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Return to Pleasure Bay with Mastering Mariah on #SatSpanks

Pack your bags and your bustiers 
#SatSpanks junkies and get ready to return to Pleasure Bay because the long awaited sequel, Mastering Mariah, is finally here! 

Featuring Dimitri De Luca, sexy, billionaire dominant and owner of the exclusive BDSM resort tucked away on his private island in the Caribbean and his guest relations manager, Mariah, who’s also his submissive, and now his fiancée. 

They are joined by three other couples, renowned international chef Byron St. John (imagine a hotter, sexier, bad-assier Chef Ramsey who is a dominant and also spanks), Grayson Jenson the resident physician who knows his way around medical play and an exam table, and Ultimate Fighting Champ Damon Kingsley who has a taste for the whip. Add to that a dungeon with a panoramic view of the Caribbean sea, lots of drama, danger, and a hurricane named Ernesto. There’s something for everyone on Pleasure Bay!

Mastering Mariah
By Maddie Taylor and Morganna Williams

Here are my eight little lines, featuring Master D and Mariah:

A throaty moan of longing broke free from her lips, carrying in the night air. As soon as it echoed back to her on the breeze, she bit her lip, not wanting to draw attention, if the beacon of her bare white skin in the moonlight hadn’t already.

Standing pressed against her side, she was completely attuned to his every movement, particularly when he withdrew from her wetness and shifted, reaching for something behind them. She guessed what it was, which wasn’t hard because he had told her, reminding her in specific terms of her fate, but his slow deliberate teasing combined with the prolonged anticipation had her so keyed up it was almost unbearable.

“Take me first, please,” she pleaded desperately at the same moment the wide bowl of the slotted spoon connected smartly with one cheek. It wasn’t a playful swat either; it stung like a mother, and she hissed as the fire blossomed across her skin.

He bent and whispered low in her ear, “Punishment, bella mia, then pleasure. You know that.”

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The Blurb:

Though Dimitri De Luca is everything she could want in a man and in a master, the scars of Mariah Charmant’s past keep her from surrendering fully to his dominance and embracing the lifestyle she has always craved. Yet as her trust in Dimitri grows, so does the pleasure she experiences beneath his skillful hand, and Mariah soon finds herself submitting to him in ways she had promised herself she would never submit to a man again.

Her own romance is far from the only one on Mariah’s mind, however. As head of guest relations at the high-end BDSM-themed resort Dimitri owns and operates, she works hard to ensure that the kinky needs of the guests are satisfied, even if that means playing matchmaker from time to time. But when she goes behind Dimitri’s back to set the resort’s world-renowned chef up with a feisty little submissive who is just perfect for him, she ends up earning a thorough chastisement from the man who is both her boss and her master.

Mariah does her best to help each guest live out their perfect fantasy while keeping her own meddling behind from being draped over Dimitri’s lap too often, but her efforts are interrupted when trouble rears its ugly head in Pleasure Bay. With threats from a violent tropical storm and a dangerous individual from Mariah’s past both looming, can Dimitri battle man and nature to rescue the woman he loves before it’s too late? And if he brings her home safe will Mariah at last be ready to belong to him completely?

Publisher’s Note: Mastering Mariah is the sequel to Dimitri’s Desire. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of medical play, and other BDSM content. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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