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Wicked Wanton Wednesday Welcomes Back Maggie Carpenter

 One of the more prolific authors in the genre today, Maggie whips out hit after hit of sexy, spicy, spanking good erotic romance with a salacious taste of BDSM.  Oh yeah!  That’s what I call HOT!  

Today, she brought along an excerpt from The Strict British Barrister, Act One, which pleases me greatly because surely Act Two and possibly Act Three, Four and Five will follow.  

Lucky us  J

The Strict British Barrister, Act One

“When Bratty Brittany comes out to play,
it’s her bottom that’s going to pay.”

Duncan Rhys-Davies is an eminent British barrister, but he has a secret life outside his office, and another, completely covert vocation.
Duncan is a lifestyle Dominant, and an author of BDSM romance novels under the alias, A.S. Cane.
Though he writes his books late at night, he finishes them by taking long ocean voyages away from the hustle and bustle of his everyday life.
He has had a few shipboard escapades, but when he meets Brittany Carter, a spoiled, southern belle, he finds himself caught up in a whirlwind romance. His heart becomes captive to the mischievous young woman, and he struggles to make sense of the sudden and intense attraction.
Brittany finds the confident, handsome British gentleman mysterious and irresistible, and constantly fantasizes about him.  Though outwardly reserved she has a wicked side, and quickly discovers Duncan has his own, unique way of dealing with a difficult diva.
Cruise the Pacific with these compelling characters as they both find themselves surrendering. Bratty Brittany to the strict British barrister who makes her behave, and Duncan Rhys-Davies, whose heart refuses to be denied.

Enjoy an excerpt from The Strict British Barrister:

       With the butt plug still firmly in place, he raised his hand and began her spanking.  Duncan was a very patient man when it came to delivering his discipline, and as he’d promised his hard smacks were delivered with a methodical, measured pace, the heat and sting of each slap being allowed to fully register. 
       He would occasionally rest his palm on her reddening skin, enjoying the heat that radiated back at him, and when her bottom was sufficiently scorched he paused, tapped the flange for a moment or two, underscoring his point, then slowly pulled it out.
       “You can rest. I’ll be back in a moment with my slipper.”
       Brittany turned her head from the pillow and took several long deep breaths.  Her backside was on fire, never had she endured such embarrassment, and she was filled with remorse.
       I’ve become Emily.  Emily received ten extra slipper smacks because she’d protested something.  Why didn’t I remember that? Oooh, my butt hurts so much, and that thing inside me, oooh, that was so weird.  I can’t believe he did that.  It was in the book, but he did it to her after they’d been together, and it...
       The sound of his approaching footfalls broke into her mind chatter, and as he placed his hand on the small of her back she returned her head to the cushion.
       This is going to really hurt, I know that, but it’s only ten.  I can deal with ten, at least, I think I can.
       “These will not be slow, Brittany, and this will not be pleasant.”
       “None of this has been pleasant,” she whimpered into the pillow.
       “What did you say?” he frowned.
       “Sir, I said, none of this has been pleasant,” she repeated, then hastily added, “but I wasn’t being cheeky.”
       “I would certainly hope not, because I have no compunction about making it twenty.”
       “Ooh, Sir, I meant no disrespect,” she said quickly, hoping her tremulous voice relayed her sincerity.
       “Prepare yourself, head into the pillow,” he directed, his voice stern, “and no more comments.”
       Gritting her teeth she did as he said, and as the slipper began to dance upon her scalded behind, lacing it with a searing heat, she squealed into the cushion. 
       The leather carried its own brand of sting, and though the ten were dispatched quickly and the punishment was over in seconds, she was moaning and twisting her hips when he finished.
       “Stay as you are.  I will be back to place you in the corner shortly.”
       Duncan moved to the bar and poured himself a shot of cognac; it was his ritual, to have a drink after delivering discipline.  She’d taken her spanking with fortitude, never once begging him to stop as many had in the past.
       You are just as unique as I thought you would be, Brittany Carter.  This is going to be a very interesting few days.

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Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner

MT:  What inspired your newest novel?  Real life or fantasy? 

MC:  A bit of both.
I was on the cruise described in the book, five days on the Pacific from Hawaii to Tahiti.  I fantasized at the time, about a scandalous shipboard romance with a handsome Brit.
The handsome Brit was inspired by a real-life handsome Brit Dom I did have a very exciting, toe curling relationship with, and the strict British barrister bears quite a resemblance. (As did The British Billionaire Bachelor).

MT:  What is you writing process?  Plotter or pantser?  (Plotter:  methodical process including an outline, notes and highlighters, or pantser:  fly by the seat of your pants, write frenetically and go back and clean up the mess.)

