Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Good Medicine and Unacceptable Behavior With Morganna Williams on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

I don’t always have a chance to read my guest’s new releases before they visit my blog, but while ailing with a summer cold this past week, I cozied up with Unacceptable Behavior, Morganna William’s newest release, loaded on my kindle, my favorite fuzzy blanket, and a bottle Jack Daniels (for medicinal purposes, of course).   

Soon, I forgot about my aches, pains and stuffy nose and became caught up in this fun, sexy, HOT read.  I had to ditch said fuzzy blanket as the temperature in the room rose steadily thanks to Rafe, the dominant lead who has quite the way with discipline when the girl he claims as his own exhibits some unacceptable behavior (lucky Max!)  I’m a sucker for an alpha hero who sacrifices for his country, is all man, and basically takes no crap.  Rafe does not disappoint.  Good job, Morganna.  Your erotic romance was better than any medicine I had in my cabinet. 

Thanks for being on today, Morganna, and for bringing us a little taste of 

Unacceptable Behavior 


Max took a deep As if he’d reached a decision, Rafe nodded and straightened from the wall, walking toward her with intent written clearly in his eyes.

Max felt her eyes widen as she backed away from his advancing figure, suddenly panicked and unsure if seduction was a good plan. She didn’t know what she was doing!

All the sex manuals and romances in the world did not really give one applicable knowledge of how to put anything into action. Surely it went beyond the mechanics? Would it be instinctual?

Her face heated as she kept backing across the room. Rafe continued to silently stalk her across the floor until her back came to rest against the wall between the living room and kitchen. The feel of the cool wall against her hot bottom through the thin material of her skirt reminded Max she still wasn’t wearing any panties.

A throbbing heat sprang to life between her thighs and she felt her face flush anew, but this time it was with need.

Rafe still said nothing as he moved to cage her against the wall between his arms, his big body resting inches away from her own.

Max swallowed as she looked up into the eyes staring so intently into her own, her small tongue darting out to lick her suddenly dry lips.

His head swooped in to cover her trembling mouth with his own. It was a soft whisper of a kiss, the barest touch before he cupped her face gently in his hands and moved back a few inches to study her some more. “Are you ready, Maxine?”

“Ready?” she squeaked breathlessly, the tension between them palpable.

“Ready to become mine? Be sure because I warn you, once you give yourself to me, there will be no going back. I won’t ever let you go.”

She smiled up at him shyly. “Who said I wanted you to let me go?”

Then she was in his arms, pressed tightly against his hard body as he kissed her deeply and thoroughly. Max gasped as his big hands found their way beneath her skirt and cupped her tender bottom to lift her tight against his erection.

The hot sting in her bottom seemed to spread through her veins, wringing a soft moan from her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and instinctively brought her legs up and around his waist, suddenly wanting to be closer to him than it even seemed possible and whimpering when it wasn’t enough.

“Shhh, baby, I’ve got you,” he soothed her as he carried her into the bedroom and stood her in front of him as he began to unbutton her blouse.

Max couldn’t be still; she pressed soft kisses against any bit of skin she could reach, hardly noticing the absence of her shirt or the skirt that quickly followed. Her hands skimmed beneath his shirt, trying to shove it up over his head as she felt her breasts fall free from her bra.

Rafe dropped to his knees in front of her, taking one pouty nipple into his mouth.

She shuddered, cradling his head to her breast as he sucked her deep. One hand held her to him as the other skimmed her round bottom, caressing and palming it before giving it a lightly stinging swat.

Max gave a soft mewl of shocked pleasure as he continued to rain swats across her bottom, reawakening the sting from earlier. All the while he continued to nibble and suck at first one nipple then the other, leaving Max awash in sensation. When his fingers skimmed once again across her bottom and then delved between her legs to seat one long finger deep inside, her knees buckled. Only the firm arm at her waist kept her upright.

“So hot and wet. Is this for me?” he asked.

She didn’t answer, writhing against his invading finger, lost in the need building inside her. The delightful finger was gone and a much sharper smack fell on her unsuspecting bottom. Max gasped, her hips bucking in response.

“I asked you a question, young lady.”

“Wh-what?” Max asked breathlessly. Her head fell back on her shoulders as that wicked finger came back to play along her slick passage.

“I asked if this was for me.”       

“Yes… please…” She begged for something that seemed just out of her reach.

Rafe moved quickly to spill her backwards on the bed and hooked her legs over his shoulders, opening her fully to his gaze.

“Rafe?” she asked, suddenly unsure.

“So pretty, how could I resist a taste?”

Max didn’t have time to decide if she wanted this or not, because before his intent had time to completely register, his mouth covered her, his tongue taking her masterfully.

She cried out and pressed her hips helplessly up to his marauding mouth, feeling like she would explode at any minute. When he circled her sensitive nub with his tongue as he pressed his thumb into her with a circular motion, she came with a scream of surprise, trying to pull away from the intensity of what she was feeling.

Rafe allowed no such retreat, holding her fast as he continued to work her with his talented tongue and fingers. Incredibly she began to build toward another orgasm immediately and when he sucked her between his lips she skyrocketed off again, yelling his name.


Awesome promo!  
Maxine Reynolds knows it is careless to read naughty stories on her phone will driving, but she is utterly shocked by the consequences when she rear-ends ex-CIA agent Rafe Jennings, the head of security at her place of work. After scolding her for her reckless and unacceptable behavior, he proceeds to give her exactly what she needs—a long, hard, thoroughly embarrassing bare-bottom spanking followed by a belt whipping over the edge of his desk.

After her punishment, Rafe informs Maxine that from now on he’ll be making it his business to keep her in line, and though she protests, she cannot help recognizing that his guidance makes her feel safer and more loved than she’s ever felt before. Still, she can’t let herself believe that he could be genuinely interested in her or that he sees her as more than a girl who needs his help.

Yet once he takes her into his arms and claims her fully, Maxine begins to wonder if maybe he truly does want her as his own. But when Rafe is sent overseas for one last mission, her fears send her into a spiral of self-destruction. Will he return in time to rescue Maxine from herself?

Publisher’s Note: Unacceptable Behavior is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of medical play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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