Saturday, March 8, 2014

A SatSpanks Coming Attraction... This I Promise You

This week I offer a coming attraction.  My latest WIP is 99% complete.  Watch my blog and SatSpanks for release details:

This I Promise You

Best friends fall in love with best friends.  The story tells the tale of the trials and tribulations, ups and downs of two engaged couples learning to merge very different lives and upbringings leading up to their marriages.  How will these two young women from underprivileged backgrounds adapt to the world of two men from the advantaged side of the tracks?

You'll find humor, romance, tears and laughter and as with every Maddie Taylor romance some sizzling spanking. 

In the snippet, Jared takes Stacy to task after a  sledding mishap.  She soon learns that there is a time and place for everything, but teasing her man while out in the snow will not save her from a much needed spanking. 

The pic is not relevant, but I thought it was perfectly lovely.  Enjoy...

“Jared,” she gasped.  The sound of his hand smacking her bare behind reverberated in the cold winter’s air.  To Stacy the cracks of his hand sounded like gun shots.

“I’m sorry, Jared.”  She squirmed, putting a hand back to stop him.  A big no-no, but she was desperate.  “Please stop, there are kids around.”

He pinned her hands with his free one and continued, unfazed.  “No one can see,” he assured her, unapologetic.  “Marc and Jessie are blocking the view.”

“But they’ll hear, honey.”

“Not if you’re quiet.  Now be still.”

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