Thursday, November 5, 2015

Raw and Dirty Felicity Brandon in the Author's Spotlight

Welcome to a special edition of WWW with an Author's Spotlight today.  My guest, Felicity Brandon, is hear to shine some light on her new erotica novel, Submission at the Tower.  Previously, writing short stories and participating in anthologies (check out her Amazon Author Page to learn more), Felicity is now branching out into longer, more in depth story lines and has teamed up with Stormy Night Publications to bring them to us.  

Ain't life grand!     

Let's take a look at Submission at the Tower by Felicity Brandon...


"This is not a love story. This is the story of the hunger inside of me which must be fed before it consumes me entirely…"

After a chance encounter with a handsome stranger introduces her to The Tower, an institution that trains women in submission, Janie McClusky is irresistibly drawn to the place. But admittance comes at a price, and soon enough Janie is utterly bare and fully on display, blushing crimson as the men at The Tower thoroughly explore her body, bringing her pain, pleasure, and shame as they see fit.

As Janie’s training begins, there is one man among the group who seems to know her own needs better than she does, and before long she finds herself yearning and even begging for his touch. But if she relinquishes control completely to this captivating stranger and allows him to break down her remaining defences, will there be any coming back at all?

Publisher’s Note: Submission at The Tower is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, extensive BDSM content, exhibitionism, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

The excerpt:

He laughs again and kisses me firmly on the lips. The taste of him is so exquisite. Somehow I can’t quite remember how I ever did without it. Was there a woman who was independent of this man? Is it possible that I may have been her less than a few hours ago?

As the kiss concludes, he pulls away and examines my expression curiously.

“What are you thinking now?” he asks, still holding my wrists gently.

I feel the heat rising in my face as I answer, but for the first time I feel as though I really can be honest with him—and myself.

“I am wondering if I’m not already addicted to you, sir…” I begin, watching his lips turn from amusement to something else. “And I wonder if there is a cure?”

“Do you want to be cured, Janie?” he whispers, kissing the nape of my neck with unexpected force.

I arch my body, pushing my breasts forward to accept him and know the answer to his riddle already. I swallow hard.


My voice is back to that small whisper it had been earlier—so quiet and yet so sure.

Shaw raises his head to look at me and nods knowingly.

“That’s what I thought…” he says sensually. “I wonder if I am leading you down a dangerous avenue, little one.”

I stare at him anxiously, waiting for him to elaborate.

“Not the whips and the chains!” he says, bursting with laughter. “They are for our amusement, but you will always have the choice to consent or otherwise. You haven’t read the paperwork yet, you haven’t had the chance to discuss your biggest fears or your worst desires.”

His face changes as he explains. I wonder if he is imagining what my worst desires might be. I squirm again as I replay them through my mind; they are vivid and distracting.

“Then what, sir?” I ask, almost too afraid to hear his answer.

He looks down at me as I sit in his lap, drinking in my midriff and the curves of my breasts.

“You are truly beautiful,” he says, lost in thought. “Almost too inviting… Yet I expect the physical attraction. I even expect the intellectual one. Most women who choose to submit are strong-willed and intelligent. Our job is less about controlling them and more about inspiring them to serve.”

I listen and wait, knowing that he is preparing me for the main point.

“But you, Janie—”

He tugs my hair gently as he speaks, suddenly so utterly consumed with me. For a moment I don’t think I can take another breath…

“You are something different. You might be able to inspire me to command, to make me a better master, and that would be truly something.”

He breaks his insistent eye contact and I realise I’ve been holding my breath.

“I don’t know, little one. This is day one after all. Perhaps this is a wave that will wash over us both?”

I gaze at him, watching his full lips as he speaks, as though I almost can’t quite believe what I am hearing.

“I don’t want it to,” I say finally. “I want it to consume me, sir. I want to drown in it.”

He shakes his head as though he can’t listen anymore, but I carry on.

“I mean it,” I continue, wondering how far I can push him without reprisals. “I want the wave to take me, sir. I want to surrender. There must be worst ways to go?”

He places one of his long fingers over my lips, silencing me. I can smell my own musky arousal on his digit and I have the strongest urge to take it in my mouth and suck it as I did earlier during my audition. He says nothing but drills into me with those dazzling eyes. I have the strangest feeling that he is looking into my soul.

“Let us see where the wave takes us. I know I am going to enjoy the ride and I can guarantee our mutual satisfaction. Maybe we’ll be washed to shore, I just don’t know yet, but you can be certain of one thing…”

I gaze up at him from his chest, breathing in the scent of his masculinity as I do.

