Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mastering Mariah Cover Reveal on #SatSpanks

It's almost here!  Mastering Mariah, the long awaited sequel to Pleasure Bay (now re-titled Dimitri's Desire).  This time, Morganna Williams joins me in telling the continuing tales of romance, love, and hot, sexy kink between four delicious Doms and their daring, sassy submissives.  There's even some danger and intrigue thrown in to make there something for everyone on this exclusive, private Caribbean island, BDSM resort. And I'm bringing you the first look at it right here on #SatSpanks.   

Mastering Mariah

Release date:  April 8th

Here's a little snippet between Kelsey and Chef Byron:

A sharp swat to her bare bottom jolted her upright and back to awareness. “Ouch!” she cried as her hand flew back to her offended cheek. Another hard smack followed, landing on the opposite side. Her other hand quickly moved to rub the sting left by the second blow. Unfortunately, this left her front unprotected and to her mortification, his eyes dipped directly to her bits peeking out beneath her jacket. Naturally, both hands flew around in front, completely horrified.

“Where did I tell you to wait for me?” he asked, when his eyes rose to meet hers.

“The corner,” she answered softly, then yelped as his hand clamped around her upper arm and propelled her toward the corner in question. As she was hurried along, she felt her face heat, convinced her cheeks now matched the color of the bright red hand prints that emblazoned her bare ass.

Meet our sexy Doms:

Byron St. John

Serve Under the Master
World-renowned and international award-winning chef, Byron St. John, is in search of an experienced sous chef for his kitchen at the
exclusive Pleasure Bay resort.

Byron is hard to please in the kitchen, but one of the contestants catches his eye for both her culinary skills and for her curvy, spunky, sass.  Can Kelsey stand up to him and challenge him in the kitchen, as well as submit?

Grayson Jensen, M.D.

Shy, quiet, submissive Gracie Snow has been in love with the handsome resident doctor since the first day she saw him.  They've worked together on Pleasure Bay for years and she's patiently waited for him to really notice her.  When he does, Grayson promptly takes her to task as well as over his knee, both shocking and arousing her, and showing her what kind of dom, her dom, he's determined to be.

Damon Kingsley

He's found his perfect submissive and married her.  Things are good between them, and the sex is damn hot, but something is missing.  He's afraid to really let loose and she knows he's holding back.  Twice her size and three times her strength, a trained fighter and UFC champ, Damon's capable of lethal force.  How does he give Callie what she needs without breaking her?  They've come to the island to relax and have fun, but maybe at last they'll find out how to give the other what they truly need.

And last but not least, the owner and Master Dom of Pleasure Bay

Dimitri De Luca

Our host, Master D is an experienced dom, used to adventurous play. He’s built a whole kinky world on his own private island in order to bring BDSM enthusiasts’ wildest fantasies to life.  Lucky Mariah Charmant is the guest relations manager and Dimitri's fiancée, but she's deeply wounded and it is up to D to help her conquer her fears and set the sensual submissive inside her free.


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