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A Peeping Tom and Louvered Doors with Shelly Douglas on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

I’m excited to have first time guest author Shelly Douglas on this edition of Wicked Wanton Wednesday.  She’s brought her latest erotic romance, Safe In His Hands with her, which has a little ‘something, something’ for everyone.  I’m talking drama, intrigue, romance, smoking hot sex scenes, spankings, some age play and a little of the dark arts, if you get my drift.  J   

As a new acquaintance, I had to get to know her better and put her in the authors corner.  She was kind enough to answer all of my questions, mwah ha ha! 

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Maddie:  Tell me five things about yourself that you would want a new friend to know.

Shelly:  First off, thanks for hosting me today, Maddie!  I love visiting new places :)  Hmm.  This might be more than anyone wants to know, but here goes …
1.   Doug and I decided to collaborate our writing skills while on vacation in Hilton Head, SC in August 2012 and had our first book published on September 17, 2013.
2.   I have an adorable granddaughter who is fifteen months old that I babysit twice a week.  Her name is Parker.
3.   All of our family and friends know the genre we write.
4.   I teach Hebrew to eleven and twelve year olds.  My biggest fear is that someone will tell my boss what I write.  Every time he calls me at home, I think I’m going to be fired!
5.   When I told my twenty-eight-year-old son that we’re on Amazon’s Top 100 Erotic Thriller list, he sarcastically replied, “Every son’s dream.”

Maddie:  Oh, Shelly, that is too funny.  I have a son the same age and his reaction would be a bit more colorful if I told him what I write.  Bravo for you my dear.  Hopefully, mine won’t be to upset when they find out… when I’m dead.  LOL

Back to work now, stay focused here, Maddie.  Ahem, next question… 
If you had the freedom (and $$$$) to set up the perfect authors nook where you could create without interruptions, where would it be and what would it look like?

Shelly:  I love to write at the beach. Apartment, condo or hotel – it  doesn’t matter.  As long as there is a sliding glass door that opens onto a balcony overlooking the ocean – I’m in!

Maddie:  Woman!  If you say you like to sip on lemon drops while at the beach, I’ll know we were separated at birth!   But I digress.  I did a bit of Amazon stalking and read your bio about the collaboration you have on your books.  Can you tell me about how that works?

Shelly:  As you know, I love a good stalker - lol!  At first Doug and I took turns writing chapters and would surprise each other with ideas. But since our last two books included an element of mystery and needed careful planning, we now take on assignments.  It became too difficult to surprise each other and our readers. We have regular meetings by e-mail, phone and our local Panera:)

Maddie:  There are a lot of age play stories in the genre these days.  What sets yours apart? 

Shelly: I don’t know how many erotic thrillers include AP, but I guess that would be enough to make our characters appear a little different from the rest.

Maddie:  In Safe in His Hands, you feature two AP couples.  What inspired your latest story line and was it difficult to intertwine their stories?

Shelly:  Truth be told, this story began in my head as a menage that morphed into a paranormal tale and finally became a psychological thriller. Since role play was always intended to be part of the story and I love AP – it seemed to develop nicely with both couples and everything finally fell into place.  We originally intended for Libby and James to be the Hero and Heroine – but somehow Cindy and David emerged as the stars of the show.  Doug did everything he could to keep them in the background, but they wouldn’t hear of it!  Since the four characters were such good friends, it wasn’t hard to intertwine their lives.

Maddie:  How do you balance writing with your home life?

Shelly:  Unfortunately, I wouldn’t call it a balance.  If you ask my husband, I spend way too much time writing.  But the good news is – he’s an excellent cook ;) 

Maddie:  What is your biggest challenge as an author?

Shelly:  It’s hard to ignore the bad reviews .  I thought my skin would get thicker, but it hasn’t.  Doug said I shouldn’t read any of our reviews.  Did he just meet me? I don’t think that would be possible ;)

Maddie:  When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Shelly:  I wanted to major in journalism in college, but my dad had a fit.  He said as a woman, I would never get a job.  I took a couple of writing classes anyway and was recommended for the first writing for television class at Penn State University in 1975, but he wouldn’t allow me to sign up.  I always believed the opportunity to write would surface again, and fought much harder for my rights the next time around. Of course in 2012, the issue was quite different.  As you might imagine, no one was particularly pleased that I wanted to write spanking erotic romance with my husband’s friend;) 

Maddie:  How long does it take you to write a book?

Shelly:  It used to take us only three months, but our last two books included a mystery element that took us longer. I’d say we are usually heading for an ending in about four months.

Maddie:  What is your #1 guilty pleasure?

Shelly:  Shopping for shoes, boots, handbags and jewelry on the Internet.  I had the pleasure of working part time for a local upscale boutique a couple of years ago, but never took home a paycheck.  I would compare my experience in retail to an alcoholic working in a bar ;)

Maddie:  Heaven’s girl, we need to go shopping.  I’m a wannabe Carrie Bradshaw on a Payless budget.  LOL  And purses, don’t get me started.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Shelly:  I’m constantly looking back in a story to smooth things over.  Doug likes to wait until we’re done writing, but as the plot line twists and turns, I like to go back to make sure it all makes sense.  You can’t believe how many times we change our minds with respect to who done it in our who done it:)

Maddie:  Okay, enough chit-chat (although I love it), we better get to the HOTness of you excerpt that I promised.  Can you set it up for us?

