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Patty Devlin is in the Tantalizing Tuesday Spotlight

There's nothing better than a steamy historical romance, unless its a steamy historical romance with a little spanking!  Now that's what I call kicking it up a notch.  Mm, mm...

One thing I love about a period piece is the fashion: corsets, bustles, petticoats, cages (that sounds interesting), drawers and crinolines, oh my!

I also love the tantalizing lead up to a hot spanking, or like in today's feature, a good switching, because the gentleman has to get through all the layers to the naughty bottom underneath.  Imagine his frustration, poor man.   <giggle>

Today's author, Patty Devlin, gives a wonderful illustration of this slow, tantalizing torment with an excerpt from: The Chicagoan Switch.  This is the second in her 'switch' series.  Dare I hope there will be more?

The blurb:

Caroline couldn't follow through with the mail order marriage she had agreed to, so she switched places with the woman next to her on the train. Anxious to get home, she had more reason to hurry when she received a wire relaying a family emergency.
Traveling with the Union Pacific across the mid- west was a long, hot trip and Caroline's temper flared at the man who took responsibility for the railroad. Her temper wasn't the only thing flaring - her bottom also felt the heat when Royce Ashby had had enough of her bad humor. A man's patience could only take him so far and it was quite obvious to him that Caroline was in need of a keeper. He knew he was up for the task.
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“You should have thought of that. The quicker we get it over with the less chance there will be, yes?” He reached for the hem of her skirt and she released the back of the bench again to push her skirt down and try to turn toward him.

“Royce, please… I’m sorry.”

He gripped her arms from behind her and press her back down over the bench again. “Do not let go again, Caroline, or I will add more. I will not tell you again, I will simply add more to what I was going to give you. This is going to happen. You are going to receive a spanking for leaving the safety of the pavilion without an escort or even telling anyone where you were going.” He lifted her skirt again and bunched into his left hand which he kept firmly on her lower back in case she should decide to jump or dash away again.

“No! You can’t!” she squeaked and started to fret again when he pulled the tie holding her drawers.

“I’m sorry, angel, but I must. I can’t see a thing and we’re to be married in a week anyway. A switch is worthless over clothes and I mean for you to feel and remember every bit of this.” Of course he could see all she had to behold but that was more than her tender sensibilities would allow. She had a beautiful upturned bottom, quivering and clenching, waiting for him to give her the punishment she knew she’d earned, even though she dreaded it. Oh, how he wished to cup them, to stroke them, those lovely mounds framed by the ruffles of her dress held captive just above the long slit splitting the two gorgeous half-moons and disappeared into the shadow of her sweet cunny. He had to get a hold of himself or he would toss the branches down and forget what he was about. He cleared his throat. “From now on when I tell you to do or not to do something for your safety, I mean it, young lady, and it will be reprimanded with the strictest recourse. Now, let’s get this done.”

The switch was almost silent, it’s only sound was on impact and it was a minimal thwick at best. He let her have a moment to understand and adjust to each of the first three, no four strikes with the switch. He wasn’t one to draw it out, but he knew that sting took a moment to ignite and then when it lit, the fire couldn’t be tamed. He wanted her to have a moment to come to grips with it.

Royce knew the moment the sting took over, she came up against his hand so hard and fast if he hadn’t been prepared she’d might have gotten away. Beyond her high-pitched cry, she did the cutest thing. It was probably sadistic of him to think so, but when she’d lifted her booted foot, drawers and all, and stomped, well it had a rippling effect on her bottom that made his pants feel way too snug. He delivered the rest of the stripes succinctly for both of their sanity, stopping only long enough in between to rub her bottom a moment when the first switch broke. He wanted to be sure her skin was not broken and to ensure that she continued to feel each of the following.

It was torture to touch her blazing backside and not let his hand drift lower to the nestle of curls his hand brushed over. He lied again to soothe her fears, gently assuring her he still couldn’t see her bottom. He was of course only stoking her backside to make sure the raised welts were not broken and that she was ready for the next switch.

“No, no… please… I won’t it do anymore… I’ll do as you say, I swear.”

