Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sexy Alpha Master and his Naughty Slave on #SatSpanks

Saturday, the spanking best day of the week.

I’m back with a follow up to last week’s snippet from Innocence Enslaved, a brand new medieval erotic romance co-authored by me and Melody Parks.  Its full of intrigue, danger, plot turns and twists, hot and kinky sex, and ever hotter spanks. But we don’t stop there.  You’ll also find a sexy, bare-chested, sword-wielding hero, a beautiful innocent maiden who falls in love with the man who saves her by taking her as his pleasure slave, and a wicked villainous earl that you will love to hate.

Corbet, our hero, is a dominant, alpha male who insists that those in his care, particularly Emilia, his pleasure slave, follow his rules or suffer the consequences in the form of a hand spanking or a dozen strokes of his belt on her bare behind.  This is her first (of many) and he does it with her bent over his desk.

Innocence Enslaved
By Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks

She’d gotten the strap from her father before, but this was entirely different; never before did she have to contend with thoughts of twinkling brown eyes and rich wavy hair, or the allure of sensual lips surrounded by a scruff of dark beard.

In a moment, he would know; what would she say if he asked why she was damp between her thighs? As his hand lifted the hem of her dress, a tremor coursed through her body.

“You’re shaking like a leaf,” he murmured, abruptly dropping the material and moving to where she could see him, “have you never received a spanking before?”

“I have, sir, from my father, but he had that right,” she replied more sharply than intended, stiffening in surprise that the last bit had slipped out.

“So that’s what this fuss is about. I believe our agreement included you as part of my household and under my care, isn’t that so?”

“Uh…” She’d forgotten about that part.

“Did you think you wouldn’t be punished, if you were caught?”

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When she is abducted from her village, eighteen-year-old Emilia Selkirk’s world is turned upside down almost instantly. Stripped naked, bound, and placed on the auction block, her fate seems hopeless indeed, until a tall, handsome man speaks up to bid on her. His firm, commanding voice sets her blood on fire even as the kindness of his tone warms her heart, and she dares to hope that the future may not be as grim as she feared.

Corbet Mills, a wealthy merchant, has sworn off love forever. He has seen more than enough cruelty for one lifetime and slave auctions hold no interest for him, but when he sets eyes on Emilia he is captivated. Perhaps it is the quiet defiance evident in her pose or perhaps it is simply the alluring curves of the young redhead’s beautiful, naked form, but something about her calls to him, and he finds he can’t leave her to the cruel intentions of the leering crowd.

Intent on playing the part of the hero and keeping Emilia safe and pure until he can return her to her family, Corbet does his best to resist her allure. He provides for her, cares for her, and guides her, even when that means taking her over his knee and administering a long, hard bare-bottom spanking to correct her behavior. Yet as he struggles to contain his growing desire to claim Emelia as his own, an old enemy takes a deeply unwholesome interest in her. In the midst of intrigue, danger, revenge, and murder, can Corbet protect the woman he has come to love?

Publisher’s Note: Innocence Enslaved is an erotic romance novel written in collaboration by Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, exhibitionism, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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