Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Jackson Brothers are Back With a Sneak Preview on #SatSpanks

Saddle up for a trip back in time to the old west, specifically 1880 Laramie, Wyoming and the Jackson's Silverbend Ranch.  This weekend on #SatSpanks I'm excited to bring you a sneak preview of Wild Wisteria, Book 3 in my Jackson Brothers Trilogy.  This is middle brother Luke's story, full of emotion, adventure, humor, romance and all the smoking hot action you'd expect from one of those sexy Jackson brothers.  

My unofficial blurb:

Luke Jackson was drawn to beautiful, violet-eyed, impetuous Wisteria Turner from the first moment he saw her. Alone in a strange town and in trouble with the law, Luke wants to help her. But she doesn't trust anyone but herself. In a moment of weakness, Wisteria is swept off her feet by the handsome man. But the next morning, after one night of incredible passion, a terrible misunderstanding occurs that drives these ill-fated lovers apart.

During the time she's away, Wisteria encounters one tragedy after another, and more trouble. On the run once again, she has no choice but to seek out her brother's help back in Laramie. She stays out of sight, living quietly in Luke's hometown, until she is forced to reveal herself and the secret she has been hiding, one so shocking, Luke won't be able to walk away, even if he wanted to.

Can the firm handed man forgive the woman who stole much more than his heart? And can Wisteria put aside the pain of her past and learn to trust, depending on her man to keep her safe? 

The setup:  

Wisteria plans to get what belongs to her, no matter what the narrow-minded judge said.  That her horse is in a Jackson barn, only gives her momentary pause.  With a storm threatening, Luke Jackson plans to get the wild girl safe and warm, then talk some sense into her.  But plans often change, don’t they…


My snippet:

Something wide, hard and quite unforgiving came down sharply on her backside.  Instantly, she shut up, but only for a second, then she twisted, glancing up at him over her shoulder. 

“Did you just spank me?”

“You betcha, and there’s plenty more of that if you don’t stop wriggling around and start doing what you’re told.”

“I can’t believe—you just can’t—ooo!” she spluttered nonsensically at first, then howled, “how dare you!” and began kicking and hitting him for all she was worth.  Stupid on a moving horse, true, but she wasn’t exactly thinking rationally after all she’d been through, least of all being unceremoniously carried off by a manhandling bear of a man.  When she made no headway with her thrashing, she turned her head and bit him,


No release date for Wild Wisteria yet, but you can get started on Marshal's Law and Jackson's Justice before the release.  Find them @ Maddie's Amazon Page

Keep hopping along SatSpankers for more great snippets.  See you next week!

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