this worked, was it a compilation or a joint venture?

NK:  The Disciplinarian: a Collection of Short Spanking Stories is more of a compilation. I feel like I’m always writing serious stories and needed to just work on something lighter, especially after Given to the Savage. I approached my friend, Casey McKay (whose books I love), and  told her what I was thinking and asked if she'd be up for joining me. She said yes - Casey's easy like that ;) and before we knew it, we had six hot discipline themed stories to publish. We published through Baronet Press which is Casey's brand new publishing company, and it's our first time trying Kindle Unlimited so it's available exclusively on Amazon and is also a free read as long as you're part of the KU program.

MT:  I can’t do short, I’ve tried but am an epic failure.  How do you get all you want to say in so few words?

NK:  I know! I've read your tome like books (and love them) J I think I just really needed a break from writing the more serious stuff and just focused on some of the hotter aspects of discipline rather than developing a whole story. These are more a peek into a life (through a very naughty window), but I feel refreshed and ready to start on my next book. The timing worked well too because the kids were just getting back to school and I was also finishing up another book while writing the shorts. It all just aligned.

MT:  What is you writing process?  Plotter or pantser?  (Plotter:  methodical process including an outline, notes and highlighters, or pantser:  fly by the seat of your pants, write frenetically and go back and clean up the mess.)

NK:  I wish I were more of a plotter but I’m a pantser. Ideas don't even fully take form before I start writing.

MT:  Social media is a wonderful thing, but it also takes a lot of time away from writing.  How do you balance the two?

NK:  Ha! I am at an advantage living in Holland. You all are not up when I am so I get a good chunk of hours for writing before you all wake up and I can goof off… Truly though, I have to choose as I think most of us do. Time is limited and writing is my priority.

MT:  There has been a lot of discussion in social media and the blogs of late about changes in the ebook industry, including difficulties with self publishing and also the recent crack down on erotic content including titles, cover art, and the scary Amazon dungeon.  How have you been affected and what do you see as the future impact on authors?

NK:  Well, Given to the Savage was originally His to Breed and it got picked up within 36 hours and sent to the dungeon. It was disheartening as I loved the title, the cover, the blurb and the story. My publisher was great though. He acted really fast and pulled the book. We did sacrifice the title and watered down the blurb as well as cutting some of the cover, but the content is the same and the book did recover. I'll talk more about that last part for now as it may give hope to other authors that if your book is picked up and tagged, it is possible for it to recover, but self published or traditionally published, you have to act fast. The longer it sits in the dungeon, the more difficult a recovery it will have. Amazon is the biggest retailer out there. I make probably 85% of my sales on Amazon and I know I just have to play ball, you know?

MT:  That's tough.  I'm glad you were released from the dungeon in short order.  I've been there, done that, didn't get a T-shirt.  That is not the type of dungeon I ever want to visit again.  Seriously!

Fun Stuff:

MT:  Tell me 5 fun facts about yourself that would surprise us if we knew, sexy or mundane is up to you…

NK:  Ooohh…I'm kind of boring. OK, here goes.

1.   I get totally embarrassed when I read edits on a sex/spanking scene. Like totally red even as I'm sitting alone reading it.

2.   Oh, I brew beer! That's a fun fact.  

3.  My husband and I love IPAs and they don't have them in Holland - or they're just starting to get them - so we decided to do something about it and started to brew our own! It's YUM! If you're ever over my way, I will share…  (MT:  was this two different fun facts or one?  I lost count.)

4.   OK, another fact. Let me think…I hate shopping - that's not that interesting. I think I have 'resting face bitch'. I'm not sure, but I suspect… J 

5.   OK, last one, I just started this thing where I 'read things like a man' and try not to read between the lines or take things personally! It doesn't work all the time but just know if I say something, I mean it as I say it and I just hope everyone is that way with me!

Those were not that exciting I think…

MT:   Exciting is subjective.  Also, if everyone’s lives were all that exciting would we write fantasy and who on earth would read it. 

I did have to google IPA.  It returned International Phonetic Alphabet and India Pale Ale.  I'm thinking it was the latter. 

Thanks so much for joining me today Natasha.  It was fun.  Come back anytime you have a new HOT one to promote. 

Join me next week WWW fans when my guest will be Cara Bristol.  Have a spanking good week  J

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