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An Author Spotlight with BJ Wane and Surrender To Me

In the author spotlight today is BJ Wane and her latest in her Virginia Bluebloods series, Surrender To Me.  We’re actually doing the ole switcheroo and swapping blogs today.  Check us both out  J

Thanks for having me today Maddie.  I’m thrilled with the responses books one and two of my Virginia Bluebloods series have received, and now SURRENDER TO ME, book three, has already received several 5 star reviews!

Congratulations, BJ.  I just now rank stalked you and see that Surrender To Me is #7 on the erotic mystery top 100.  That is awesome!  Now I can’t wait to take a look.  Shall we?

A short scene…

Soft, frustrated muttering drew him from the back door to the kitchen where shocked surprise kept him rooted in place and silent.  He couldn’t mistake the white blonde hair pulled up in a band, the lush sway of soft, rounded buttocks under a pair of loose gym shorts or the obvious signs of distress.  The repeated, vigorous swipes of her arm across the pristine counter and the immaculate spotlessness of his kitchen told him she’d been at her cleaning frenzy a lot longer than necessary.  His tight gut and stiffening cock told him he’d be looking into a pair of frustrated purple eyes when she turned around.  Not that he wasn’t excited and pleased, but just what the hell was Shea Murphy doing here, especially at this time of night?

“Hello, darlin’.  Mind if I ask what you’re doing in my restaurant?”

Hearing that familiar, amused voice sent a shiver of awareness rippling through Shea and set butterflies to fluttering in her stomach, a not altogether unpleasant sensation but most definitely an unwanted one.  Closing her eyes in disbelief, she tried to decipher the odds of Master Fin turning out to be her new boss.  It took only seconds to come up with the number-astronomical.  A wave of anxiety engulfed her, had her sweeping her cloth across the counter again while she stated the obvious without turning around. 

“I didn’t know you owned this place.  Walt hired me last week, but everyone referred to you as the boss.”  Taking a much needed, deep breath, she pivoted and found him just as compelling dressed in jeans as she had last week wearing tight, black leathers, which caused her to now fret over her conflicting desires of wanting to stay and needing to flee from that enigmatic, compelling look.

“We don’t stand on formalities around here.  Sit down, you look exhausted.”  Her pale face, dark circles under her wary eyes and the clench of her hands around the cloth in a tight fisted hold pulled at him in an unwanted, unaccustomed way.

“Do you want me to leave?  I’ll understand, you know, after last weekend.  I’ll go….”

“What I want is for you to sit down before you fall down,” he snapped, her heightened anxiety saying more than her words.  Remembering how Pam dealt with Sean and how well his discipline had worked on Shea last week tempted him to go that route now, to give her what she was in dire need of from the looks of her and his kitchen.  Of course, the last thing he needed was to get sued for sexual harassment, but between the record of her attendance at the club both nights and enough witnesses to her willing participation, he didn’t think it’d ever come to that, especially if he did his job right.

“No, I’m fine, I’ll just go.  It’s obvious…”  Shea squeaked when he strode across the room with that look on his face and grabbed her hand. 

“You’re not fine, but odds are you will be soon.”

Kicking out a small stool, he sat and had her over his lap before she could grasp his intent.  “Be still.”  He punctuated his order with a hard swat on her wriggling butt then jerked down her loose shorts and slapped her bare ass.  “Settle down and remember how well this worked last time, Shea.  Trust me to give you what you need.”



For six months, Shea Murphy has been moving from city to city, attempting to distance herself from her failure as both a sub and wife following her husband’s suicide.  With the loss of her master’s strict discipline to keep her obsessive compulsive disorder under control, she’s finally driven to seek relief with another Dom.  After two sessions with Master Fin, her urge to flee Richmond subsides and she takes a temporary job at a restaurant.

Fin O’Dell returns after a week out of town to find the sub he couldn’t forget was now his newest employee.  Catching her stressing in his kitchen after closing, his quick response of another blistering spanking gives her the relief she needs.

As Shea succumbs to Fin as a Master a little more each day, she struggles with her perceived guilt over her husband’s suicide, refusing to believe Fin’s insistence Gerard was not the man, or the Dom she thought he was.  When the truth comes out, has Shea waited too long to trust her new Master?

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I hope you’ll be as thrilled with this latest installment in my Virginia Blueblood series as I am! 

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