Saturday, May 21, 2016

A #SatSpanks Sneak Preview of The Barbarian's Captive

I’ve been away for a while, but I swear I’ve been busy.  As a result, I have three projects coming out in the next month: a new Decadence Nights novel due out June 24th, a super-secret group collaboration due out the end of June, and what I’m sharing today, my first ever science fiction romance.

The Barbarian’s Captive, is the first book of my brand new Primarian Mates series, and is due out today.  I’m bouncing off the walls I’m so excited about it!  So, let’s get right to it…

The Barbarian’s Captive
Primarian Mates, Book 1

Light years from home, plant biologist Lt. Eva La Croix and her all-female exploration team land on a planet they believe is a perfect substitute for the dying Earth.  They are set upon by huge alien hunters and Eva is captured by the barbarian leader.  Tossed over his shoulder, she is carried back to camp, tethered to his bed, seduced by his touch, and claimed as his own.

In spite of her fear, she is captivated by the gorgeous, dominant male with his long gleaming black hair, smooth bronze skin, and glimmering golden eyes.  Expecting her full compliance, he strips her naked and prepares her for an intimate and very thorough inspection.  Horrified, Eva protests, but quickly learns defiance will be met with swift consequences, including a bare bottom spanking until he proves to her who is in command. 

Deemed compatible, she and her teammates are whisked away to the barbarians’ world where they are mated to these powerful men.  While pampered and protected, the women are expected to submit to their male’s authority and breed their young.  Will Eva learn to adapt to their unusual beliefs and old-fashioned ways?  Can she sacrifice her independence and surrender to this dynamic, highly sexual alien male who has conquered her body, and perhaps her heart?  Or when escape is imminent, will she flee with the others, never to see him again and feel the rampant desire that now surges through her blood for her compelling barbarian mate? 

Publisher’s note:  The Barbarian’s Captive is an erotic romance novel containing sexual scenes, spanking, elements of BDSM, medical and anal play, and some acts of dubious consent.  If this subject matter is offensive, please do not buy this book. 

My 8-line Snippet:

He easily gathered her wrists in one hand and spun her around, more out of fear that she would harm herself than any damage her weak blows were causing.  Kerr next wrapped a long arm around her waist and lifted her, pinning her under his arm facing backwards as he toted her once again to the bed.  Halfway there the imp surprised him by wriggling in his grasp, and as Mordrun had predicted, she bit him sharply on the back of his thigh.

“You imp,” he exclaimed.  “That’s twice.” With her rounded bottom in the perfect position, he gave her a dozen sharp open hand swats. Ignoring her yelps and what were unintelligible, though unmistakable shrieks of protest, he barked, “No biting!” and gave her two decisive spanks on her upper thighs.

She couldn’t understand his words, of course, but the way she stiffened and ceased her struggles told him his stern tone, and what to his way of thinking was the barest of punishments, crossed the language barrier.  He found her instant response to his dominance interesting, in fact. 

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