Saturday, June 9, 2018

Three Authors, Three Times the Spanks, Three Wonderfully Wicked Happily Ever Afters on #$atSpank

Need a taste of Wonderfully Wicked 
from Maddie Taylor, Meredith O'Reilly, and Morganna Williams!? 


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Ever dreamed of a little afternoon delight with a sexy CEO, or being bent over the knee of a smoking hot, no-nonsense cop, or of a gorgeous alien hunk whisking you away in his strong arms to another world? If so, curl up in your favorite chair, pour a glass of wine, and get cozy because we’ve got twelve sexy stories designed especially for you. 

They’re back! From the creators of Sweetly Sinful, our USA Today and International Bestselling authors have crafted more Wonderfully Wicked tales featuring dominant alpha men and the women who wouldn’t have them any other way. 

Filled with romance and sizzling passion, each short-story has a tantalizing erotic twist that will have you greedily turning the pages for the next happily ever after. From contemporary to paranormal to sexy sci-fi, the steam level ranges from sweetly satisfying to smolderingly seductive to five-alarm hot. 

My sexy snippet...

An Unlikely Matchmaker by Maddie Taylor

“You understand what’s about to happen now, don't you?” 

This time she nodded.

“Say it, so I know you do, Darcy.”

“You’re going to, um... spank me.” Her voice was surprisingly steady even though she stammered a bit. 

"That’s right.” He released her chin, and grasping her hand in his own, led her to the couch. He sat, then patted his thighs while looking up at her expectantly. “Pull up your skirt and settle yourself over my lap.”

A wave of heat fired her blood, sending liquid desire rushing to her pussy. Her cheeks flushed, both amazed and embarrassed she could be so turned on by the thought of a spanking. Sure, she’d dreamed of Lee doing it ever since he’d warned her it might happen. It ranked top three in her favorite fantasies starring sexy-as-sin Liam Monroe, but she’d never thought for a minute she would be here, seconds away from him paddling her bottom for real.

Want a quickie NOW? 
Sweetly Sinful from Maddie, Meredith, and Morganna is already available:

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And it's #FREE in KindleUnlimited!

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