Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Author Rayanna Jamison Joins Me For Wicked Wanton Wednesday.

Today is a day of firsts.  My first debut author, guesting on her first blog spot, on the day that her first novel is released.

It is with extreme pleasure that introduce new author

Rayanna Jamison

and  her debut novel,

Bride Two Soon

The blurb:

This is a story of love and life-long friendship against the odds. What happens when, Beth Anne and Mollie, life long best friends, find themselves married to the same old fashioned man?Can they remain friends? Will jealousy get the best of them? Will their husband be able to fix the problem with a good old fashioned spanking or two?


When she remained stoic, he began spanking in earnest. Using his hand like a paddle, spread out with his palm flat, he rained swat after swat all over every inch of her heart-shaped bottom, until he could feel the heat radiating up through the thin layer of her flimsy maxi skirt. It was a light, summery floral print, pink and orange flowers on an ivory background, and he realized that up close and at the right angle, it was nearly see through. He pulled it tight, stretching the fabric against her swollen globes, and was satisfied to find that he could see a rosy pink glow through the fabric.

She began to moan and wiggle slightly on his lap, causing a familiar ache in his groin. He realized with a groan that he had to get her off his lap and finish her spanking before things got out of hand. He drew a deep breath and counted slowly in his head before exhaling. When he felt the swelling in his member decrease and diminish, he patted her bottom and helped her to rise off of his lap.

She was shaky when she stood and he was surprised to see her eyes wet with unshed tears.  She looked so sweet, trusting and vulnerable that he nearly came undone. He had never been this affected by a spanking before. He couldn’t help himself, he reached out and pulled her into his arms, kissing her face softly, everywhere but on her lips, as they were saving that for their wedding day.

He didn’t want to finish the spanking, couldn’t bear to do what he knew he must. It took every ounce of resolve he had to pull away from her.  When he spoke, his breath caught in his throat and his voice cracked. “Good girl, Beth Anne,” he whispered, swallowing hard.
Available on Blushing Books beginning April 30th

Maddie’s Intimate

Authors Corner   

MT:  How much of your books are realistic, based on your own personal experiences?

RJ:  Well, I write polygamy DD, and I (sometimes) practice DD within my marriage, but it’s pretty easy going. My books that I am writing currently are based in a polygamist community. While I do not practice polygamy, I recently moved to an area where it is very rampant. You cannot go to the store or out to eat without seeing polygamists, and not the Sister Wives types, The FLDS ones that wear the prairie dresses and the super long hair. We have the other type too, but they are not as easy to spot.

MT:  How same/different are you from your main character.

RJ: Oh my gosh! We are so the same! I had a real life friend beta read for me, and she was laughing her butt off because Mollie, the first wife, is just like me. We share hair color, body type, many personality traits and a deep love for sushi! The major difference between Mollie and I is she has some serious guts that I don’t have and a pretty good mean streak when she’s good and mad. Maybe I do too, but not to the degree Mollie does! Beth Anne, her best friend, and the second wife, is also a dead ringer for my best friend, in so many ways, from looks down to food sensitivities.

 MT:  Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 

RJ: My book is a story of friendship, almost more than it is a story of love. Don’t get me wrong, the chemistry between Ben and his wives sizzle, but the underlying message here is one of lifelong friendship.

MT:  What are you reading right now?

RJ:  Well, since beginning to write, I have learned of so many great authors that I wasn’t previously aware of, which kind of sucks, because now that I’m writing I have hardly any time to read because I write so slow! I’m actually currently in the middle of one of your books, Marshall’s law. After that, I have plans to read  Playing with Fire by Ruth Staunton, and all of Stevie Macfarlane’s “O’ Malley” books, and Cara Bristol’s Rod and Cane Society series.

MT:  Awesome!  Please, please let me know what you think.  Marshal’s Law was my first western and certainly not my last.  I loved that time period and got to ease into it with the time travel. 

But I digress, back to you…

What is your favorite genre?

RJ:  Any kind of romance. It doesn’t matter what kind, I love happy predictable endings, and I am a sucker for a good old fashioned dominant man. I read everything from trashy BDSM to super clean Christian romance novels.

MT:  Does your husband read your work? 

RJ:  My husband doesn’t read my work, but he is great to talk to about it, And he keeps threatening to tell everyone at his work what it is called, so they will buy it. It’s driving me bonkers. He better not do it!

MT:  What is your favorite spanking/BDSM position and implement.

RJ:  Seriously, I love to hate them all! I’m such a spanko, but I am also the biggest weenie. So I will seriously fantasize about them all, especially the ones that really hurt, but when it comes to actually being in that position or feeling that implement, I’m the biggest weenie. I prefer to be OTK, in general, but I will say that it’s not usually the most effective of positions. My favorite implement currently is actually this bamboo spoon we have. Although, I probably only feel that way because it hasn’t gotten that much use lately! Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

MT:  I asked Rayanna for her worst spanking memory, but she didn’t answer.  I will let you fill in the blank on exactly what that means.  <teehee>  So I tried again and asked for her best spanking memory.

RJ: I have lots that I think of fondly, but none that I really want to share. I would like to say, that my best memory, is just the discovery of DD actually being a real thing that people did, and not just something I fantasized about in my head, and felt awful about. It was such a freeing discovery, to realize that something I was so ashamed of and worked so hard to keep hidden was so normal, and almost downright common. It really was life changing for me. I love who I am now, and who I have become since discovering DD and spanking and blog land.

MT:  Biggest guilty pleasure, for which you are willing to risk all (or some) to get… 

RJ:  I have two. I recently quit smoking, and switched to vap-ing, which is great, but I still have a habit of grabbing an occasional smoke around friends, and when I get caught, well, that is NO BUENO!!!

My second one is the occasional energy drink. I hate the way most of them taste, but as a couponer, I sometimes can snag new ones coming out for free. When Starbucks first came out with theirs, I got a lot of them for free by using coupons, and got a little addicted for a while. My hubby was not too amused, and made them against the rules. I have cheated a few times, but not recently. And now, if I ask permission, I can have one occasionally, when it’s an emergency, which is usually any time I travel, which isn’t often. Traveling wears me out big-time!
What fun!  Thanks for spending this very special day with me Rayanna, best wishes for awesome success.  Come back any time
Drop in again next week when my guest author will be Grant Andrews 

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