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What The Authors Are Reading

tequila-basic-pool_400-325 (400×325)Ever wonder what you favorite authors are reading?  Well, to be honest, its probably not much because they're busy writing, blogging and promoting.  For me, when I find a few quiet moments, I want to be swept away by a REALLY good romance.

Here are some recommendations from a good mix of BDSM and DD erotic stories that the authors gave 5 stars.


Boardroom Resolution     Joey W. Hill       

In this book Savannah is a shrewd businesswoman who meets with Matt a business partner that she has known for years.   Matt and his four business associates transform the boardroom into a BDSM playroom complete with a sex swing.  I have never read anything so erotic and breathtaking.  I did it through Audible, so maybe hearing it made it more erotic, but there were certain points that I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  I made the mistake of listening to it at work, of all damn places.  Good God.  Had my fan on and a couple times had to get up to take a walk to regain my wits.  If you have read any of Joey’s books, you know they are just amazing!  But this one took it to a whole new level.  One of the men made a specially designed sex toy and I want it so bad I can’t see straight.  My husband is a design engineer and I have told him I will NOT let him rest until he makes it for me.  LOL

~Megan Michaels

His Forever Summer           Tara Finnegan 

Topping the Blushing Books best seller list this week, I picked up Tara Finnegan's newest; His Forever Summer for a quick and easy read for me because it drew me right in from the beginning.  This was my first Corbin's Bend novel and I wanted to know what the buzz was all about.  I'm glad my curiosity got me to 1-click, but the reason I chose this as my first, out of all the novels was because the idea of a "totally unsuspecting vanilla hero" being thrown into a spanking community really intrigued me.  It's usually the other way around.  Well written and thoroughly enjoyable.  I laughed out loud at some of the Irish that was intermingled into the story.  Bollocks, goolies and feck, to name a few that cracked me up.  I was also moved by Carla and her anxieties and self-doubt. The lead couple had great chemistry.  Great job, Tara.

~Maddie Taylor

We have a repeat 5-star nomination:

His Forever Summer        Tara Finnegan 

I have read many of the CB books and loved them, love the idea and each of the characters I get to know. That said, this is probably my favorite out of the bunch Season 1 and 2. It took guts to take on the story of Carla, the woman everybody loves to hate at Corbin's Bend - and deservedly so. I didn't like her even a little bit before this book but by the end, I was crying with her and, finally, so happy for her with her HEA. I could easily relate to Carla, feel her insecurities, know her not very nice side and understand wholly feeling the outsider, the one who isn't quite welcome. I have a completely clear picture of Kieren, this big Irish guy who has no idea what he's walking into when he gets to CB and how he reacts when he sees it in action for the first time. He comes to care enough for Carla to take on her discipline rather than allowing her to go to a stranger for some corporal punishment.

I think that was the turning point in their relationship, that first punishment. I felt completely embarrassed right along with her when she stood in the corner that first time, was mortified when Kieren had her bend over the bed, bare bottomed, all of her exposed, but when he began to punish her, it just felt right. Talk about two people meant to be together.

Kieren was Alpha through and through and Carla the imperfect heroine. I loved them both and felt all the emotions Carla felt right along with her and wanted to shake Kieren at one point, but he got it together in the end. The punishments in this book are some of the best I've read - at least they're exactly what work for me and the sex was hot and I'm so glad Carla got to be heard and that she met this wonderful man who saw through the crap to what was inside.

~Natasha Knight

All They Ever Needed Series      Thianna D.

I loved this series because it was one filled with genuine characters, lots of laughter, and a couple that no one could resist falling in love with.

~Meredith O’Reilly

Victorious Star -- Morgan Hawke

I've read quite a bit of sci-fi, and a shit-ton of BDSM, but I have NEVER read anything that combined the genres so seamlessly and compellingly. Not only is this a great sci-fi adventure in its own right, but it's a scorching hot menage erotic romance too, one that's utterly drenched in eroticism.

Fans of very (very) stern Doms, pervasive dubious and non consent, double penetration, rough sex, sadomasochism (and sometimes outright pain), and just downright dirty sexual situations need to jump on this one, stat. The heroine is beautiful, tough, smart, resourceful... yet she doesn't stand a chance in hell against the two even stronger heroes.

This story includes an exploration of dominance and submission that progresses to a deep, profound master/slave dynamic in a way I've never encountered before. A truly remarkable, challenging, satisfying erotic tale.
~Trent Evans


Let's make this a monthly feature authors.  When you find a book that really knocks your socks off, message me with the title, author and a few lines about why it wowed you and I'll include in my post.  Thanks to all who participated.   See you next month with more author 5-star recommendations.

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