“I’m sorry, angel. I’m sure you mean that right now—but you will need this reminder in the future to help you remember, and we’re not quite done.”

Liz will do anything to get away from her evil guardian, and she was prepared to disguise herself as a boy and look for work as a ranch hand. When Caroline, a stranger on the train next to her, sees through her "boy" disguise, and begs her to take her place as a mail-order bride, Liz doesn't hesitate long before saying yes. It's got to be easier than working on a ranch, and as a married woman with a new name, she'll be out of her guardian's clutches forever.

Wade Malone has been looking forward to his new bride for months, but when "Caroline" finally arrives, things don't exactly add up. For one, "Caroline" was supposed to be twenty-five years old; the woman who came off the train doesn't look a day above sixteen. He has a strong aversion to liars, particularly in a wife. But he's also a man who keeps his promises and whoever the woman is at his side, he's made a commitment.

That doesn't mean he's not going to handle his new bride very firmly indeed. Then, against all odds, Liz starts to fall for the no-nonsense rancher and his family. How will she ever keep him from finding out the complete truth about the switch?

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Maddie's Intimate
Author's Corner

Patty's doing some corner time today--naughty girl.  

Thanks for participating in my interview Patty.  I have some serious questions and some fun stuff.  So here we go...

MT:  How much of your books are realistic, based on your own personal experiences?

PD:  Not much actually.  I try to keep away from writing about my life.  It's actually quite boring and makes for a lousy story.

MT:  I'm waiting for someone to tell me their title is actually a biography.  Would that be awesome?  

How same/different are you from your main character?

PD:  I am spunky and sassy.  One of the things I can say that is most common in my books is that all of them carry my fantasies in one way or another.  The most similar character trait is that Caroline and I both could care less what society thinks of us.

MT:  What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

PD:  Everyone has a story, a dream, but most often are afraid to share it—don’t be. Sit down and write it and don’t be afraid of your inner weird. More than likely your weirdest, freakiest desire when put into words will make someone else feel like they have found someone else who gets them, who just understands. They won’t feel like a freak anymore. So don’t be afraid to share your story. Don’t weird yourself out, just write it.
MT:  I agree totally, Patty.  I think writers are fearless.  To put ourselves and our innermost thoughts out there, no matter how weird, freaky or kinky they may be.  That takes guts.  Even more so if you write under your own name. Then I am in awe.  

Now for some fun stuff.
What is the trait or characteristic you find most appealing about your husband?
PD:  How supportive he is of me NO MATTER WHAT.  When I sat down to write and didn't leave my desk for days, he went to the store and bought a space heater for under my desk.  A couple months later, (a year before I'd ever been paid for my writing) he brought me home a laptop one day.  And it's not just my writing, my desire to homeschool my children, or have an experimental surgery...  He is always there for me and my closest, very best friend.

MT:  Does your husband read your work?  Either way, why or why not?

PD:  He did the first couple books.  He does not now, not for any real reason except he doesn't like to read romance.  He likes to read books like Tom Clancy.  He likes to play his Xbox or go fishing.  He watches MMA and he spends a lot of time with our children, he even does our laundry.  He praises me for my work and encourages me in many ways, but making him read my "long-haired" books would just be torture to him.  So, honestly it wouldn't make me or him happy in the long run. 

MT:  OTK or different position? 

PD:  I need the intimate contact.  I hate being bent over the bed.  Besides, if I'm over his lap, he is more likely to comfort me afterward in the way we both find mutual satisfaction). 

MT:  Worst spanking memory?

PD: It was probably my first spanking.  Awkward, shocking and nothing like I had expected.  It wasn't sexy, fun or anything like I'd planned.

MT:  Best spanking memory? 

PD:  My birthday spanking.  Read my post.


MT:  Favorite après-spanking activity? 

PD:  Honestly, most of the time I don't want to make lover afterward, if it was a punishment.  I don't feel sexy. I'm miserable and my stomach even hurts.  However, if it was a sexy fun spanking then you better bet I want some action after...

MT:  Biggest guilty pleasure, for which you are willing to risk a spanking? 

PD:  Staying up late, sleeping in late, too much internet usage... Oh wait!  Did you only want one?

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