Saturday, October 31, 2015

Over the Spanking Bench for a Little On-the-Job Training on #SatSpanks

Happy Halloween and welcome Saturday Spanking blog hoppers and for my first time, the @MySexySaturday hoppers as well  (how exciting!)  

I don't have anything spooky to share, but I do have a brand spanking new release to to tell you about.

At long last it’s here.  What About Love, the final book in my Club Decadence series.  Yes, it’s bittersweet, but it has been almost three years in coming and seven books in total, not counting two spin off series that are still underway. 

I love these sexy Doms and can’t get enough.  I hope you feel the same way. 

But enough of my sappy twaddle, let's get on with a sexy snippet...

What About Love
Club Decadence Book 6

The set up:

Angie takes her job seriously, but she might just have bitten off more than she can chew with this assignment as she prepares to go undercover as a submissive at a BDSM club.  Her partner and Dom trainer is going to show her how to make it look real and to do so she must get real with a little on the job training.  Yikes!  What’s a vanilla agent to do?


The excerpt:
(creatively edited to meet dos blog hop rules :) )

Without delaying any longer, his hand descended on her bottom as the warm-up began, given over her panties—skimpy as they were—it wasn’t all that bad, more than tolerable, in fact, and her bottom cheeks had become pleasantly warm and tingly by the time he moved on. Next came a dozen from a black suede flogger, also not bad, although he gave the final few strokes a bit more zing, which she discernibly felt through the thin lace barrier, even more so when some of the tails collided with the bare skin of her lower cheeks.

He followed that by a dozen more from a nylon lash, consisting of a bundle of thin corded blue loops. Tensing for more of a bite, it surprised her by starting out as a caress, lulling her falsely, however, because by the time Dan got into a rhythm, it was landing with a thud, each blow making her grunt; still, it wasn’t horrible.

She had to admit that felt nice. Just as she was relaxing into it and let out a muffled groan, he stopped.

He paused again, his big hand gliding over her tenderized bottom as he murmured low, for her ears only while he patted one cheek, “Maybe not so vanilla as I thought, eh?” 

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The blurb:

On the outside looking in for years, Angela Hixson thinks she knows what the BDSM club scene and lifestyle are all about from watching her friends with their dominant husbands and attending “Little Black Dress” Nights in the lounge at Club Decadence. But when her boss tags her to go undercover as bait for a serial killer at a BDSM club in LA, she learns she has no idea what being submissive really means.

Partnered with Antonio “Lil T” Minelli, sexy as hell ex-Green Beret turned security and covert ops specialist for Rossi Security, and the last available Decadence Master, Angie must guard her heart or risk losing it to the one man who has the power to make her kneel in surrender. He is also a man who has made no secret that marriage, family and love aren’t for him. Instead, having sworn off relationships beyond the walls of his club, he meets his needs with an available, willing submissive, making it clear up front not to expect more than an unforgettable night.

Thrown together again and again, at work, at play, and in near constant emotionally charged situations, Angie and Lil T fight their attraction, but succumb to their undeniable desire. The chemistry between them is explosive, as is the sex. As Angie falls under the spell of his expertly wielded flogger, her fears come to fruition when she realizes she’s lost her heart and given her love to a man who swears he doesn’t have it in him to give in return. In time, she sees past the fun loving, player exterior to the tortured man beneath. Can she convince him to take a chance, to entrust his damaged heart into her loving hands and try again? Or will he reinforce the shields he’s built over the past decade and push her away, losing her forever?

What About Love is the final installment in the Club Decadence series. Catch up with old friends in this fast paced, action packed story, full of as much BDSM adventure and romance as the others in Maddie Taylor’s popular series.

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