Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What About Love, The Club Decadence Final Chapter on WIP It UP Wednesday

What About Love marks the end of my Club Decadence series in that, Lil T, the last of the Decadence Masters finally gets his story told.  

Bittersweet is and understatement.  I cried, my two beta readers cried. and my editor cried to see it come to an end.

I can't let it go so there will be more to come in my spin off series, both Decadence LA (which we get another taste of in CD6) and Decadence Nights.

In What About Love, Lil T and former police detective Angie Hixson-who have had palpable attraction in previous books-are thrown together again and again, at work, at play, and in near constant emotionally charged situations, 

Angie and Lil T fight the pull, each for their own reasons, but succumb to their undeniable desire. The chemistry between them is explosive, as is the sex. 

As Angie falls under the spell of his expertly wielded flogger, her fears come to fruition when she realizes she’s lost her heart and given her love to a man who swears he doesn’t have it in him to give in return. In time, she sees past the fun loving, player exterior to the tortured man beneath. Can she convince him to take a chance, to entrust his damaged heart into her loving hands and try again? Or will he reinforce the shields he’s built over the past decade and push her away, losing her forever?

What About Love is the final installment in the Club Decadence series. Catch up with old friends in this fast paced, action packed story, full of as much BDSM adventure and romance as the others in Maddie Taylor’s popular series.

What About Love
Club Decadence, 
Book 6

Release date:  October 29th

His hand left her hair and his mouth eased back long enough to pull her summer weight sweater over her head. Sliding down her back, his adept fingers unhooked her bra, drawing the straps down her arms. She helped by pulling her hands free and tossing it aside. He palmed the lower curve of one breast and plumped it up, his head dipping to capture the taut point between his lips. Angie’s hand curled around the back of his, holding it there as she pressed forward, offering his busy mouth full access as he sucked, licked and bit lightly. When he moved to her untouched side, paying it equal time, his free hand swept down her back into her waistband. Thank god for elastic, came to mind, as his fingers dipped inside and continued their trek downward, easily accessing the back of her panties and digging into one fleshy cheek.

Angie’s head rolled back on her shoulders as she ground her needy pussy against the hard ridge of his jeans. Still needing more, her fingers sought his belt and worked at the buckle.

“Uh, uh, greedy girl,” he corrected as he caught her hands. 

“As your Dom, I set the pace.” A frisson of excitement passed between them, electrifying the air. He took her wrists and guided them behind her head. “Lace your fingers together and keep them there until I say.”

His stare was bold as he waited, watching intently.

“I’m the right kind of man, Angie. Submit to me.”

She didn’t question him, wanting to do as he said, because if felt right, somehow. She clasped her hands at the back of her neck, murmuring, “Yes, Sir. I want that, so very much.”

He didn’t say a word, he didn’t have to, approval written clearly on his face, in his gleaming eyes and the satisfied curve of his lips. Then he went back to his sensual torment of her nipples with his mouth as his hands tugged her pants down as far as her spread thighs would allow. This time, as one returned to mold against her ass cheek, the other slipped inside the front of her panties, his long fingers seeking her moist heat. As the pad of one fingertip slid over her clit, she cried out in a shuddering voice.

“T, please.”

Suddenly, his mouth was gone and his hands found her armpits, flipping her onto her back on the wide cushioned sofa. Her pants and panties were stripped from her legs and his hands spread her thighs incredibly wide to accommodate his broad shoulders. His mouth found her, licking into her, hot and hungry. As her mind reeled from the pure unadulterated pleasure of it all, she arched against him needing more. Her fingers dove into his hair, hands gripping tight as she pulled his head in closer.

“Hands, Angie,” he growled, his breath rushing over her.

She became momentarily confused.

“Where are your hands supposed to be?”

Remembering, she freed his hair from her grasp, once again lacing her fingers behind her neck, more tightly this time. He hummed his approval, the vibration buzzing along her nerve endings and downward, throughout the entire length of her slit. It was pure heaven.

Without her hands, she could only press upward, arching her pelvis to seek more. He took care of that, too, by pushing her knees into her chest and lifting her ass up to his mouth with his giant hands. His tongue licked slowly through her split, starting low by drawing a hot wet circle around the puckered skin, then up further, to her weeping entrance where it delved inside, swirling around in a mind numbing caress. He lingered there for long moments before moving on, going higher to the hard, pulsing bud. Once there, his mouth opened wide and he sucked hard, his tongue lashing her relentlessly without losing any of the glorious pressure.

“Holy fuck!” she screamed.

He released her with a pop and a triumphant laugh that became muffled as his tongue repeated the path in reverse, slowly moving from her clit downward to end up tonguing her ass once again.


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