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What About Love Release Day Eve on WIP It Up Wednesday

Tomorrow is release day for What About Love, the final book in my Club Decadence series.  Yes, it’s bittersweet, but it has been almost three years in coming and seven books in total, not counting two spin off series that are still underway. 

I love these sexy Doms and can’t get enough.  I hope you feel the same way. 

So away we go…

What About Love
Club Decadence Book 6

The set up:

Away on a bounty hunting mission, T returns to find Angie is working for Rossi.  The one woman he wants more than anything, and the one he doesn’t dare risk losing his heart to. 

In this scene, he finds out when she’s taking target practice at Rossi…


The excerpt:

Movement on the firing range caught his eye. Reaching out to the touch screen, he zoomed in on the shooter. “Is that Angie Hixson?”

Rick’s affirmative grunt was his answer as he time stamped action on another feed.

“Since when do we offer private lessons to the SAPD?”

Shifting his concentration briefly, Rick looked at T for an instant, before refocusing on the monitors and resuming his constant scanning. “You haven’t heard? She quit the force and works for Rossi now.” 

“Doing what?” T frowned, not liking some of the scenarios—extremely dangerous ones—that immediately came to mind. 

“Investigations mostly, that’s her strong suit, but with her experience and some additional training, well, who knows what else. You know we’ve needed a female operative every so often.”

“I suppose,” he grumbled, watching as she spoke with Dan Ogilvie, who had joined her on the range. “Dano’s her handler?”

“Yeah, Cap wanted you to train her and work on the problem with her aim, but with you wandering the southwest these past few months, Dano was tagged for the job.”

The munitions expert on their A-team for years with expertise in all manner of ordnance, including guns and explosives, training the FNG’s at Rossi had fallen to T. Training Angie was a whole other animal. Immediately, thoughts of her in his arms, popped into his head, his hard front pressed to her soft, rounded backside while teaching her to line up her sights. It morphed into an image of them in the gym, with her grappling with him on the mats as he taught her hand-to-hand maneuvers. In an easy take-down, he’d straddle her hips and lean over her, enjoying the press of her full tits against his chest as he pinned her to the floor. He could almost feel her warm body against him as he held her immobilized, his much larger frame caging her as she wiggled and squirmed to get free. The brief fantasy was enough to make his dick hard and his balls tingle and ache. 

Shifting in his seat, he acknowledged that he’d dodged a bullet by being unavailable. Glancing at the monitor, he saw her smiling up at Dan, then break into laughter, her hand coming out to squeeze the older man’s forearm as she bent forward, clearly amused by something her trainer had said.

She was beautiful, more so when she smiled. And her body... He panned down from her face, lingering over the tight t-shirt that conformed to every curve and the even tighter, body-hugging workout pants that molded to her shapely legs. Spandex, he’d bet money on it. Damn. His own pants had become excruciatingly tight. He stood abruptly, ready to get home and grab a cold shower. 

“Heading to the club tonight?” Rick asked as T headed toward the door. 

“Damn straight. Finding a sub on the road is a real bitch.” 

Unconsciously, he adjusted his cock to a less strained position not registering his hand’s location until Rick’s amused snicker followed him out the door. He didn’t give a shit, an alternate plan formulating in his mind: head home, jerk off in the shower—as he had for the past three months, except for the one time about six weeks in when he’d hooked up with a vanilla chick outside Lubbock, which was less than inspiring or satisfying, still he’d gotten his rocks off—after that he’d catch a few z’s and head to the club. Once there he’d find a willing subbie in need of a good long fucking and flogging, in that specific order. Usually he liked to build it, starting slow with at least an hour of torturous play until she was begging. His control was bound to be limited tonight, however, so his needs might have to come first, and maybe even twice, before his sub got hers.

His lust starved mind conjured up an image of a blue-eyed blonde, her long, glossy hair coiled like a rope around his wrist as he plunged relentlessly between her creamy thighs while she bent over in front of him. When she turned her head to look back over her shoulder, her imaginary blue eyes turned to a haunting hazel brown. In his fantasy, they glimmered with desire as her plump pink lips parted and the tip of her tongue slipped out, slicking along the lower curve.

Dream Angie whispered, “Fuck me harder, T,” as she spread wider for him, angling her hips so he could sink deeper into her warm, wet, welcoming pussy.

He reached down, squeezing his cock to keep from shooting off in his pants like a fourteen-year-old boy. T groaned, not caring in the least that their receptionist was in earshot, or that she had an up close and personal view of the bulge in his jeans as he rushed by and through the double doors where she crouched, cleaning the glass. The only thing he cared about was getting some relief. He determined his sub for the night would be blonde, not tall, and with small tits. The complete opposite of Angie’s dark coloring and killer curves. He also resolved that when he was deep inside another woman and closed his eyes, he wouldn’t see her beautiful face, the one that had invaded his dreams and occupied every waking fantasy for the past three hellacious months.

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The blurb:

On the outside looking in for years, Angela Hixson thinks she knows what the BDSM club scene and lifestyle are all about from watching her friends with their dominant husbands and attending “Little Black Dress” Nights in the lounge at Club Decadence. But when her boss tags her to go undercover as bait for a serial killer at a BDSM club in LA, she learns she has no idea what being submissive really means.

Partnered with Antonio “Lil T” Minelli, sexy as hell ex-Green Beret turned security and covert ops specialist for Rossi Security, and the last available Decadence Master, Angie must guard her heart or risk losing it to the one man who has the power to make her kneel in surrender. He is also a man who has made no secret that marriage, family and love aren’t for him. Instead, having sworn off relationships beyond the walls of his club, he meets his needs with an available, willing submissive, making it clear up front not to expect more than an unforgettable night.

Thrown together again and again, at work, at play, and in near constant emotionally charged situations, Angie and Lil T fight their attraction, but succumb to their undeniable desire. The chemistry between them is explosive, as is the sex. As Angie falls under the spell of his expertly wielded flogger, her fears come to fruition when she realizes she’s lost her heart and given her love to a man who swears he doesn’t have it in him to give in return. In time, she sees past the fun loving, player exterior to the tortured man beneath. Can she convince him to take a chance, to entrust his damaged heart into her loving hands and try again? Or will he reinforce the shields he’s built over the past decade and push her away, losing her forever?

What About Love is the final installment in the Club Decadence series. Catch up with old friends in this fast paced, action packed story, full of as much BDSM adventure and romance as the others in Maddie Taylor’s popular series. 

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