Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Barbarian's Captive a Sci-fi Sneak Peak on Six of the Best

Today, on Six of the Best, I'm excited to share a sneak preview of my very first erotic sci-fi.  

Yep, me...  Maddie T. joining the ranks of Evangeline Anderson, Jayne Castle and Sue Lyndon. 

What?  I can hope and dream <wink>

Here we go, let me know what you think.

The Barbarian's Captive
By Maddie Taylor

Anticipated Release Date:  May 21st

As a shadow crossed over her from above, she looked up, barely able to make out the shape looming on a branch overhead.  A shrill cry of alarm burst from her lips as she spun, intent on fleeing in the opposite direction, when the hulking form dropped with a whoosh and landed softly in front of her.  Frozen with fear, she stared up at the huge male towering above her.  He reached for her, his huge hands curling around her upper arms.  Then her feet left the ground as she was flipped over his hard shoulder, landing with a jarring thud.  Hanging upside down, with his steely arm clamping her legs in place, her senses returned when he began to move.  Pushing up off his back, she craned her neck and watched in horror while the yellow marker disappeared in the dense foliage as he carried her further away from the shuttle.

In a panic, she began struggling.  Shrieking, “Let me go!” she kicked and fought against his hold, beating on his back with her fists, in total disregard of the danger.  All she could think was that if she didn’t move forward, her only chance to go home would be lost. 

A growling voice barked at her, but she ignored it, determined somehow to break free.  Frantically, she twisted and clamped down on his side with her teeth.

A roar of anger rang out an instant before a pair of sharp swats landed across her buttocks.  Stunned, she released him, blinking back the tears that instantly sprang to her eyes.  They weren’t from the sting on her rear, rather from the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness. 

“Please,” she implored him, “they’re going to leave me behind.”

Her plea went unanswered.  In fact, each time she spoke, the being would hitch his step, sending her flying up in the air so that she landed across his shoulder again, robbing her of breath.  When they moved through a clearing, the break in the canopy allowed a view of the sky overhead.  Pink fingers of fading light streaked across the invading darkness.  As night rapidly approached, the twin suns had disappeared, which meant her team and the shuttle were likely gone as well.  Hopelessness and despondency set in, escape now impossible.

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The Blurb:

On a mission to find a habitable planet to replace the dying earth, science officer Lieutenant Eva La Croix and her all female exploration team land on what could be a near perfect substitute.  While gathering samples of the environment for testing, they are set upon by a group of alien hunters.  Outsized and no match for the strength of these huge males, they flee.  At the point of exhaustion, Eva is captured by the leader, tossed over his shoulder and carried back to his camp and confined in his tent.

Unable to communicate, she is afraid, yet captivated by this gorgeous alien, so like an earth man, except for his incredible height, long gleaming black hair, and his incredible golden eyes.  Dominant to the extreme, he expects her to comply without resistance, even when he strips her naked and prepares to examine her intimately, spanking her bottom thoroughly when she objects.

Before long, she and the other captured members of her team are whisked away to an alien world where males are in charge and women submit to their authority and breed their young.  Will Eva learn to adapt to the Primarian’s old-fashioned ways, which includes being pampered and protected, rewarded when she behaves, and punished by her mate when she breaks the rules.  Can she learn to surrender to this dynamic, highly sexual male who claims her as his own?  Or will she escape with the others, never to see him again, or feel the rampant desire that now surges through her blood for her compelling barbarian?  


Thanks for stopping in. Stay tuned to my blog for more on my upcoming release of The Barbarian's Captive and all my other erotic romances.  

Now keep hopping, there are plenty more Sunday's Six of the Best to enjoy.   

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