Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Range War Erotica with Harry Lime on Wicked Wanton Wednesday.

Harry Lime brings the old west to his erotic writings in the third in his western series with 

Barbed Wire Showdown.  

Told in the old west style, its raw, brash and very explicit.

You have been warned <wink>

Summary: This is the third Western Erotica genre e-book published under the Harry Lime name. Harry writes in many different Erotica modes from Historical to Contemporary and even Science Fiction. His Western Erotica is mostly of the Historical category with an emphasis on good old-fashioned “poking” of the Cowboy kind. The element of Romance is not high on the list in the violent atmosphere of the range war blazing around the main female character of Sheriff Dixie Hardin but she is subject to a depth of passion that matches her strength of character and sheer grit to get justice for her friends and neighbors and the other peaceful residents of the valley. Dixie is a girl that knows exactly what she wants and she doesn’t let the odds stop her from avenging the harm done to her family by dishing out “Frontier Justice” behind a pair of hair-trigger six-shooters. 


Dixie was not one much to taking to such foolishness but she noticed the rider Butch was one of those loose and devil-may-care range riders who treated life like a book opening up for their enjoyment. She did her best to knock off some of the dust from the dirty fence raising job and smiled like an idiot girl waiting to be invited to the dance.

“So this is the new sheriff?” mused the tow-haired youth. 

He was sitting with one leg pulled up across the saddle like he needed some rest for his hip and his knee. Hector and Jethro were both on the slender side for young looking western boys but Butch was built like a solid cord of wood real skimpy below the belt with long legs and up on top he had shoulders that belonged on a lumberjack. She could see why the boys were bragging on his expertise in a face to face knuckles fight because his hands were rugged and huge. They were not at all like a gunfighter’s hands that tended to be long, slender and soft like a girl’s tender bottom. A lot of the hired guns out at the Rocking “R” were in the habit of wearing thin leather gloves and she knew from experience that was a dead giveaway of their gun slinging ways.

Suddenly, Dixie knew it was time for her to learn more about men and why they wanted to put their hands all over her lush young body. She knew all about the birds and bees and she had been clued in by the nasty twin female sisters who lived right next door to the parson. They were always talking about “cock this and cock that” and telling her it was better to take it in her backside and not worry about getting pregnant. It all seemed like a lot of foolishness to her but now that she felt some strange tingles just looking at Butch sitting with his crotch spread wide open on top of his horse, she knew she wanted him to give her some new information on the “doing it” thing that the Anderson boys were always pestering her about.