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Panting, Pummeling and Pistoning, Oh My with Maggie Carpenter’s Warrior and His Hellion Hostage on Wicked Wanton Wednesday.

Today, we’re starting off with a bang and going straight to HOTTER than HOT excerpt from Maggie Carpenter’s newest release,

His Hellion Hostage

But stick around for the author interview that follows…


He began to lick and nip and kiss his way across her skin, lingering at her breasts, then journeyed his mouth between her legs to kiss her inner thighs. Her moans and groans, and gasps and sighs, urged him in his exploration, but his cock was demanding more. With deft fingers he unshackled her ankles, then kneeling between her legs he grasped her hips and pulled her into his pelvis, rubbing his cock up and down the soaked crevice between her cunt lips.

“Please take me?” she groaned. “Take me and ravage me. I am craving you.”

“I shall take you when it pleases me,” he replied, then grabbing her knees he bent them up and into her body.

“Oh, what are you doing? My knees have never been so high.”

“Your lovely channel is hungry, and this will feed it as it has never been fed before,” he said huskily, and placing his turgid cock against her slick, dripping entrance he pushed gently forward.

Cautiously impaling her, he watched her carefully, making sure there was only pleasure as he snaked his large member home. When at last he was deeply buried he closed his eyes, reveling in her enveloping pussy as it sparked hot tingles through his loins.

“You are made for my cock,” he grunted.

“Plunder me,” she belated, “plunder my pussy and make it yours.”

Her plea fired his fever and he began to stroke, relishing the hot sweetness of his unhurried thrusts. Continuing the leisurely pace, he waited until she was moving her hips in a silent request for more, then began to accelerate. Without pause, his cock gaining speed, he listened as her soft moans become ardent cries, and when her fingers gripped the bed covers and she began panting, he knew she was drawing close

“Tell me what you are feeling?” he demanded.

“The orgasm, I only have it when my button is being rubbed,” she panted, “but I can feel it coming. How is that possible? It is almost frightening, it is such a big bubble.”

“Sink into it,” he said softly. “Relax and let it flow through you. I’m going to take you there now.”


“Hush,” he crooned. “Just surrender to me.”

Returning his hands to her hips he shifted her slightly, finding the angle, then let his rapture take hold, and as his cock became a pummeling piston, taking control and sweeping them forward, he could feel his loins fill. He was swelling, he was about to burst, and though he knew she was on the edge, he sensed something was blocking her.

“Fallon, you will have your moment, and you will have it now,” he commanded.

Her body suddenly tightened, he saw the bloom move across her chest, and as her orgasmic wails filled the room, his convulsions took hold and he exploded.

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The blurb:

Spankings, blazing sex, and salacious surprises fill the pages of this BDSM fairytale.

Princess Fallon is a beguiling young royal, but when the twin suns descend she tosses away her gowns, and dressed in a warrior’s garb she wields a sword and fights invisible opponents. Though svelte and small, she has developed a hidden strength and expertise, and she fears no-one!

When Princess Lizbett readies herself to take the throne, she learns that Princess Fallon has begun a reckless plan to try to take the crown. Lizbett’s warrior husband, Lord Larian, orders Zoltaire, his second-in-command, to capture Fallon and hold her until Lizbett’s coronation is over.

Princess Fallon is not an easy captive, but she quickly learns any misbehavior will be met with a trip over Zoltaire’s knee for a sound, bare-bottom spanking. Though she is initially shocked, she finds there is a residual benefit to his hot stinging hand.

Zoltaire has been trained in the dark arts of erotic domination, and he recognizes certain traits in his hellion hostage. Does she harbor secret fantasies?

Will Zoltaire stay strong, or lose his heart to the determined damsel? And what about Princess Fallon? Can she resist the charismatic warrior, or will her shadowy desires and licentious libido open her eyes to the man he is, and ultimately surrender herself to all that he offers?

Maddie’s Intimate Author’s Corner

Maddie:  Maggie, you’ve been a frequent guest so I was hoping I could pick your brain about serious author/publishing stuff.  I promise not to be too rough, but I’m curious.  You have been self-publishing for a while now, but have recently had two new releases with Stormy Nights Publications.  Can you tell me what made you decide to dip your toe back into the formal publishing pool? 

