Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Something Twisted and Sinful This Way Comes on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Today on Wicked Wanton Wednesday, a little something paranormal.  Morganna Williams joins me with a peek at her new release, a multi-author compilation of wicked and wanton supernatural tales including a lust demon, ghost hunters, a dark fairy tale, and tiger shifter. 

Thanks so much for having me on today, Maddie. Twisted and Sinful Stories is an anthology of cross genre stories with something for everyone. First we have Jack Crosby bringing us a swashbuckling paranormal Pirate tale complete with a lust demon for a sidekick, an epic battle and a mermaid orgy. Then Jeff brings us ghost hunting with Sean and Brad in St. Augustine and a very interesting twist. Jeremy brings us to the dark side of Cinderella, a tale of intrigue with a side of murder and mayhem. I bring up the rear with a super sexy Tiger Shifter getting his hanky spanky on with his new mate. I've included an excerpt from Primal Heat below.

Primal Heat Excerpt:

He sat on the side of the bed and lifted her to straddling him driving his cock upwards as he brought her body down to impale her on his straining cock.

She groaned as he filled her completely, driving in to the hilt then holding her down. She tried to wriggle, but he held her fast. “No little mate. I’m in charge here and everywhere. You will take what I give you, nothing more…you will cum when I allow it or not…look at me.”

Kyra looked up and immediately drowned in the depths of his dark eyes, her body pulsing around him, desperately wanting the friction of movement. She felt every inch of his cock inside her and wanted nothing more than the feel of him pounding into her.

“Who do you belong to?” he asked.

“You Quinn, only you,” she panted.

Then his hand slapped down hard on her bottom, grinding her down onto his cock and rubbing her clit against his pelvis.

“Ohhhh!” she whimpered as pain and pleasure came together.

Quinn began to swat her hard and fast, each slap jolting her on his cock and giving her a little of the friction she so craved. She began to writhe on him begging for more.

“Please…please…harder…oooh yes please…” she cried.

He obliged and his hand began to fall even harder as he released his hold on her hips, “Ride me while I spank this naughty little ass.” Quinn told her.

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Thanks for dropping by Morganna, you sure know how to heat things up. Wow!  Come back anytime you have more hanky-spanky action. 

Love it! 

Good luck to you and your partners in wickedness.

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