Saturday, January 30, 2016

Erotic Medieval Fantasy Revealed on SatSpanks!

I'm baaaack!!!  I know I've been away for a while, but I’ve been busy.  Now I’m back with big news revealed for the first time on SatSpanks.  Where else???  

I'm excited to announce that Melody Parks and I have teamed up yet again. This new book, due out next weekend is a sharp left turn from Pleasure Bay, our tropical island paradise where sexy Doms make all your kinky erotic fantasies come true. Instead, we travel back to the middle ages, to a land far away, where a wicked, despotic Earl wields untold power over his small corner of the kingdom.  

Innocence Enslaved
by Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks
Release date:  February 5th
From Stormy Night Publications

The setup:  

Sold as pleasure slave in a wicked, depraved world unlike any she's ever known, Emilia's new master may just be the only kind man left.  He doesn't suffer liars or thieves gladly, however, and intends to nip Emilia's behavior in the bud, pronto.  No matter her intention to return the pilfered book to his study before he returns, she was told in no uncertain terms to keep out of his rooms and warned not to touch his things.  This lesson should set her on the right path.  Unfortunately, it will also set them both on fire, and I'm not referring only to her glowing red backside and his open palm. 


My eight spanky lines:  

"Go to the end of my bed and bend over.” 

Emilia’s eyes grew wide.  Hoping she had misheard him, she asked, “You still mean to--?  But, you’ve been so kind.”

“I am kind, but I’m also not the type of man who would let such actions go unmet.  I told you disobedience would result in swift, yet fair punishment.”

Her mouth opened to respond, but when his brows drew together in a frown, she thought better and snapped it shut.  She glanced at the large canopied bed, with its rich curtains and fine linens.  It wasn’t hard to imagine lying face down over the end with her skirt raised high on her back, leaving her bottom bared and quivering as she awaited the first swat.  Her head angled downward and after taking in the size of his hands, she trembled slightly.  One broad palm would cover most of her bottom in a single smack, which was sure to smart greatly. 

Unofficial Blurb:

Abducted near her family home, innocent Emilia Selkirk is thrust into a wicked world of debauchery unlike she has ever imagined. Stripped naked, bound and placed on the auction block she fears she won't survive until morning as a huge, angry, ogre-like man bids on her. A new voice calls out and enters the bidding, referred to as kind by the vile slave monger, she becomes hopeful that she might survive another day and have the chance of seeing her family again. 

Corbet Mills has seen enough loss and cruelty in his life that he has sworn off love and marriage which might once again threaten his wounded heart. Widows and whores are more suited to meet his needs, focusing on his business otherwise. In his travels, he happens upon a slave auction, something he despises, but in the depraved district where he resides, a scene that is commonplace. He hears the cries of the innocent, and although he knows he shouldn't, he wanders over and looks on just as a stunning red head is led onto the block. Something about her, perhaps the defiance in her quiet resistance, or simply the alluring curves of her lush body fully on display. Whatever it is, he can't leave her to the cruel intentions of the leering crowd. He wins the bid. Now what does he do with her?

Intent of playing the hero and keeping her safe, and pure, until he can return her home, she tempts him like no other. Her innocent allure draws him in. Under his care, he will provide for her, protect her, and when needed, administer a needed lesson over his knee, but he vows to keep her chaste, unwilling to open his heart to her siren's call and risk love and his wounded heart again.

As he makes his plans to bring her home, an old enemy takes interest in his new slave and, as in the past, determines to make Corbet's life hell by tormenting Emilia. Royal politics swirls around them as both Corbet and Emilia become focal points of intrigue, danger, revenge and murder. Will Corbet be able to protect her from the evil earl's malevolent grasp? And, if they come through it intact, will his heart remain unaffected? Or, through her innocence will it be forever enslaved.


We are so excited to bring this to you in only one week.  Watch our blogs or follow us on facebook and twitter for updates!

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