Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Club Decadence Blast From the Past in the Wednesday Dungeon Crawl

I'm celebrating my one year anniversary as an author.  Woohoo!  So I thought this week I'd take you back to where it all began with my debut novel and the first in the
Club Decadence series, 
Captain My Captain. 

Published in March 2013, I cannot believe it has been a year! 

In this scene, Tony is introducing Megan - a newbie - to submission in many forms.  Enjoy...

“What did I do wrong, Captain?”

“Nothing, Angel.  This isn’t punishment.  This is for my enjoyment, not particularly yours, but I think you might enjoy it as well.” 

He brought his big hand down again and again, spreading firm stinging swats across her gorgeous ass. 

“I love heating up this beautiful, creamy skin to a rosy, pink color.  I love all those gasps and sighs.  It’s music to this Dom’s ears, baby.”

He continued with the erotic spanking, covering her cheeks and creating a nice warm glow.  After about ten more swats he paused and rubbed her tingling skin.  His fingers wandered lower and dipped into her splayed pussy, still avoiding her clit. 

“You are gushing cream, Angel.”  He pulled his fingers away and brought them to his face, inhaling her essence and licking her sweetness from his skin.  “You taste delicious.” 

Megan couldn’t see, but the image that passed through her mind of him tasting her cream made her hotter.  She groaned and rocked back in ecstasy.  A sharp, stinging smack landed on her tender ass. 

“Be still,” Tony demanded without raising his voice.  When she stilled, he brought his left hand up to her head. “Look at me.”

As she turned her head, she found that if she laid her cheek against the mattress, she could look back over her shoulder and into his handsome face. 

His hand brushed the damp hair from her cheek and tucked it behind her ear.  His expression was intense but he smiled at her as he gently caressed her hair.  “So damn sweet, Angel.  Ever tasted yourself?”

Megan gasped and flushed a deep red.  Speechless, she struggled for breath at the notion of tasting her own juices.

“I’ll take that as a no,” he chuckled and his fingers dipped back into her pussy, gathering more of her sweet cream.  Twisting, he brought his hand to her mouth and with glistening fingers, transferred her essence onto her full parted lips, painting them gently until they shimmered with her dew.  “Open,” he commanded. 

Their eyes were locked and his intense gaze radiated dominance and authority.  It never even occurred to her to disobey, so she parted her lips wider as he dipped two cream-covered fingers into her mouth. 

“Suck them clean, baby.” The order was issued in a low, husky groan as Tony struggled to control himself.  The erotic sight of his woman obediently and eagerly lapping up every drop of her own sweetness was almost too much for him.  Leaning over, he kissed her deeply, licking the remaining cream from her warm lips.  “Thank you for this gift, Angel.  Your submission awes me.”

If you liked this excerpt, keep crawling around the Dungeon for more...  See you next week.

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