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Amanda's Steamy, Spanky, Sexy Dominant Daddy on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Bestselling Maggie Carpenter is back with us on Wicked Wanton Wednesday with Amanda’s Dominant Daddy, a panty-melting BDSM erotic romance with an age play twist.  Take my word for it, as well as the awesome early 5-star reviews which tell it all…

“Romantic and sizzling hot.”

“I absolutely loved this book. Maggie Carpenter handles the DD/lg storyline with authority and tenderness. The plot is engaging and I found myself rooting for Amanda and Braxton. And she brings the sexy and the kink! Great book!”

“Hot BDSM heartfelt romance.”

“The love and attraction between these two is awesome, and the way he handles herit’s just perfect. The scenes where he takes control as her daddy are super sweet but also sexy. This book gets a huge thumbs-up five star from me.”

But enough gushing, lets dive into what we’ve all been waiting for, the steamy, spanky, sexy excerpt from:

Amanda’s Dominant Daddy
By Maggie Carpenter

Amanda grit her teeth and buried her head in the cushion as Braxton started to remove the butt plug. It was mortifying and humiliating, but she had a very strong feeling it wouldn’t be the last time he’d be toying between her cheeks. As it finally slid out and he began smoothing his palm over her backside, she readied herself for the slaps she knew would follow.

“You will learn to control your temper, little girl,” he began, smacking her right cheek, “or you’ll find yourself back over my knee.”

“Yes, daddy,” she whimpered, then squealed as he landed a second and a third smack on the same spot.

“I will not allow you to be a brat with me,” he continued, moving his hand to her opposite cheek and delivering three quick slaps.

“I know, and I’ll behave,” she promised with a pleading voice.

“This spanking is punishment, but I think I’m going to put you over my lap once a week to remind you what will happen if you don’t control yourself.”

“Oh, daddy, you don’t have to,” she wailed.

“It’s not up to you, little girl,” he declared. “I’m the daddy around here, and if I think you need regular discipline, then that’s what will happen.

Who’s in charge?”

“You are, daddy.”

“That’s right, and you’ll be much better off if you remember that. Now I’m going to warm your bottom and make it ready for the spoon. Do you remember the rules?”


“Tell me what they are.”

“I have to keep my arms around this pillow, put my face in it if I’m going to yell, and I’m not allowed to kick.”

“That’s right. If you behave you’ll have the dessert, and I might not spank you quite as hard. Let’s see how well you can obey me.”

“I’ll be good,” she exclaimed, looking over her shoulder. “I will, I promise.”

“Head down,” he said firmly.

She began to wriggle, trying to find a more comfortable position, and he waited until she had settled before resuming, but once she was still and her head was in the cushion, he let his hand fly across her naked seat, landing his smacks on every part of her backside. As the rosy color grew, he heard her muffled yelps but paid them no heed. He knew exactly how hot and pink her bottom needed to be, and he had no intention of stopping until it was ready for the sting of the wooden spoon.

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Beautiful, ambitious studio executive Amanda Anderson is used to getting her way in Hollywood, even if that means occasionally using her fiery temper to manipulate those around her. What she is not used to, on the other hand, is being asked out for coffee by a man as devastatingly handsome as up-and-coming actor Braxton Carter.

In spite of her attraction to him, Amanda is doubtful of his intentions and she blows him off. But after an inept valet wrecks her car and Braxton offers her a ride home, she finds herself inviting him in and cooking dinner for him. A passionate kiss leaves her yearning for more, but what truly sets her blood racing is the quiet, confident dominance which he makes no effort to hide.

Braxton soon proves more than ready to take control of Amanda in a way no one else ever has, and when she throws an unexpected tantrum, he warns her in no uncertain terms that in the future he will not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her soundly if he feels it necessary. She soon puts him to the test and ends up over his lap for a painful chastisement. Being punished like a spoiled child shocks her but also arouses her more than anything she can remember, and when Braxton decides that what Amanda needs is a firm daddy she cannot resist the offer.

Spending time as Braxton’s little girl awakens a part of Amanda that she has hidden away for years, and she delights in his attention as he bathes her, dresses her in cute clothes, and holds her in his arms. Even the spankings she gets when she is naughty remind her that her daddy loves her. Amanda has never been happier or more fulfilled, but after a misunderstanding convinces her that Braxton is using her to advance his career, she is devastated and refuses to listen to his explanation. Can he find a way to win back his little girl’s love and trust?

Publisher’s Note: Amanda’s Dominant Daddy is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of age play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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