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AgePlay Tilton Style on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Emily Tilton is back and once again has brought a HOT ageplay excerpt.  Unfortunately, the tease has left me hanging again, so off I trot to Amazon to learn more about Caroline's upcoming DP.
Phew!  I am all hot and bothered after only 300 words.  What am I going to be like after 112 pages?
So hang on to your hats and be warned, this excerpt is for Adults Only. 
Keep ice water and extra batteries at the ready while you check out this week's feature from the latest in Emily's ongoing series:
Caroline's Little Club
The Adventures of Caroline.
Here's the blurb:

When a picture Caroline took of her former students Mary and Angela after a spanking goes viral among the alumni of Caroline's school, it seems like Caroline's
ageplay life with her husband George, and with Mary and Angela, could become embarrassingly public. With the help of her friend Caitlin, and fortified by a
steamy weekend with George, Caitlin, and Joe in Bermuda, Caroline will have to get to the bottom of a mystery, while trying to find suitable ageplay partners
for Mary and Angela.

Luckily, Mary has met a young but supremely confident guy who calls her "young lady," and Caitlin has found a rich New York theater producer who may be a stern protector for Angela. But who was it who really posted that picture, and what will it take to get them to see that ageplay can be magical for adults wired that way?


"Isn't that sweet?" George said, as we did, our faces still to the cushions the way little girls have to keep them when daddies ride their little girls hard. But
then my daddy said, "Look at each other, girls."

I turned my face to the right, and saw Caitlin had turned hers, too. She was
biting her lower lip as her daddy made her little body push rhythmically into the couch with the force of his hips. The look of abandon on her beautiful face
made my own pussy spasm around my daddy's cock as he pounded my own bottom.

"Kiss, girls," said Caitlin's daddy, and our daddies put their hands gently on our heads, and pushed our faces closer together so that we could bestow sweet little kisses upon one another's lips, until Caitlin's mouth opened wider, and I
couldn't bear not to open mine wider, too, and we were kissing each other in a very grown up way.

"Lovely," said Joe. "Such good friends."

"That's it, Linie," said George. Then, to Joe, he said, "Are we going to do what we talked about?"

"What do you think?" Joe asked. Our daddies' voices came in short pants. I felt George's hands tighten on my hips.

"Hell yeah," he said. His voice frightened me a little, but it was a kind of scared feeling that I had also come to love and crave. My daddy was going to make me an even bigger girl tonight, I could tell.

Suddenly George withdrew, and knelt beside me, on my left side. Reluctantly, I stopped kissing Caitlin and turned to look at my daddy. He smiled at me the way he does when he's telling me to be brave about something he wants to do.

"You're going to do DP, now, Linie," he said.

Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner
MT:  How much of your books are realistic, based on your own personal experiences?

ET:  Very little of what I write is realistic, with the exception of the characters who
fantasize stuff that, strangely enough, is like the stories I write. Caroline, for example, is constantly fantasizing about exactly the same things I fantasize about. Lucky girl: she gets to live those fantasies out with her husband George
and her friend Caitlin.

On a less flippant note, I should add that I'm very interested in the line between fantasy and reality, and as my EXPLORATIONS series reflects on just about every
page, I'm firmly convinced that the vast majority of what I fantasize about is stuff I wouldn't actually find hot if it happened in the real world.

MT:  How same/different are you from your main character.

ET:  Caroline represents the ageplay side of my fantasy-life. Her professional interests, and her cultural interests, also closely mirror my "actual" ones. With the exception
of "real-Emily" and "fantasy-Emily" from EXPLORATIONS, Caroline is probably the closest character to me of any I've written.

MT:  Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

ET:  YES. :D Fantasies are the only way we have to make the world magical, and truly livable. Don't stop trying to live from your fantasies. That doesn't (necessarily) mean swapping spouses, the way Caroline and Caitlin do, but it
means playing in the real world with others who share the same kind of fantasies, whether you play on the page or in the bedroom.

MT:  What are you reading right now? Or what have you read most recently?

ET:  I've gotten deep, deep into audiobooks. Right now, I'm listening to Terry Pratchett's 10th Discworld novel, Moving Pictures. Before that, I managed to get through the
first two volumes of Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. I'm, er, eclectic. ;)

MT:  Favorite author/why?

ET:  That's an incredibly tough question, but I'm going to go with my stock answer of the last twenty years or so: George Eliot. No other writer, as far as I'm concerned, has blended the heart, the head, and the spirit so movingly. The experiences of reading Middlemarch and Daniel Deronda have never left me, though I read them twenty years and more ago, now. I feel like a different person--a better
person--than I was when I started the book, when I've finished an Eliot novel.

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