MC:  Ah, definitely the latter, and I love the word - Pantser.

MT:  No wonder you publish so quickly, you Pantser you.  How do you do it?  Do you treat writing like a job, with daily word count goals, or do you write when the spirit moves you?

MC:  Both.  Writing is my job, but I also love it, and the spirit moves me constantly, sometimes waking me up at 3:30 in the morning, forcing me out of bed and on to the computer.

I don’t have word count goals, though when a prolific writer states that he or she has written ‘x’ number of words on a given day I do find it motivating.

The thing is, once I have a book in my head, I generally have the whole book in my head, and I absolutely must get it out.  Most of the time my stories run between 50-60,000 words, and when I reach the 35k mark, I’m dying to complete the book, not because I want to stop, but because my characters are racing to the finish line.  That’s when my work ticks up a notch, and I find myself at the keyboard at 6:30 am, and still going at midnight.

MT:  I can relate, but I'm at the computer at midnight and still going at 6:30 am.  

Next... To self-pub, or not, that is the question.  Do you or have you self-published?  What do you find are the pros and cons.

MC:  This is a huge question.  I don’t know how to be succinct.

First, I have had publishers in the past, and both would be happy to publish me now (I believe) but I chose the indie path because, even though I’m a submissive, I am a control freak when it comes to my work.

I want control over the cover, I don’t like working with editors, and I like to track sales, none of which is doable with a publisher. 

Being an indie is more work, and I don’t have the support system, or the review machine, that publishers can offer, so I think I probably have less sales, but I make more because there’s no-one slicing into my pie. I like to think it’s a wash.  I do miss all the reviews though, that’s a tough nut.

MT:  Social media is a wonderful thing, but it also takes a lot of time away from writing.  How do you balance the two?

MC:  Aaargh.  You said it.  It’s very difficult.  I wish I had social media help.

I usually do the social media work when I need a break from the book.  The book must be the priority, and initially I had a tough time trying to find a balance.  I’m not sure there is one. It’s a chicken and egg question, but the book will always come first.

MT:  Your my hero.  FB sucks me in.  I wish I could turn it off and focus, but it calls to me.  Sigh...

There has been a lot of discussion in social media and the blogs of late about changes in the ebook industry, including difficulties with self publishing and also the recent crack down on erotic content including titles, cover art, and the scary Amazon dungeon.  How have you been affected and what do you see as the future impact on authors?

MC:  If you look at my covers you’ll see that most are fairly tame, with the suggestion of what’s inside, rather than an blatant graphic.  I love sexy covers, but I can’t risk them so I don’t use them.  It’s a form of censorship, but I there are ways to work around it.

My first book, Elizabeth’s Education, was thrown in Amazon’s Adult Dungeon. The publisher used a very obvious picture, and down it went.  I must confess though, that of all my books this one, and it’s sequel, Elizabeth’s Education, The Inheritance, probably justify an Adult rating.  There’s quite a bit of very wicked stuff in both books, especially the first.

Covert Cravings though, published by Blushing, certainly did not deserve to be banished to the Adult Dungeon. It’s a charming little book, and I don’t see an issue with the cover. The publisher, Bethany, contacted Amazon, and was told the book was given the rating because it contained a scene with a ‘forced orgasm’.  Heavens, the character absolutely loved being tied up with a vibrator between her legs, who wouldn’t?  Apparently the Amazon censors wouldn’t, and found it offensive.

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think most authors are going to write what they write, and deal with the fall-out as it happens. Sometimes rumors can be tempests in a teapot.  I just go about my work and hope that people like it and continue to support me.  What else can one do?

MT:   Adapt.  Amazon, aka the Big A and Zon, is a titan in our industry so we must adapt or perish, yes?

Now, some fun stuff...

Tell me 5 fun facts about yourself, sexy or mundane is up to you…

MC:  Oh, dear, I never do well with things like this, but here goes.

1.   I’m an animal nut, horses and dogs especially.
2.  I have a very wicked imagination, and one day I’m going to write something really dark, but probably under an alias.
3.  Lingerie, wearing it, yummy.
4.  I abhor housework, any kind of housework, but I’m a neat-nick, which makes can imagine. Perhaps if I was dressed in a sexy maid’s outfit and a Dom was standing over me with a crop while I vacuumed, it might change my perspective.  What do you think?
5.  Love fog and rain,..loathe the sun and the heat.  (That’s pretty boring, right?)

MT:  Awesome answers Maggie. Nothing I enjoy on Wednesday than a Maggie Carpenter interview.  Come back anytime, please!

Tune in for more previews of the hottest erotic romance around.  Next week on Wicked Wanton Wednesday my guest will be Meredith O'Reilly.  Have a great week!