Maggie:  I felt that I had hit a plateau. My books did well, but some not as well as I thought they should. After chatting with several fellow authors I heard some good things about SNP, so I decided to see if they would be interested in working with me. I’m seriously independent, and admit I was a bit skeptical, but I’m happy to say we worked together well, and our first book together, “Her Officer In Charge,” fared better than I thought It would.

Maddie:  I noticed His Willful Bride came out like it was on fire and quickly shot to #1, staying in the top spot for several weeks.  Congratulations on your success.  What, if anything, was different about this book to shoot it straight to the top?  What role did the publisher play in the success of this book?

Maggie:  Thank you, Maddie. It was my first #1, and it’s been such a thrill.
If I knew why it happened, I’d write a book about it and make a million dollars overnight, but I’m happy to share my thoughts.

The cover is beautiful, and I think the title offers just enough to be peak the curiosity. While those two elements might cause someone to hit the click button, staying power has to point to something else.

Is it because the book is extremely romantic? Is romance, real romance, hearts and flowers and poetry romance, still alive? Does it still thump its heady drumbeat in the secret corners of our hearts? It does In mine, and perhaps in this crazy, drama-filled world, escaping into a fanciful, old-fashioned love story full of sighs and hugs and decadent sex, is just what the doctor ordered.

Maddie:  For many authors, to self-publish or not, that is the question.  What are your thoughts now, after doing both? What are the pros and cons?

Maggie:  Wow. The answer to that question is complex, but I’ll do my best to be succinct.

If you like the publishing process, i.e. designing the cover, formatting the manuscript (or dealing with a formatter), handling the marketing, and having total control from start to finish over every aspect of your book, then you would love self-publishing. Is there anything as frustrating or exasperating as looking at the cover of a novel you’ve spent hours upon hours writing, and absolutely hating it. As an indie, that sick feeling never happens, and the words, ”Oh, no, this really sucks,” never leaves your lips. Moments like that, and arguments over content, is what sent me out into the world, and while there was a steep learning curve, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Publishers offer specifics most self-publishers lack. For example, SNP (at the time of this writing) has over 32,000 followers on FB. I have about 700. SNP, like most publishers, has a newsletter. I would love to do a newsletter, but I don’t have the time or expertise to put one together, write it, build a mailing list, and get it out. It’s not a lack of a desire, it’s simply a lack of time. SNP has editors, and while editors can be a royal PIA, I have yet to experience any issues with their suggestions. Finding an editor as an indie is like walking through a mine field, and editors cost money.
Self-publishing a book can be costly, and I don’t just mean in terms of dollars. There’s the promotion, which takes hours, and includes the endless search for a good marketing program, which is about as elusive as catching a handful of fog.  While I give away a hefty percentage with a publisher, I don’t have the upfront costs, and more importantly, it saves me...yes, there’s that word again...time!

I think the choice comes down to your personality type. I’m a submissive, but I’m also a control freak (go figure), so I really enjoy self-publishing, but to date, SNP has proven to an extremely positive experience.  I’ll continue to do both, until circumstances dictate a change.

Maddie:  In this Maggie, we are oh so different.  I too like a positive experience, but my inner submissive author wants to relinquish control.  I do, however, reserve the right to safeword when I need to, like with a cover, for example.  I'll cry red louder than anyone if its something I don't like, that doesn't represent my couple or the story.  But, I also like what I like, which is writing.  I don't want to get bogged down in all the technical stuff.  So kudos to you my friend for taking up the self-pub challenge and going for it.  You're a better woman than I in that regard.  

Okay, I got off on a tangent.  Let me get back on track.  What is next on your publishing schedule?

Maggie:  I just finished the sequel to His Willful Bride. No title yet, but for those who have read the book I can tell you it’s about Charlotte’s dashing, dare-devil cousin, Lord Walter Danby, and a certainly young lady named Miranda, Charlotte’s nemesis.  Like, The Willful Bride, it is deeply romantic.

I’m about to start my next cowboy novel, as in, the first chapter just wrote itself in my head, so my fingers will be dancing across this keyboard later today. No rest for the wicked writer.

Maddie:  Thank you so much for being on today, Maggie, and for taking part in my interview.  It's very intriguing to see all that goes on behind the book covers.  

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