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In the Harry Lime Light on Torrid Tantalizing Tuesday

Warning:  Adult content for ages 18 and over only. 

Oops!  A double booking.  That means you get a special edition of Torrid Tantalizing Tuesday.
My guest author today is Harry Lime and what a treat to have a man's perspective for a change.   

He brought with him today a double feature of two of his newest releases of erotica.  Make sure to check out our interview in the Authors Corner after the features.  Enjoy!
Erotic short stories by Harry Lime
Introduction: Umeki is very close to her friend Mikki and when she finds that her friend must perform duty for her father which might result in the loss of her boyfriend and future spouse, she decides to substitute her body for Mikki on the sleeping pad. This is fine with her friend’s father and he quickly enters Umeki from the rear. After that, Umeki finds that that she is now being used by not only the father, but the brother, the wife and Mikki as well. All of this attention delights the receptive Umeki who has much respect and good feeling toward the close-knit family. She does her very best to service the entire family with the very best duty she can offer.


Introduction: Tomiko is spending the entire summer in the Capital City with her mother’s close friend who she calls fondly “Auntie Kiki”. She is very close to the family and they spoil her with their presents and kind treatment. On a shopping trip with her Auntie, Tomiko discovers the world of the chikan boys who treat her Auntie’s backside with much disrespect. She slides in between to substitute her younger and inexperienced bottom to placate the stranger’s insistence on finding a home for his over-heated shaft. Despite the degrading nature of the encounter, Tomiko finds that she is much excited by the stretching of her female slit and she wonders if every ride on the subway is as much fun.



By Harry Lime
This chapter introduces the characters and it begins in England at the home of the Harrow family. Sophia is returning from a party at the Carstairs Estate and has fallen in love with young Jeffrey Carstairs, the heir apparent of the Carstairs fortune. She has no idea that the young man is already betrothed to marry Priscilla Honeywell in Trent on Avon, a town much distant from the home of young Jeffrey. She conveys her feelings to Polly the maid because she has nobody else to talk to about these sudden feelings of love and deeply felt emotion. She tells the young Polly about the taste and feel of young Mister Carstair’s tongue on her lips and inside her mouth. She even confides that she managed to explore the full length of his impressive tool with her finger to see how long it really was. They have fun laughing and making up naughty jokes about men taking advantage of defenseless women.  
In this chapter Captain Jack Harrow goes to the Carstairs Estate for a shooting party with his old friend Colonel Lionel Carstairs. They reminisce about the war and the topic turns to young Jeffrey and his prospects. It comes out in the conversation that the son is already betrothed to a Miss Priscilla Honeywell in another town and that they will be wed as soon as Jeffrey completes his studies at Cambridge University. Captain Harrow confides to the elder Carstairs that he will make every effort to keep his daughter safely away from the randy Jeffrey and stop trouble before it starts. When Sir Lionel talks to his son, he discovers that the lad is not truly smitten with the young girl but considers her a “Tasty dish” prime for the picking. They laugh together at her naïve nature and the elder man agrees to stay out of his son’s affairs so long as Jeffrey does nothing to jeopardize the upcoming marriage to the very rich Priscilla. 
Warning: Both “Japanese Erotica Collection” and “Sophia’s Revenge” are filled with explicit sexual content and are not intended for readers under 18.

Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner

I am loving the new interview section offer each guests unique perspective on writing, insight into their writing style and persona, as well as some really fun and often candid answers.  Let's see what Harry has to say today shall we?

The vast majority of Harry Lime stories are fictional with the exception of stories in genres that are outside the realm of erotica. It is really more the degree of fiction or of reality in the story that answers that question. For example, the Japanese Erotica Collection, Volumes I and II are fictional in the abstract but many of the stories contain threads of both reality and experiences in part. The same could be said of novel length stories like “Return of a Hero” or “Rule Number One is to survive”. Both of those stories have a broad basis in erotica but tell a story that is basically non-erotic in nature. In my stories “Last Tango in Manhattan” and “Sal the Super, The Nookie King of the Bronx” the setting is primarily in New York City with views of the big apple that have nothing to do with either glamor or a tourist’s perception of the city. The scenarios of a number of my stories are set in the United Kingdom or in Europe. I have spent several years in Eastern Europe and the Middle East and like to write about those areas as well. Right now, my hero in “An Accidental Spy” is journeying from Rome to Livorno to Athens to the Greek Isles and onto Cyprus, etc. They are all locations that are familiar to me so much of the writings are realistic within a fictional format. When I write about guns, weapons systems or military techniques, it is from experience, but when I write in the first person about a pole dancer in Las Vegas, it is entirely fictional. Some of my lead characters are parts of my persona but most of them are a composite of people I have known and they help me pull a story together.


That is an interesting question and one that I have not considered to any great degree because I seldom write with an agenda in mind. Most of my stories are fluff and written to give readers something to enjoy without much deep thinking. Some of my stories are erotic parodies of well-known works or television series like “Gallagher’s Island” or “Archie and his Mates”. It sort of places well introduced characters in a different light and with definite erotic overtones. Others would be “Tammy and the Bachelor Party” and “Scarlett and the Carpetbagger” which was done in an ambitious stage-play format. In retrospect, I guess that I tried probably unsuccessfully to illustrate the bigger issue of “States Rights” rather than “Slavery” in the eyes of most Southerners. In the case of “Tammy” just as in the original story, the common sense of the “River Folk” often solved more questions than financial success or social status. I liked that message even within the framework of kinky activities.


My first bit of advice is to not wait too long before starting to write. In my estimation, I waited about fifty years too long before starting and deeply regret it. One of the reasons that I write so many stories is that I don’t know how long I will be able to keep writing. I have written about 4,000 pages of content in the last 30 months and have tried to dabble in as many genres as possible. I think the best approach is to write more for your own personal enjoyment than for economic reasons or the lure of fame and fortune. I think that writing becomes better when the writer is enjoying what he or she is doing and does not consider it a job. Next I would be cautious about accepting advice from anybody including myself because you are your own best critic. Try not to get caught up into an investment mode hoping for a return down the line. There are a lot of ways to get the job done without up-front money. Lastly, try not to have a defensive attitude about criticism because feed-back is the best way to improve the writing.


If you have read any of my stories, you would discover that I am much enthused with the use of a “spanking table” like the one in “Alison Rides the Spanking Horse”. I have to admit this story is an unabashed satire of “Secretary” which was one of my favorite films with James Spader. A recent spanking story I wrote is called “Lock, Stock and Barrel” with the “lock” being restraint fetish, the “stock” being placed in an old-fashioned stock, a BDSM device which I have employed in several historical stories of fetish erotica, and the “barrel” being a cuffed device that would spread the body wide open for spanking and rear entry sports. Several of my “Witch” stories have used the “stock” as a device since it was quite popular in that era. My stories tend to focus on the buttocks as the aiming point rather than the breasts or the pubic area which is a step up in the BDSM hierarchy and unattempted as yet by me.

 MT:  Harry, I don't think you are in the minority as a fan of "Secretary" which I have read has sparked many a closet spankos interest and exploration in the more open spanking world.  Why this film I wonder when there have been others?  Is it because it of Spader and Gyllenhaal who are mainstream actors?  Intriguing, isn't it?


The majority of my spanking/BDSM stories will customarily finish with a spirited session of anal copulation emphasizing the use of toys, fingers and male equipment providing the partner is a male. If it is another female, I would include the use of a strap-on to finish the full scenario. There are variations on the post activity phase, but that seems the most prevalent and fits the mood quite well.

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