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Wicked Wanton Wednesday Welcomes Bella Bryce

I am very happy to welcome
guest author 
Bella Bryce
back to my Wednesday blog.  Today, we feature the much the third book in her Waldorf Manor series;
The Courting

If you haven't tried this consistently 5-Star reviewed author, The Courting gives you that chance.  
Take the time to enjoy this long excerpt and enjoy the unique and engaging style Bella brings to her age play and domestic discipline tales.   


"The Courting"

book III in the Waldorf Manor series.

The Courting"   is a domestic discipline and sweet blush novel set against the backdrop of stunning Waldorf Manor and Barton-Court House.  In the third book in the series, Elisabeth Warner moves to Waldorf Manor for the start of her courtship with Bennett Fowler.  He sets out the rules and boundaries of their relationship, making it clear that her transition from charge to 'lady of his life' doesn't mean a change by far.  At the same time Elisabeth discovers Bennett's formality and discipline has completely stolen her heart as their affections grow.

But they aren't the only ones thinking about courtship.

Meanwhile, Alice has been living at Waldorf Manor for ten months and solidly transitioned into life as Brayden's adopted daughter.  When he insists that she have closure with her mother for the first time since leaving home, Alice is challenged to take the next step in growing up properly, and that is to face and forgive her.   

Watch the lives of Brayden, Alice, Bennett & Elisabeth continue to unfold and see where redemption, forgiveness and a jolly good smacked bottom take them.


Bennett’s hands were still on his hips and he looked down at Elisabeth with the most serious look she’d ever seen on his face.  

“I told you what would happen if you didn’t mind that tongue,” he said and took Elisabeth by the arm straight out of the sitting room. 

Alice was glad to see Elisabeth home earlier than usual when she saw her leaving the sitting room, but Brayden’s smile disappeared and he stopped walking with Alice in tow when he saw the look on Bennett’s face.  

“Is everything all right?” he asked as Bennett led an upset Elisabeth straight for the staircase.  

“Five minutes, I’m dealing with defiance,” Bennett said, as he pulled Elisabeth along behind him up the staircase.  The smile instantly disappeared from Alice’s face. 

Bennett took a right at the top and passed Alice’s room to continue to Elisabeth’s bedroom.  He led her straight inside and to the en-suite bathroom, then closed the door before turning to the tap at the nearest of two marble sinks. 

“Retrieve a bar of soap,” he told her, in no uncertain terms. 

Elisabeth obeyed, although she had no reservation about showing displeasure across her face.  She opened the nearby antique armoire, retrieved a bar and returned to Bennett.  She couldn’t look at him as she handed it over.  

“Girls who backchat get their mouths washed out with soap.  You will not speak out of tone to me,” Bennett said, as he finished removing his cufflinks and neatly folding his shirt up to his elbows.  He pulled Elisabeth next to him and held her securely around her small waist and leant her over the sink.  

“Please don’t, I hate this,” Elisabeth pleaded gently. 

“I should think so.  It wouldn’t be much of a punishment if you enjoyed eating soap.” 

“I don’t mind spanking, but you do that one,” Elisabeth mumbled, right as Bennett turned the tap on and the sound of running water drowned her words.  

He was quite annoyed and it showed by how abrupt his mouth washing was and for how long he dragged it out.  Bennett wet the bar several times and repeatedly put it back into her mouth and moved it around, gliding it across her tongue and then used his hand to distribute the suds all around.  It was by far the longest time he’d ever spent and he finally stopped when Elisabeth gave up squirming, which she didn’t do much of anyway.  Elisabeth never really resisted. 

“Brush your teeth and then come straight through to your bedroom,” Bennett told her as he took his cufflinks with him out of the bathroom.  

Reviewer: drb
03/09/2014 06:38am 
Wish I could rate this book higher than 5. I love this series, they are so well written and so enjoyable. I have a hard time putting the book down for real life. I can't wait for the next one. Reading the first chapter of the next installment made me impatient for the next book.

