Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dinah McLeod is my guest this week on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

It's a spanking good time on Wicked Wanton Wednesday because my good friend Dinah McLeod is joining me with her newest release in the spotlight.  How I Spank My Wife is an attention grabbing title and I thought Lucy and Ricky an appropriate pic for the occasion. 

How I Spank My Wife...
Callie Thomas isn't fresh off the bus from Wyoming anymore.  She's been working in New York for two years, trying to make it on the big screen.  When her agent informs her that she has to audition for a controversial movie, she falls into a funk, which is unfortunate for Kurt Evans, who has his meal ruined by the cranky waitress!
When they meet again, he is determined to teach her a lesson she won't forget.  Callie is drawn to the authority in his voice and the love in his eyes.  Can he make her forget the past that haunts her?  Can he love her enough to expel her demons?

Once I woke up in the morning, still tired and sore, I usually concluded that the life I could have had looked more appealing now that I was seeing it through the dirty looking glass of my current situation. When I’d first come here, I’d been so star struck, so naively convinced that I could make my dreams happen just by pure wanting-to. The stark reality was that I’d brought in enough money with my commercials to pay for six months’ rent and that had run out four months ago. I didn’t have much choice in the matter: I’d had to get a job, or go home.

In moments like this, when I was feeling desperation close around me like a vise, the thought of home didn’t seem so bad. My mother—my sweet, beautiful, comforting mother. She was home to me. Her hands were always lightly dusted with flour, no matter how much she washed them. She smelled of lemon verbena and warm, earthy pot soil from working in the garden. God, I missed her. My first months in New York I dreamt about her at least once a week. I always dreamt that I came back, crying, and she opened her arms to me and whispered, “I’m so glad to have you home.”

And my sisters, even if they only shared half my blood, and the other half with their spit-and-nails father, George, I couldn’t help but love them. Even three years apart, they looked like spitting images of each other, with my mother’s honey blond hair and doe brown eyes that all her children had inherited. There was nothing to suggest the squat, mean look that George carried about him.

George. Therein lay the problem. He had never loved me, no matter how much he professed to the contrary, and he liked me less. I had no choice but to read for the part, and I had to get it, no matter what. Home wasn’t an option for me, as long as he was there.

Maddie's Intimate
Authors Corner
MT:  What are you reading right now? 
DM:  I just finished “Someone Else’s Love Story” by Joshilyn Jackson, who is fabulous beyond words. She is without question my favorite author. I actually emailed her last year because I was used to getting her newest just in time for Christmas and she hadn’t put one out that year. She responded!! I had a very giddy moment of teenager-like excitement.

MT:  What is your least favorite spanking position and/or implement?  Please tell us why because that will be so much fun.
DM:  It’s one I use frequently in my stories, can you guess? It’s the dreaded bath brush…dun, dun, dun!! It’s awful and my husband knows it! *Stamps foot and pouts*

MT:  Free-styling with Dinah (she has recently interviewed with me)  Warning: The following contains spoilers!
You have been warned: bwah-ha-ha!

DM:  As I’ve mentioned before, each of my books contains something autobiographical. Can you guess which part it was this time? Yes, like Callie, I have also nearly set a guy on fire.

Oh, OK, that didn’t go over well. Just kidding!

Like Callie, I have also stolen a car to get away from a spanking.

Man, y’all are just calling me out today! OK, compared to Callie, I live a boring life. If not, I wouldn’t invent these wonderful spanking stories! Check it out for yourself and get your spanking fix:

 Thanks for stopping by again, Dinah.  You are always welcome to get Wicked and Wanton with us. 

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