Shelly:  The following is a scene from Safe In His Hands, which I did alter a bit in order to remove a few spoilers.  In this scene, David and Cindy had just returned home from spending some time in Vegas with Libby and James.  Obviously, their intruder didn’t realize they would be home so soon:


“Was the door secured?” David carried the luggage in the front door as Cindy walked into the kitchen from the basement steps.

“I know it sounds silly, but we left in such a hurry, I was worried that the door downstairs wasn’t locked properly.”

“Don’t you always check it before you go to sleep?”

“Is this a new attempt to discourage my OCD behavior?”

“I know a great mood changer.” He entered the kitchen and took her hand.

“Do you want me to make you some breakfast?”

He grinned and cleared the kitchen table, moving her laptop to the counter. “Right now I seem to be hungry for someone in this kitchen. You’ve never looked more delicious to me.”

“Cannibalistic and sexy at the same time. I could get used to that.”

Staring through the slats of the kitchen pantry doors was a pair of grayish-blue eyes. There wasn’t much room to move around in the small space, and at that moment, even breathing seemed like a bad idea. Any slight movement or noise would’ve been heard. There was nothing to do but watch…

David picked her up and set her bottom on the large wooden table. Carefully running his hands underneath her long bohemian skirt, he slid her panties down to her ankles and over her feet. As her skirt was gathered upward, Cindy leaned back onto the hard table and closed her eyes.

David grinned and shook his head. “Keep your eyes open, Cindy Lynn, I want to see your expression when you come.”

Cindy obediently opened her eyes and smiled. “I’m watching, David.”

“Good girl. Watch this.” David lowered his head and lightly teased her closed, tight slit up and down with his tongue until it slowly slipped inside. Gradually parting her legs, he inhaled her delicious scent and exhaled his balmy breath on her pussy, causing goosebumps to rise on her smooth, sunburned thighs.

She moaned as her body began to squirm. “David, you know I can’t wait very long.”

“You know what will happen if you don’t wait for me. Do you want a spanking on our first night home?” He raised his head to scold her in a stern voice.

“No, sir.” She smiled and almost came at the thought of her bare bottom being taken over his knee.

He swirled and sucked gently on her hard clit, as his swollen manhood stirred and ached against his zippered pants.

“Please, David. Please. I’m going to come.”

But he didn’t relent or slow down. His tongue dove inside her plump labia over and over as she lifted her hips encouraging him to go deeper and deeper.

“Oh, my God, David. I can’t wait any longer…” She closed her eyes and whirled away into a bright white light as her clitoris pounded and beat furiously. He continued to lick and suck, as his tongue slid over her hard clit, his goal being for her orgasm to shatter and multiply into several more.

Her eyes opened to his handsome, smiling face. “You’re so beautiful when you come, but unfortunately, you don’t follow directions very well.”

“You’re going to spank me, aren’t you?”

“Although I tanned your hide nicely in Vegas for a similar offense, this will be your first bare bottom spanking over my knee in our home.”

She knew they were carrying out a scene, and tried very hard not to smile.

“You will march upstairs right now, Cindy Lynn, and I want to see that bare bottom of yours pushed out in the corner in our room.”

“Yes, sir.” Her backside tingled in anticipation of her first spanking in their home.

Two blue eyes widened in the pantry, watching Cindy slide off the table with her man following not far behind her. It wouldn’t be safe to leave until noise was heard upstairs. This lucky break gave their voyeur enough time to creep back downstairs and quickly exit the house.

You can buy Safe In His Hands at:

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And now- The Blurb

Though they have known each other since high school, Libby Diamond still cannot bring herself to tell her boyfriend, firefighter James Walker, about the yearning she has long felt for guidance, structure, and discipline in her life. It comes as quite a shock for Libby when she learns that not only has James known about her needs all along, he is also more than ready to give her what she seeks. Soon she is standing in the corner like a naughty little girl before being taken over his knee for a hard, bare-bottom spanking to remind her not to keep things from him.

Cindy Lewis has been hoping for years that one day the right man would come along for her—a firm daddy who would watch over her, hold her accountable for her actions, and sometimes even make her blush while he teaches her to be a good little girl.

When strange and alarming things start happening in her home, Cindy calls her best friend Libby for help. With her boyfriend still at work, Libby brings their old high school friend David Clark along to Cindy’s house, and David and Cindy quickly hit it off.

It isn’t long before Cindy is being bathed, cuddled, and spanked by her new daddy, but even as their romance blossoms, mysterious, disturbing events at Cindy’s home continue to terrify her. Can David protect his little girl from whoever or whatever is lurking in the shadows?

You can find Shelly Douglas on the following links:

Amazon Author Page -
Our Blog –

Maddie:  Wonderful excerpt!  I’m not sure which is hotter, David’s tongue action, the lead in to the upcoming spanking, or the voyeur in the closet.  Good stuff. 

Thanks so much for being on today, Shelly.  It was fun getting know you and finding out how we like some of the same things.  Before we go, can you tell us what’s next on your writing calendar?

Shelly:  We are almost finished with our next erotic thriller under the working title, The Attraction.  It is a May/December romance with a mystery that revolves around a serial killer in NYC!

It was fun chatting with you, Maddie, and I really appreciate the opportunity to share a teaser from our new book today!

Come back next week, Wicked Wanton fans, when my guest will be Meredith O'Reilly.   She'll be giving a sneak peak at her brand spanking new release, His Captive's Heart, which is her first M/m BDSM  erotic romance.  Yes, our AP Princess is spreading her wings and delving into different world's and genres.  You Do Not want to miss this one!  

Have a great week!

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