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Isabella Kole Spices Up Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Today, I welcome first time guest, Isabella Kole, to Wicked Wanton Wednesday.  Having a new guest author on my blog is always fun, although I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how Isabella and I have missed each other until now, especially since we have similar haunts on FB and the erotica publishing world.  

I did do a little internet stalking (friendly and innocuous, nothing creepy, I swear) in prep for this post and found out that Isabella has several main stream titles published (18 if I counted correctly) under a different pen name.  I am not at liberty to divulge that name, we'll have to leave that up to Ms. Kole.   Congrats on quite a prolific writing career, btw!   

So it seems, Ms. Isabella has decided to take a walk down the wild side with us for a bit.  Or, should I say the naughty side?  LOL  Either way, I'm glad for a chance to get to know you.   

The Marshal and the Heiress


Marshal Luke Prescott has searched for his young bride's murderer for five long years, to no avail. When feisty heiress, Clarissa Birmingham, breezes into his town, he finds himself drawn to her, exasperating as she may be. Headstrong and impetuous, the young beauty quickly learns her she will heed Luke’s warnings or she will pay the price.

But when Clarissa's long-lost older brother is arrested after a drunken brawl, it is revealed he knows who murdered Luke's wife. Clarissa finds out that her impetuous ways lead her into a danger she may never recover from.

Will Luke be able to save her before he loses another love?


“So tell me, Marshall Prescott, what does one do for entertainment around here?” Clarissa asked as she placed two sugar cubes into her hot tea and began to stir.

“I’m sure you’ll find the local church to be of some assistance there. The ladies get together to make quilts, have socials and dinners.”

“I see. Are there dances?” she asked as she took a sip of the hot, sweet liquid.

“I reckon there are the occasional barn dances.”

“You don’t seem to know much about what goes on in the social circles here.”

“I’ve only been here a few months myself, ma’am. I’ve been busy working. I’m sure once you begin your teaching assignment you’ll be busy, as well.”

“I won’t be teaching all the time. I’ll have my evenings and my weekends free. I don’t intend to sit in my room.”

“No, I don’t imagine you will. You’ll not find the theatre or any of the social events you’re likely accustomed to in these parts.”

“I’ll have to make do, now won’t I, Marshall?”

After their supper arrived, he advised her again to seek out the local church for her social activities.

“Sounds a bit dull to me,” she said as she cut her steak into tiny pieces.

“You chose this life. I reckon if it’s not to your liking, we can look for another teacher for the town’s children.”

“I’m not a quitter, Marshall Prescott. I’ve said I’ll do it and I’ll see it through. I’ll just have to find my own fun.”

“Now, you listen to me, young lady. I assured your father that you would be protected here. If you start going to unsavory establishments looking for a good time, you and I are going to have to have a meeting of the minds.”

“Now, that’s the best offer I’ve had since I arrived,” she said with a coy smile as she turned her attention to the food on her plate.

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Maddie’s Intimate 
Author's Corner

Maddie:  Another author new to the corner today <rubs hands together with glee>.   I love getting to know new authors. Thanks for participating, Isabella.  Let’s jump right in.

We’re here to talk about The Marshall and the Heiress, Isabella Kole’s newest release.  What inspired your latest storyline?

Isabella:  My daughter, actually. She sometimes throws out ideas for story lines and she told me she wanted a murder mystery set in the 1800’s, but with some Isabella spice added to it.

Maddie:  Personally, I love a western romance and they are very popular.  What sets yours apart? 

Isabella:  In The Marshal and the Heiress, our hero, Luke, is mourning the brutal murder of his death and unborn son. Clarissa, the heroine, is sort of forced on him as her father, an influential man, requests that Luke, as the Marshal of the town his daughter is moving to, watch out for her. Luke is not happy about this turn of events and even more unhappy when he realizes our heroine is quite a handful.

Maddie:  Often times in the genre, the women are flawed or have past trauma and the hero helps them overcome.  What about your hero, Luke?  What do you see as his biggest character flaw, if any, that Clarissa helps him overcome? 

Isabella:  Ah, Clarissa teaches him to love again. She softens his hardened heart and shows him there can be enough love in his heart for another.

Maddie:  Very romantic, I’m a sucker for a hard-hearted hero, too.  I think a lot of women are.  We have to get right in there and save them and show them what they’re missing.  <sigh>  What about your heroine?  What is her biggest strength?  Is there any of Isabella in Clarissa Birmingham?

Isabella:  Isabella has been known to be quite headstrong and stubborn in the past. LOL

Maddie:  Your cover is awesome.  I can almost hear the school bell ringing J.  How much input do you have into title and cover art?

Isabella:  I fill out a cover art form from my publisher, telling them what my characters look like in my head. I also send photos to give them an idea of what I want. The schoolhouse was my idea, they chose the couple, based on my description.

Maddie:  Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words.  I find the artist sometimes can’t capture what we want without a few pictures. 

How do balance writing with your home life?

Isabella:  Not an easy task as I work a forty hour a week day job. I spend evenings and weekends writing, taking a break if I’m getting overwhelmed, from time to time. Generally, I set a goal as to when I want a book finished and once it’s been submitted, I take a few days away from it before starting a new WIP.

Maddie:  What is your biggest challenge as an author?

Isabella:  Getting my name out there.

Maddie:  Well, Isabella, you’ve come to the right place.  J  I’m all about the promoting.  LOL

What is your #1 guilty pleasure?

Isabella:  Oh, but I have so many…

Maddie:  Now that was a tease.  You’re supposed to save that for your books and tell all when you’re in Maddie’s corner.  <pout>.   If you had to freedom to set up the perfect authors nook where you could create without interruptions, where would it be and what would it look like and?

Isabella:  A secluded log cabin in the mountains…

Maddie:  I live in the mountains.  Care to join me at a nice sunny, sandy, beautiful beach?

Tell me 5 fun facts, about yourself that people close to you don’t know.

1.)  I am not a patient person.
2.)  I am easily hurt, as I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt too many times.
3.)  Road trips are my favorite thing and if I could afford to, I would live my life on the road.
4.)  I never in a million years, ever thought I would have as many books out as I do or be writing under two pen names.
5.)  My two pre-teen granddaughters think it’s overrated when I go to author events and readers are excited to meet me. Their take on it all is, “She’s just Nana.”

Maddie:  Thanks so much for joining me today, Isabella.  Good luck with The Marshall and the Heiress.  

Stop by next week when my guest author will be the lovely and highly prolific, Maggie Carpenter.

Have a great week and happy reading!

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