Sunday, August 5, 2018

Steamy Spanky Excerpt from Master My Love. On Sale Now for 99 cents.

Prepare to meet the master.

Master My Love by USA Today bestselling author Maddie Taylor is revised, expanded, and ON SALE!


He moved closer and ground his hips against hers, allowing her to feel every inch of his hard length pressing into her softness. But he didn’t continue as she hoped. Instead, he stood, and before she could blink, his open palm cracked hard across the fullness of one cheek.

She yelped from the fire exploding on her backside, but also because she teetered on her perch over the high-backed couch. Her hands scrambled for purchase on the leather cushions, and she pointed her toes straining to maintain contact with the floor to balance herself.  Eric’s hand spread across her lower back, keeping her in place while he delivered another smarting swat a second later. He followed it with another just as sharp. Like a grandfather clock striking the hour, the sound of his hand spanking her mischievous behind echoed resoundingly through the room. It continued until he’d applied a dozen hard, stinging slaps to her bottom and upper thighs.

"You asked something of me, Valerie. I have given it. In return, I ask this.” Her breath caught in her throat as his warm palm glided over her tender skin, soothing the sting, as the heat of the blows merged into a fiery ache beneath his hand. “While we are apart, consider what a relationship with me entails. As my woman, I expect you to trust me and honor my wishes. As my submissive, I expect you to obey my rules, respect my authority and the experience I’ve gained in nearly two decades in the lifestyle, and ultimately, submit to my dominance.” 

Bending over her back again, he curved a hand beneath her chin and angled her face to the side pressing a surprisingly gentle kiss to her lips. It ended much too soon, his mouth sliding along her cheek until he reached her ear and latched on, tugging lightly, before he delivered one final message. 

“Think it over carefully, because the next time you decide on willful disobedience, I won’t be nearly as pleasant.”  With his warning hanging between them, he left, closing the door with a soft thud behind him. 

Val didn’t know how long she lay there, arms and legs hanging limply over his couch, burning bottom bare, not bothering to cover herself, as tears leaked from her eyes. She considered all the missteps she’d made and firmly believed she deserved his anger, his disappointment, and his discipline. In her mind and body, but especially her heart, she ached for what her foolishness had risked, which hurt more than her sore, hot bottom ever could. 

She didn’t need to consider anything. If she got another chance, she'd yield—on her knees, if necessary—and she had a sneaking suspicion it would be.


When a mysterious invitation to a new lifestyle club arrives in Valerie Thornton's mailbox, she's convinced its fate. A lonely widow with an empty next, she's spent too much time wondering what she's been missing. This must be her chance to unleash her long-suppressed desire for a strong man who can nurture her fantasies and bring the submissive inside her to life.
But as she enters the most exclusive club in LA all alone, Valerie nearly loses her nerve. Her fear quickly gives way to intoxication as she loses herself to the testosterone-filled atmosphere. Every dominant man she sees is sexier and more handsome than the last. And then she meets intimidating Eric Dupree, the Master Dom who takes her breath away.  Although Val is ready to throw herself at his feet, she refrains. How could this strong, handsome, perfect man possibly be interested in a forty-year-old novice like her?
As managing partner and CFO of a thriving company, and unattached Master Dom of Club Decadence LA, Eric Dupree has an enviable life. But with every passing year, he finds his career and his bachelor lifestyle less and less rewarding. When his path crosses with Valerie's, he won't be able to ignore his restlessness any longer. What could possibly bring such an innocent into his club, of all places? And why can't he get her out of his mind? 

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