Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Put Your Ho Ho's On Sneak Preview on SatSpanks

Christmas has come early to SatSpanks with a sneak preview of my first, soon to be published short story, His Naughty Christmas Angel

You’ll find it in the upcoming Put Your Ho Ho’s On Anthology which will be available for pre-order on October 20th.

A collection of Christmas themed short  stories from 21 bestselling authors for an awesome low price.  

Are you sitting down?  

Only 99 cents!    


His Naughty Christmas Angel

High school teacher Nicole Parrish has dreamed of a torrid affair with her sexy principal.  The faculty Christmas party allows her the perfect opportunity to tease and entice, and hopefully, turn those long-held fantasies into reality.  Will her dominant boss jump at the chance for some yuletide delights or will her naughtiness prompt a different response entirely?

Suddenly, he yanked her skirt up to her waist, baring both ass cheeks to the cool air of the hallway. “Lifting your skirt and determining the color of your panties was all I initially had planned.” 

“And now?”

“Now, since you failed my quiz in spectacular fashion, you've earned thirty swats on this glorious ass.  Looks like for me, Christmas is coming a few days early.”  

His finger traced the scant line of lace that arched over her hips and upper curves, and then disappeared into the crevice between her lush cheeks.  A thong.  She’d worn a short, form-fitting, sex fantasy inducing dress with nothing beneath it to shield her pussy and ass from the eager eyes of the men on his staff except a minuscule, lace thong. 

“White,” he murmured low.  “Very nice, although I doubt this tiny scrap of material can be called panties and, unfortunately for you, won’t provide much protection from the spanking coming your way. 

Available on Amazon November 1st