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Jaye Peaches Brings Us the Palaver of Style and Deportment (Well, Not Quite) on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Mountain Man Turned Duke, Jaye Peaches brings to Wicked Wanton Wednesday, a Regency Romance with a twist. 

Maddie:  Welcome back Jaye, tell us what inspired your newest release.

Jaye:  Hi Maddie, thank you for having me visit today and sharing my latest release.

What was the idea behind Sophia and the Duke?

I wanted a twist, instead of the nobleman chasing after a low-born maid or wench, what if the noblewoman was drawn to a rugged, rough type of man who behaves quite the opposite to what she is accustomed to seeing. Trouble is, in Regency times, a noblewoman had little say in her love life and wouldn’t be allowed to marry beneath her, so I had to have her marrying within her class. Fortunately, life was unpredictable for all classes so when all the obvious heirs to the dukedom had died off, it left a distant cousin in line for the title. A cousin who has been living as a mountain man in Canada for years.  I had to pick a colonial background because in Britain there was no equivalent wilderness.  

Nathanial might have lost his gentlemanly ways, but Sophia is on hand to help him out.

Maddie:  I love the premise and the cover is gorgeous.  This is definitely at the top of my TBR because I'm a sucker for Regency and Victorian Romance.  Let's get to the snippet because I simply cannot wait!



The carriage seated two and for the day’s journey to Oxford, it provided sufficient comfort—Nathanial preferred horseback. His companion frowned, again, and she grew increasingly restless—something was amiss with Sophia.

“What is the matter?” he asked. He folded his arms across his chest and spat another piece of tobacco out of the window. Her expression turned from disapproval to wide-eyed horror.

“That is the matter. It is disgusting!” she sneered, wrinkling up her nose.

He snorted. “I like chewing tobacco.”

She tapped her nose a few times. “Why not sniff it, or smoke it in a pipe, like other gentlemen?”

“Is that any better? This is my preference.”

“Then you must unprefer it immediately,” she demanded.

“Unprefer is not a word. And neither must I.”

She scowled and shuffled farther away from him. “You keep scratching too.” She jabbed her finger at his chin.

“I’m unaccustomed to shaving.”

“Apply some oil to your face then.”

He rolled his eyes to the rooftop and clucked his tongue, before lowering his gaze. “Is there anything else you wish to add?”

“Yes, you might want to apply a little wax to your hair, to bring out the curls.” She twiddled a finger in a lock of her hair. Her locks were fashioned into neat coils and they bounced about her face as she spoke. He liked the colour and shape of her hair, but cared little about his own appearance.

“Good grief. Is this what is important? Am I to be a slave to fashion?”

She pursed her lips. “You are of course a slave to no man, but following the latest fashion does keep you in a state of high esteem.”

Nathanial growled a low mumble of a curse. He hated the palaver of style and deportment. As he removed the remains of his tobacco pellet from his mouth, throwing it out of the coach’s window, he witnessed a look of profound gratitude on the face of Sophia. Her dark eyes lit up and her shoulders lost their stiffness.



After the passing of her husband, the elderly Duke of Brockenhurst, twenty-two-year-old Sophia chafes at her family’s expectations during her lengthy mourning period. When she is free to re-emerge in society at last, at her grandmother’s insistence she entertains the courtship of Nathaniel Hartwell, a distant cousin of the old duke and the man next in line for the title.

To her shock, Sophia learns that Nathaniel has spent the last eight years living as a trapper and fur trader in the mountains of Canada, isolating himself from the world after the tragic death of the woman he loved. Though he is a rough, uncivilised man, his devilishly handsome looks and commanding presence excite her in a way nothing ever has before.

Sophia sets out to transform the new duke into someone suitable for polite society, but when her comments become disrespectful and mocking Nathaniel takes issue with her behaviour. Almost before she knows it, she is over his lap and her aristocratic bottom has been bared for a sound spanking.

Knowing that it is the right choice for all concerned, Nathaniel asks her to be his wife, but despite the fact that their marriage begins as one of convenience he is determined to show Sophia the intense pleasure a strong man’s dominant lovemaking can bring her. Though her spoiled attitude occasionally earns her a bright red, well-spanked bottom, as the weeks pass her desire for him grows ever stronger. But can love truly bridge the gulf between people from such different worlds?

Publisher’s Note: Sophia and the Duke is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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About the Author:

Exploring the world of BDSM and romantic kinky lifestyles has been a passion of Jaye Peaches - to portray the desires beyond the erotic sexual encounters and unearth the personalities that lie beneath.

When not writing, Jaye is busy spending time with her family, enjoying music, sometimes composing or drawing and if the weather allows, gardening.

Jaye lives in NW England.

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