Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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An excerpt from Setting Her Free by Maddie Taylor

“Where are we going?”

“I’m taking you to bed.”


“Damn straight. With twenty guest bedrooms in this monstrosity of a house, we are going to accept Jordan’s hospitality for the night and put one of them to good use.”

Her arms snaked around his neck, and she buried her face against his throat, smiling.
When he slowed, she didn’t look up, content to be in his arms whatever may come. She heard the creak of hinges and in another second the slam of a door. Instinctively, she knew he’d kicked it closed with his heel. Then, he strode quickly forward again.

Soon, he stopped, squeezed her briefly before tossing her into the air. She gave a little squeak as she landed with a bounce in the center of a king-size bed. Nathan followed her down, covering her much smaller frame with his big body, his weight crushing her into the thick covers and soft mattress. His eagerness wasn’t scary in the least. Instead, she reveled in this powerful man wanting her so badly he could barely contain himself.

Always in the past, she’d loved it when his self-mastery slipped, and he became hungry, instinctively carnal. Now, while his mouth covered hers voraciously and his impatient hands tugged up her dress, she trembled with anticipation.

His tongue swirled with hers as he yanked her lace thong down her legs, his long arms making it so he didn’t have to break their kiss. 

She’d chosen her underthings with care in case what was happening now actually happened. It was a shame he didn’t get to see her in the cranberry lace—next time, perhaps. She amended her plan when she heard a rip as he pulled the little bit of barely-there panties over her shoes.  

Then, she didn’t think anymore, only experienced sensations. The press of his muscular thigh separating hers, the brush of his dress pants against her freshly waxed skin, his fingers separating the folds of her sex and gliding through the wetness.

Her hips came off the bed, seeking more. “I’ve missed you so badly, Nathan. I need you inside me, now.”

His fingers plunged into her, only somewhat assuaging the lonely ache of the past eleven weeks.

“Let’s make that your last demand, little subbie.”

“Sorry, Master.”

“Mmm, baby,” he hummed in approval. “I’ll be damned if that isn’t sweet music to my ears. I’m going to reclaim you, so be prepared not to sleep. After I make you come with my mouth on your tits while finger fucking you, you’re going to return the favor by sucking my cock until I come down your throat.”

She whimpered, very much liking what he had in mind.

“That will be the first round, but don’t think you’re getting off lightly. I’m going to punish you, mostly because I’ve missed it, but also for making us both suffer these past several weeks.”

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