“What’s that, sir?” I ask, my voice betraying the curiosity I feel.

He looks down at me for a long, hard moment before he answers.

“I won’t let you drown.”

Maddie’s Intimate Author’s Corner

Maddie:  As a first time guest in my author spotlight, I’d like for my readers to get to know Felicity Brandon a little bit.  Tell me five things about yourself that you would want a new acquaintance to know.

Felicity:  Thank you so much for having me here at your blog, Maddie!

Here’s five things that Felicity is passionate about:

  1. Reading and writing – not a surprise, but I have always loved to do both and I still do!
  2. Eating and drinking – yep, I do love to eat! My favourite foods are a good steak, Italian and Chinese food, plus a good English roast dinner… Yummy!
  3. Sex, sex and more sex – I am a seriously sexual person, so aside from writing about sexual chemistry and burgeoning sexual relationships, I also enjoy researching the subject with my wonderful hubby…
  4. Civil liberties and human rights – I studied politics and society at university, and still ardently support the fight for equality and social justice.
  5. The paranormal – proving that I like *all* things which go bump in the night!

Maddie:  Eating, drinking, reading and having sex, sounds wonderful and very relaxing.  I wonder if anyone has ever tried to them all at one time?  Hm, didn't George on Seinfeld do that?  LOL  No wonder he was single!  Any who, I'm feeling a little silly today, and nosy...  

I have to admit to doing some internet stalking and found your Amazon Author Page.  Girl, you have 12 published works!  I know you are new with Stormy Nights Publishing, what have you been doing before them and why make the change now? 

Felicity:  Ha ha! Good stalking, Maddie! Yes, I have had a number of erotic pieces published before “Submission at The Tower” – various short stories, anthologies and a novella. All of them have a dominance and submission and/or bondage theme. I’d had lots of positive feedback about my writing, but the one thing that readers always asked me for was a longer story and this led me into writing my first novel, “Submission at The Tower”. I was so excited when Stormy Night Publishing wanted to help me bring my own version of “Submission” to the world!

Maddie: Congratulations for finding a wonderful team to work with!  Your cover is incredibly HOT!  And that blurb...

“This is not a love story. This is the story of the hunger inside of me which must be fed before it consumes me entirely…”  

I was drawn in by the first lines, then when I saw a reviewer write “If you are looking for a wine and roses romance, this is not it!”  I knew this wasn’t going to be your usual, run of the mill boy meets girl, boy spanks girl, and boy and girl live happily every after erotic romance fare.  How did you get your start writing outside the mainstream, skirting the edges (or perhaps obliterating those edges) of dark erotic fantasy?  I gotta know.

Felicity:  I apologise if this sounds like a cliché, but the truth is I have always written *this* way. I suppose I have always tried to write the books that I want to read (and can rarely find on the market), and this has been my primary objective. I acknowledge the fact that I do not write ‘chocolate box’ romances. I like my romances to be raw and dirty, with animal passion and as much D/s sex thrown in as possible! If this equates to ‘writing outside of the mainstream’ (and I believe that you may be right on that point), then I guess that’s all I know how to write! I just hope that my readers enjoy the novel in all its unadulterated glory!

Maddie:  Never apologize for raw and dirty, where would erotica be without it?  Do you write under a pen name?  Or are you out there for the world to see?  Why or why not?

Felicity:  Yes, Felicity Brandon is my pen name. She was invented at the spur of the moment when I was first published and has really become a person in her own right since then! Initially Felicity existed so that I could write freely (without worrying about the stigma of writing BDSM erotic romance as an independent woman in the twenty-first century). Nowadays she literally has her own vision of where my writing will go and she generally gets it right.

Maddie: What do you like to read?  If I peeked in your kindle right now, what would I find in the front of your carousel? 

Felicity:  I love to read books in the horror, crime, thriller and erotica genres. I seem to find solace and entertainment in dark scenario’s and most of my reads feature heavily sex and/or death. Make of that what you will!

Maddie:  What’s next on your writing calendar?

Felicity:  I am well into my next two novels. One is a potential follow up to “Submission at The Tower” and examines where Janie and Shaw’s story can go next… The other is a new erotic venture entirely for me, but one that I am particularly excited about!

Maddie:  I can't wait to hear more about the new venture, intriguing!  Thanks for being here today, Felicity.  Come back when you're ready to share the mysterious new one with the world!!