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Dinah McLeod and The Price of Submission on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Dinah McLeod is back on Wicked Wanton Wednesday.  With two brand new releases, she is quite the busy bee these days.  She has brought along, The Price of Submission, to share with us today, her very first self-published book.  Join me in wishing her great success. 

Congratulations, Dinah! I know it’s a great start to something new and wonderful!  Now, let’s dive right in with a steamy clip…

The Price of Submission
By Dinah McLeod

“You know I’m going to have to punish you, don’t you?”

I tilted my head back to look up at him. Seeing the smile playing along the curve of his lips helped me relax.

“Ask me how.”

“How are you going to punish me, Sir?”

Geoffrey’s smile bloomed and he bent down, brushing his lips against my exposed throat. “You remembered. Good girl.”

The husky, murmured praise made my tummy flutter. My cautious side warned that I shouldn’t be relaxing so soon after all the manner of strange I’d found in the suite. But whether I should or not, when I heard the tenderness in his voice, I couldn’t help myself and the voice of reason was drowned out completely.

His lips moved to my ear, whispering, “Since you seem so concerned about me demanding sex, you’re not allowed to come until you beg for it.”

I blinked in surprise. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I know, it’s hard to see yourself as the begging kind, isn’t it?”

It was at that! I couldn’t imagine myself doing that in any sort of scenario. 

He chuckled as though I’d agreed aloud and reached over to chuck my chin. “I’ll ask you how you feel ten minutes from now when I’ve got you tied down to the bed and so turned-on you can hardly think.”




“Up, Nicole,” he scolded. When I stood on shaky legs, he reached over and gave my bottom a swift smack. “To the bedroom.”

I scurried in that direction, but even though I’d gotten a head start he was right at my heels. I could feel his longing, his eagerness, and it spurred me on. I froze just inside the doorway, my eyes going to the rings on the bedposts.

“Oh, so you noticed those?” he murmured from behind me. “Lucky girl, we haven’t been here an hour and you already get to find out what they’re for.”
A shiver scurried down my spine, but with the warmth of him behind me, I wasn’t sure if it was anxiety of the bad kind or a mix of the two.

“Or maybe you’ve already guessed?”

I wasn’t used to hearing this low, teasing, sensual, voice of his. Every time he spoke I felt my belly knot a bit tighter and the ache between my legs pulse. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, dangling so innocently from the wood that I might not have given them a second glance if I hadn’t realized this was a resort of the sexually deviant. Something out of place like that had to have a meaning inside these walls.

“Since I hate to keep you in suspense...” Geoffrey grabbed me from behind and before I knew quite what was happening, I’d been swept into his arms and was being carried to the bed. It was so unexpected, so classically romantic, that I laughed out loud as I clung to him. When he set me down gently on the bed, some of my nerves had dissipated. “Do you trust me, Nicole?”

It was on the tip of my tongue to give him the patented reassurance, but I stopped myself. If there was any hope of salvaging our relationship—and I had to admit to myself that, at least deep down, I hoped there was—then I needed to be honest with him. He deserved that much, whether we ended up staying together or not. I searched his face, taking in his expression that, for once, was completely readable. He was looking at me with a mixture of hope and concern in his shining eyes, tenderness for me etched in every line of his face.

God, how I loved him. I’d stuffed it down deep, and it had been easy—too easy, what with the canceled dates and his inattention at dinnertime, if he bothered to show at all—to forget that it was there. But now the cobwebs were being swept aside and I could feel it, startlingly alive after all.

“Yes,” I answered after a moment of soul-searching. “I trust you.”

Geoffrey bowed his head and kissed my forehead. “Thank you,” he said, as though I’d given him a gift. “Trust is the biggest part of a Dom/sub relationship. Actually, it’s the most fundamental part of any BDSM relationship.”

“Any relationship, even if there are no letters involved.”

“Yes.” He gave me a wry smile. “I guess that’s true.”

“So…” A nervous little giggle escaped me. “What’s next?”

“You just lie back and let me do all the work.” He winked.

Funny, that was how sex usually was for us. I’d never had the slightest idea that he wanted anything more and though I’d once dated a guy who’d liked to roleplay, I got the sense that in the grand scheme of things that was tame in comparison to the things Geoffrey was into. The fact that it was the most adventurous thing I’d ever done made me more than a little nervous.  

My heart lurched a bit when I saw him go to the vanity, open the first drawer and pull out the coil of rope. It wasn’t your regular rope—it was black and shiny, for one, and it was braided.  

He approached me with it in hand, his voice deep and very authoritative as he said, “Take off your clothes.”

“You’re not going to do it?” I asked with a nervous laugh as I began to unbutton my shirt. It was a light blue number with flowers, and I couldn’t help but notice Geoffrey’s eyes on my fingers as I went down the row of buttons.

“I like to watch.”

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The blurb for The Price of  Submission:

She wanted a husband…could she accept a Master?

Nicole Sutton has been waiting for what seems like forever to marry the man of her dreams. She already has everything she needs—the ring, the dress, and the desire to spend the rest of her life with her gorgeous fiancé. The only problem is that he won’t set a date. In fact, he’s become distant ever since putting the ring on her finger. The chasm has only grown with each passing month.

Geoffrey Peirce is handsome, successful, wealthy—the kind of man who has everything. He even has a beautiful blonde on his arm. But deep inside, he hungers to exert his dominance, and not just on any woman, but on his sweet, spunky fiancée. The only problem is, she doesn’t have any idea about the passions that run deep inside him and he plans to keep it that way.

Despite her immense sadness, Nicole makes the decision to end things with Geoffrey so that they can both move on. But when she tries, he makes her an offer that she can’t refuse: if she will agree to go away with him for a week and submit to his every command—suffering the consequences if she does not—then she will leave their get-away a million dollars richer.

Telling herself that she’s in it for the money and hardly daring to hope that they will be able to reconcile their relationship, Nicole signs a contract that makes her Geoffrey’s submissive for a week. Whisked away to a romantic, four-star resort, Nicole soon learns that there is more to it, and to Geoffrey, than meets the eye.

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Thanks for stopping in today, Dinah!

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