Saturday, November 29, 2014

Yee Haa. It's some hot cowboy sneak preview action on SatSpanks

 It's about time for another release and along with it comes a few SatSpanks sneak previews.

A year in the making (okay, yeah, I worked on a few other projects in between) but I at long last head back to Laramie, Wyoming, 1878 and the Silverbend Ranch to see what the Jackson clan is up to.  

This is Heath Jackson story, but his brother Aaron and his sassy bride play a secondary roll, as well as Luke, Letty and Henry.

In this snippet, we start at the beginning, with Heath having a very inappropriate fantasy, in a less than ideal place, about a mysterious stranger who turns out not to be such a mystery at all.  In fact, she keeps popping into his life, landing in the middle of one fix after another, and getting under his skin.  

But he resists:  she's too young, too innocent and a family friend.  She's also too damn hot for his own piece of mind.  

What's a hardworking cowboy to do?  

Now for a little snippet of Jackson's Justice  

(Proposed title, what do you think?) 

Without benefit of the skirt and whatever fripperies she wore beneath, he envisioned her curvy body bent over one of the benches…

Naked, with her bare bottom upraised, she trembled ever so slightly in anticipation. Stretching forward, she reached toward the bench seat, her breasts swaying freely, the glorious mass of her Titian hair tumbling over her shoulders and onto the cushions, spreading out like a fan.

Her toes pointed downward, straining toward the floor, but it was just out of reach.  As she balanced precariously, she provided him with teasing glimpses of the sweet treasure that lay between her thighs, the glistening pink flesh framed by a perfect thatch of red-gold curls.

She whimpered, breathless and eager for that first touch, for the fervent kiss of his hard palm on her rounded behind. 

Ever gracious, he didn't make her wait.  

Stay tuned to my blog or FB page for updates.  If you haven't read the first in the series, you don't have to, but you'll be glad you did.  I'm certain. 

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