Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Discipline and Maggie Carpenter Return to Wicked Wanton Wednesday.

 The lovely and talented Maggie Carpenter is back on WWW with a tantalizing excerpt of her newest release; Disciplining the Director’s Daughter.  Mmm, mm, doesn’t the title just do something to you?  Hopefully, it has you hopping right to the Big A to 1-click, but if you need more temptation, read on and check out the awesome trailer at the end.

As a side note, I freaked when Maggie sent me her cover because I had picked out the same cover photo for my new release.  Great minds (not to mention lustful because that couple is HOT) think alike.  Back to square one for me and to the top of the rankings for Maggie and her awesome cover.   

Disciplining the Director’s Daughter

With the glamor and intrigue of show business as the backdrop, Disciplining the Director’s Daughter is a blazing story of a romantic seduction by a skilled Dominant, and the riveting submission of a young woman who pushes past her pride to surrender to the man who has stolen her heart.

Still not convinced?  Tsk tsk tsk, you must not know Maggie and her wicked turn of phrase or witty dialogue or her steamy hot sex scenes and those spankings, then there’s her smoking hot Doms.  sigh…

Uh, Maddie?



Mm, hm?

Hey, Maddie!

What the... ???

 You’ve got a book to promote.

Oh, yeah.  Sorry.  
Maggie’s hot Dom and excerpt got to me.  <giggle>  
Let’s move on to the excerpt.  Shall we…    

The kiss was tender and warm, the softest kiss she’d ever felt, and as he glided his mouth across hers she could feel his hardness pressing against her. It spurred her to respond, and leaning into him, she slipped her tongue into his mouth. The depth of their mutual need surfaced, firing the gentle kiss into a fervent act of passion. Her hands clutched the back of his jacket, and his fingers, still wrapped in her hair, pitched her head sideways as his lips traveled from her mouth to her neck. With the hunger of a vampire, he began to devour her.
        “Kylie Hartman,” he mumbled, “you have such a lustful, passionate soul.”
        “I, uh, don’t know what to say,” she uttered.
        Pulling back, he studied her face, but the darkness made it difficult to see her eyes.
        “You know what I promised you,” he said, his voice dark and husky.
        She caught her breath, and his words began tumbling through her brain, sending her butterflies into a frenzied dance.
        “Uh, what promise?” she quivered.
        “You know very well,” he murmured. “I keep my promises, and now I’m going to give you an appetizer.”
        “You are?” she quivered.
        “I am, but you have to ask me.”
        “No! Ask you? No!” she whispered breathlessly.
        “Yes,” he said gruffly, giving her hair a slight tug.
        “Oh, Zach, must I?”
        “Question me again and I’ll drive you home.”
        He’s going to make me ask him. It’s like, there’s no room, no choice. If I want this, I have to ask him.
        “I’m waiting.”
        “Ooh, please, Zach, will you...?”
        “Will I what?”
        “I can’t say it,” she bleated.
        “Of course you can. Whisper it in my ear.”
        “You know I want you to, uh, keep your promise, so why are making me ask you?”
        “Come on, we’re leaving,” he declared dropping her hair and turning away.
        “Wait! No,” she said urgently, grabbing the sleeve of his jacket. He paused, then slowly turned around. “Please will you spank me?” she whispered.
        “Finally,” he said softly, and moving back to stand close to her, he reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and pulled out his small strap.
        “An appetizer,” he repeated.
        Shifting her sideways, he placed his left arm around her waist and gently bent her over. Lifting her coat but leaving her dress in place he slapped the strap across the center of her backside, paused, then slapped it again a little harder.
        “Do you want more?” he asked.
        “I, uh, yes,” she bleated.
        “Yes, please,” he corrected her.
        “Yes, please.”
        He swatted her again with a little more force.
        “Ooh, yes, please.”
        Lowering the target area, he landed one more.
        “Yes, please.”
        “Yes, please, Sir,” he said firmly.
        “Sir? I have to call you, Sir?”
        “If you want one more,” he replied.
        “Again, please, Sir.”
        He gave it more bite, and received a wriggle in response.
        “Oh, must you ask me every time?”
        “No, you’ve got that backwards. You must ask me.”
        She sighed in resignation, then whimpered,
        “More, please, Sir.”
        To her surprise, he straightened her up and put his arm around her shoulder.
        “We’re going back to my place.”
        “We are?”
        “Yes, we are. It’s time to do this properly.”

The blurb from Disciplining the Director’s Daughter

Jessica Hartman is the indulged daughter of an Oscar-winning director, and having just graduated from an elite show biz college, she is eager to start her career. On the last day of school, she’s delighted to find Zach Taylor waiting for her. Zach is the head of Motion Picture Development for a successful production company, Titan Pictures, but Zach is more than a potential employer; he is a man for whom Jessica carries a flame.

Hopeful he’s there to talk about a job, to her shock and utter embarrassment he casually offers to spank her. Mortified at his suggestion she is completely flustered, and worried about her driving in such a state he jumps into her car, refusing to let her leave until she calms down.

So starts the sizzling romance between Zach Taylor, a skilled Dominant who finds himself inexplicably drawn to a young woman desperately in need of discipline, and Kylie Hartman, a spoiled Hollywood brat who is intensely attracted to the strong-willed, Clark Kent look-a-like.

Joining them in this salacious story is Anna Lee Pickford, a nervous young starlet who has found solace and support from regular trips over Zach’s very competent knee, and Angelo Frattiano, a hunky Italian actor in search of true love.

Glimpses of the darker side of Hollywood, and a drug-addicted vengeful former employee of Titan Pictures, add drama and suspense to this tantalizingly torrid tale.

As promised;  the awesome trailer at the end.  Thanks so much for being on again Maggie.  This book looks incredible.  Can't wait to dig in.


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