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Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner

MT:  Bella joins me in the authors corner (and from what she discloses she does not like corners so I'm lucky to have her here) with some candid answers to my author's interview. 
How much of your books are realistic, based on your own personal experience?
BB:  Adorable.  I'm afraid I can't answer that.  That might give too much away.
MT:  Okay, a little shy to start. Let me try a different approach.  How same/different are you from your main character?
BB:  My main character is Alice in every book in the series; despite the various titles and themes of each book, it always goes back to her.  She's kind of like the measuring tool for which the readers will see growth, not just in how she changes and evolves in the world around her but also in how other characters relate to her.  I am very similar to Alice in many ways, but I am definitely not he same.
MT:  Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
BB:  Yes; love wins and redemption is always possible.  Throughout the first three books everyone sees that Brayden's unconditional and fatherly love toward Alice changes her, and how her reciprocated love for him as a father (one she's never known) really puts him into that role.  He loves being a father and loves being Alice's father.  Bennett, as many readers know, was the most hated character from book I and through his apology turning away from certain behavior as well as Alice's forgiving him, the redemption of Bennett is very obvious.  Book III, 'The Courting', shows very obvious proof of this through his reactions and dialogue with other characters.  I didn't lessen his severity (which is part of his appeal and eroticism) but I altered the timing and sharpness of his responses and even in how his non-verbal communication comes across, which is proof of how he changes. We also see that Bennett learns what it means to love as he makes certain allowances for Elisabeth, things which he would never have previously allowed or thought he would allow before she came along.  Book III goes even deeper into the intricacies of Bennett and Elisabeth's relationship and even Bennett's relationship with his niece, Alice and how they grow closer. 
MT:  Would you believe I liked Bennett and really warmed to him in The Shortlist.  I didn't mind that he was severe.  In fact, I thought he was HOT and I liked him even better than Brayden so I was happy to see more of him in book III. 

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
BB:  Go for it.  If you have an idea, then sit down and write it.  There is no secret and no short answer or way to get there quicker.  But I must say, if you try to repress the story that is trying to get out, you might struggle to write something else.  I tried to write a story called "Sam's Silence" since I was a teenager (and I am adapting it to the spanking fiction audience) and it did have corporal punishment in it, but I kept trying to avoid the elements of corporal punishment, fearing that I was strange for writing it.  Well, let's face it, when I stopped trying to force my content and just let it out, that's when I wrote a book in six weeks ('The Solicitation').  I had to be real about my writing style and genre and that is that I write spanking fiction and age-play.  When I stopped trying to be so controlling or generic over my writing it flowed out of me because clearly that's what I needed to write.
MT:  What is the trait or characteristic you find most appealing about your husband?  He jumped right on board with discipline from the moment we were courting (we never dated, we knew from our first date that we would eventually marry). 
Does he read your work?  Either way, why or why not?  Yes, although he prefers the 'read aloud' version-which might sound terribly embarrassing and was at first, but now I really look forward to when we settle down for the evening with a tea tray and I read him a new chapter or bring him up to speed on a week's work.  He is really, really into my Waldorf Manor series so it's really special that he knows everything about this world I've created.  I love sharing it with him.
MT:  That's it for the serious questions.  The rest are quick and easy.  What do you prefer?  OTK or a different position?

BB:  Over the knee.  Bending over his desk in the study makes me feel old or like I've done something realllllly naughty whereby the hand just won't cut it and the cane is coming out.  Bending over the desk equals serious trouble. 

MT:  Worst spanking memory? 

BB:  Anytime husband doesn't aim and I hits my lower back instead - it makes me really, really angry and I usually bite, pinch or yell to communicate my annoyance.  That never ends well for me, either.

MT:  Best spanking memory? 

Right after he proposed - we role-played and I answered the Headmaster back.  It didn't end well for me because I'd never really properly been smacked before, so it was quite a shock.  He took of his brogue and used it on me and I was bruised the next day - which I was wickedly excited but terribly shy about.  And we reserved love-making until after our wedding night, but that first spanking from my new fiancé made the commitment to wait very, very difficult.

MT:  Favorite après-spanking activity? 

BB:  Face the corner with my hands on my head - but that's husband' favorite, not mine.  I usually sulk, then I get to sit in his lap and cuddle, then I usually sulk some more.  

MT:  Biggest guilty pleasure for which you are willing to risk a spanking?  

BB:  If I really want one, I'll just ask.  Or I play up and wait for the threat and then push another centimeter until I'm facing the floor.  Oh dear, now he knows. 

MT:  Thank you so much, Bella.  'The Courting' is a wonderful addition to your series and I am looking for to the more sensual aspects of book IV that you mentioned.  Although not in the interview, I thought it would tempt your other readers so I shared.  So sue me... 

Come back and play again when book IV is released.  You are always welcome.